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Aug 1, 2022

From: Not so Licky

Subject: Cya!

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Bravo have already decided Diana won’t be getting a second season for RHOBH. The overall reaction to her casting on the show has been negative and they know keeping her could lose them valuable cast members such as Garcelle and Sutton. Production like a villain but not one like Sanela. In other news production are toying with the idea of bringing back Brandi as a friend of the show to amp up the drama, watch this space!

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  1. Holly

    Bring Brandi back!

  2. Sara

    Bring back Brandi full time. Get rid of a Fox 5 member or Crystal. It’s time.

  3. Leann

    While she’s not my favorite person, Brandi is made for TV & I’d love to see her take down Kyle, Rinna, and Erika.

  4. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    THANK YOU Bravo if this is true. Worst addition ever.

  5. Not her either

    Ugh… Brandi is honestly no different than Dorinda and I love Dorinda so much more. All she does is get wasted and angry at everyone.

  6. No Brandi!!

    I’m thrilled if getting rid of Diana is true. She’s vile and has added nothing. But, I could do without Brandi. Getting ride of one vile person for another unhinged one isn’t the answer.

    • Nana

      TV loves unhinged!!! Brandi got that! What’s wild is that I ended up liking her after the Denise drama bc it appears she was telling truth. But/and would not want that friend in my life!

  7. JC

    BRING BACK BRANDI!!! She will bring the drama

  8. L

    Ugh….. why Brandi. Bring in some newness! A younger housewives that’s not always wasted.

    • Robin

      Noooooo. She was Rinna b4 Rinna was there. Toxic w/not much story just infected

  9. Dirty DIANA

    Good riddance lip licker!! I love the idea of Brandi coming back, but she needs to be full time! I’d also love to see Kim Richards come back if she’s in a good place

  10. BYE

    I would rather have Diana and get rid of garcelle and Sutton, they bore bore me… I literally don’t even pay attention to the tv when they are on.

    • Tess


    • Titsmcgee

      Well you’re definitely in the minority with that one

  11. Kristina o

    Yea bring Brandi back!

  12. Tess

    I’d rather have Brandi than Diana. And that’s saying ALOT.

  13. Mikko

    Diana is horrible, good riddence. Now, can we take 2 Richards for the price of 1? Take Kyle and Kathy. Bring back Kim.

  14. Fox Trap

    I’m only in favor of Brandi if they get rid of at least two of the faux force five, preferably Rinna and either Kyle or Erika. I’d love to see how Erika gets on without Rinna and Kyle to kiss her a** and protect her.

  15. BigD*ckDaddyFromCincinnati

    Diana has zero relevance. She’s zzzzz & a pointless addition to the show. At least Brandi can be fun…at times! Diana is so boring.

  16. Kim

    Yes. Diana is boring self indulgent, mean for no reason. Yes Brandi drama. Just what we need to put Rinna in her place!

  17. E

    Would love to see Brandi back full time! She bring the entertainment for sure. After watching her on Ex-housewives I realized how much I missed her


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