Who doesn’t want a nice little charcuterie plate of tea? Listen to episode 10 of Cocktails and Gossip here. Transcript is below.

Show Notes:

The Bravo and Cocktails inboxes were blowing up this week, so this episode is a nice little tea potpourri. Are Andy C and John Mayer trolling us? Speaking of Andy C, what HBO show was he filming for with a housewife this week? A growing scandal in South Carolina and its ties to Southern Charm. What we know about the RHOSLC housewives’ reactions to Jen Shah’s guilty plea. Exclusive Tea about a thirsty country couple and about where Sonja and Luann are filming their new show. Is there an end to the pettiness when it comes to Erika Jayne and Ron Richards? More exclusive tea about season 3 of RHUGT and B reads a very juicy email about the upcoming season of RHONY that you won’t hear anywhere else. And, in true fashion, because gossip waits for no one, we got a great piece of tea coming in right after we wrapped the show, so we hopped back on to tell you about another exclusive story. Don’t forget to follow Cocktails and Gossip in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. You’ll get the podcast in your inbox every week so you don’t miss a thing.

Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Podcast Episode 10

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Amanda (00:00:00):

And I might have this a slight detail off, but it said that Jen never had bank access. She was never like on any of the banking stuff. They paid her through a credit card. I mean, Chad is she D I mean, that is one of the biggest red flags that, I mean odd. Yeah. And that somebody wouldn’t have access to their own company’s bank account. Like

B (00:00:26):

It doesn’t make sense.

B (00:00:35):

What’s up cocktails, welcome to cocktails and Gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and all of the hottest scoops from Bravo of cocktails.com and as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our wanted I’m B and

Amanda (00:00:58):

I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea.

Speaker 4 (00:01:06):

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Amanda (00:02:20):

B and I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea. So this week, the Bravo and cocktails inbox and the Bravo and cocktails, DMS have been overflowing with OC casting scoop.

B (00:02:38):

So many emails and DMS from, you know, a variety of sources regarding OC casting. So actually last week, Amanda, when we were recording, I know at the end of the episode, I said, oh my gosh, I’m getting more stuff. I wish I would have not held that thought and said it because I got confirmation that Noella and Dr. Jen were not coming back. So Dr. Jen, I think we all assume she really wasn’t a reality personality coupled with the fact that she has separation going on and a young family, it just made sense, but Noel, we thought was coming back. I mean, that was pretty much what everybody was saying. So we didn’t say it on the show. Noel actually announced before I even got a chance to post, but I was able to post the Dr. Jen not coming back in enough time. She announced about an hour later. It was always funny when reality, especially on Bravo, they give them, they give the stars the opportunity to kind of announce their exit. And they never confirm whether they were let go or they chose not to return. And I always think it’s funny when they worded as if it was their choice, when we know it was <laugh>, it wasn’t

Amanda (00:03:57):

The only person I can even think of that actually admitted. It was Teddy. Teddy went on her stories and it was like, I was fired. That’s the only person I can think of. Cuz they do usually say, oh, we’re you know, taking a pause

B (00:04:11):

Or right. And I think Stassy, and Kristen, it was announced because obviously it was a whole scandal around why they were let go. But even like Jackson, Britney acted like it was their decision. It has not been confirmed by anyone, but it has not been denied by her publicly either. So her and Teddy did take some time off of their pod. But I think that they just released an episode cuz I saw, I saw her clip this morning when I was scrolling with that said Tam’s gonna be on watch what happens live. My educated guess is that we’re gonna get an announcement there because we have not heard a firm cast. We know the two are not coming back, but we have not heard a firm cast. They have to do something. I mean, Bravo has to do something. The magic is gone. And I think we recognize and they recognize that Tamara would be the spark that kind of gets it going again without her. I mean, how many seasons can they try? New random people. Like it was Elizabeth Vargas and then this year it was Dr. Jen. And it’s like, something’s gotta give

Amanda (00:05:17):

Yeah, I, you totally agree. I don’t believe in coincidences. I think the fact that Tamara is coming off very, very well during this ultimate girls trip show. She’s giving us that Tamara, we love where she’s partying and kinda letting loose, but she is, you know, standing up for herself. She’s being that kind of genuine person. I just think she’s really, she really is one of the best Housewives. You know, she really speaks her mind. Absolutely. She, you know, stands up for her friends and you know, and you know, she’s not afraid to stir the pot too, but she also calls people on their, you know? And like she wouldn’t say it necessarily on camera, but sh in a different way, she’ll be like stop. You know, she, I could totally see her saying to Noella, like stop the and show us the real you versus putting on this act. So I think, you know, I hope that it’s true. I think that this is probably, I think that, you know, we’ve been getting a ton of tea into the inboxes about this too. And so, you know, we, you and I have both learned that, you know, the more often, not always, but often the more that we are hearing about something, the more likely it is to be true.

B (00:06:40):

So yeah, you know, our sources were right about the confirmation with the two of them. The other thing is Tamara, in addition to everything you said, which she brings, she also brings her real life. She doesn’t hide anything, even when she’s had very difficult situations in her life, she has brought them. And that’s an important component. You know, it’s a recipe, right? It’s a lot of little things. So cocktails and gossip, we want Tamar back that is established. But so we’re hearing other things we’re hearing. There’s another ex housewife in limited capacity and a newbie connected to Emily and Heather, you know, so my question is, is it Alexis, which is one of the rumors, could it be Taylor who now lives in the OC and we’ve speculated that maybe they would put her, I mean, put her on OC. We know that she was formerly on Beverly Hills, she’s back in the Bravo universe after the ultimate girls trip. So could it be, they both show up as friends, their names, there’s a lot of former OC Housewives, Alexis and Taylor are the names that are coming up. You know, Taylor is a name that we threw into the mix because it made sense, but Alexis has been brought up by other sources. So I think it’s certainly a possibility. I do believe Emily and Gina are back. I did hear Gina was demoted. I don’t even know what their role is. They just there, the cash needs something. I, what are your thoughts?

Amanda (00:08:00):

Well, I was gonna ask you, do we know is if, if Heather is, are we hearing Heather’s coming back?

B (00:08:07):

I haven’t heard she isn’t.

Amanda (00:08:09):

Okay. I was just thinking about that because I mean, dear God, I hope it’s not Alexis, unless she’s gotten like a personality transplant,

B (00:08:19):

A lobotomy

Amanda (00:08:21):

<Laugh> I think it needs to go the other way, but <laugh> she has just never been interesting to me. I just hated the way that she was just so overly subservient to her husband

B (00:08:36):

Was like a class, a Wiener. I mean, oh,

Amanda (00:08:40):

The total Wiener. <Laugh> such AOR. He, and I don’t know. I, I don’t know about you, but I always rate Housewives based on who I’d wanna hang out with. And she is so far at the bottom of the list. And the reason I was asking about Heather is like, I think Heather was her. I think Heather’s just like, Ugh, I can’t even deal with you. Right. So Emily, I go back and forth about, I, funny enough, I liked her more last season than I think I ever have. Gina. I’ve always actually liked that. She keeps it real. I think you, in the past have brought up such a good point though, that, you know, yes, she’s shown some of the painful stuff in her life. Like the divorce, the domestic abuse stuff. It never felt like she was really going any deeper into the surface. It didn’t feel like she was really sharing what was really going on. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so it was

B (00:09:33):

Always a fact like, you know, like she was like a season behind, like things happens in her life and she, it was weird.

Amanda (00:09:41):

Well, yeah, it was like, okay, I guess I have to talk about this. Right? Because this all happened, you know, the DUI

B (00:09:47):

Was public, her domestic incident was public. The divorce was public. Right. And then she spoke on all of those things. The first season, it was like, she played the part of a, a married woman whose husband traveled for business. So that was completely fake.

Amanda (00:10:01):

Right. And, and she doesn’t have that aspirational thing that we all like to see.

B (00:10:08):

And that bothers me. I know. I like listen and I know a lot of it is smoke mirrors, but like, I don’t wanna watch my neighbor on TV.

Amanda (00:10:17):

Right. <laugh> right. I know. I know. And I wanna see, I like that’s I wanna see the houses. I want to see the PJs. I wanna see the tiny little Irma’s bags. <Laugh> yes. I wanna see all of it. I wanna see the price tags on it too, but Bravo. So sadly does that. I always enjoy. So, but back to Gina, we’ve been getting a lot of website stuff about her and her boyfriend.

B (00:10:47):

And I’ve posted a lot of this in, you know, in post on the website. So, and again, she could have given us this last season, cuz this is ongoing. Apparently her boyfriend, Travis and his ex-wife have a very contentious, contentious divorce. They are not legally divorced. Although they’ve been separated for a number of years, his ex-wife is all over social media, posting negative things about both her ex and Gina. One of the things recently that I saw was that the court ordered that they not post her children. So the ex-wife and Travis’s children on social media, which Gina just boldly, ignores and is always posting. You know, you wonder why a mother would do that and I’m not listen in a situation like this. There’s two sides. And that, you know, the truth, like we always say is somewhere in the middle, it just seems a low blow.

B (00:11:39):

And another thing that I had heard, you know, on top of the fact that I heard that the boyfriend has a lot of E legal issues, liens, owes money, not financially secure, I believe unemployed or was at last check unemployed. So there’s all of that. None of that obviously has been on our screens. So originally, you know, Gina didn’t wanna talk about any of this stuff. The Travis ex-wife, the divorce, the, the loans, his legal issues, his unemployment she wanted to, and she was trying to curate. And I don’t know if she still is a storyline of her being friendly with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. So that was like the direction that I heard her storyline. She wanted it to go to that wasn’t enough. And that’s where the rumors of being demoted came into play. So what sources are telling me is that she’s like fully willing to put his dirt out there if it means full time.

Amanda (00:12:37):

Well, and I mean, as we’re hearing, if you start filming and you start in one place, you don’t always end up, you know, in, in that place, you can get promoted, you can get demoted within a season. So I mean, if she really brings it, then you know, we’re here for it. We’ll we’ll listen. We’ll watch.

B (00:12:57):

Absolutely. And the other thing is, I’m wondering, as I’m talking about her, whatever happened with her skincare, I heard about it on the show and have never seen or heard anything about it. ALA Whitney rose.

Amanda (00:13:08):

I know good point. I have no idea. I don’t even remember what it was called, so we’ll have to see, we’ll have to check it out. So changing topics, because I was texting you about this yesterday. One of the things that I think both of us do is like first thing, when we wake up, we look to see kind of what’s come into the email inbox from the website and we got this thing the other morning that I was like, what the heck is this? And it was about Andy Cohen and John Mayer, as we know that they’re good friends. And there was some sort of illusion to the fact that they have hooked up. Like, what do you, what do we know about this,

B (00:13:48):

Amanda? I for, I mean, over a year, I always get questions about this. Apparently it’s a rumor that’s been circulating. And if you watched what happens live Andy’s answer did make it seem like they had been more than friends. I mean, he didn’t confirm it, but it was a very sexually charged response on both parts. John even was like, I love you in a flirty way. They are great friends watching that episode. I mean, I really saw the attraction that so many of my followers have mentioned and told me was rumored. It’s funny. Cuz when they fir when, when my followers first said it to me, I was like, this is like a, for French thing. I mean, I’m not a huge John Mayer, Stan, certainly I like his music and everything. What I do know about him is he has this laundry list of famous beautiful ex-girlfriends. So I always just thought of him, you know, as like a Playboy in Hollywood, I didn’t know that, you know, he was possibly a sexually fluid Playboy in Hollywood, which makes him much more interesting to me certainly, but I don’t know that they’ll ever fully confirm it. You know? I think it’s gonna remain one of these things that we all think and they’ll keep suggesting and joking, but I got, oh, I don’t know. Did you, well, you know, if you saw, you

Amanda (00:15:05):

Sent me the video,

B (00:15:06):

Oh I did send you the video. I did send

Amanda (00:15:08):

You did. Yeah, you did. After I asked you about it. And so I washed it and they were asking it was a new guy. I, I think she must be on the new below deck and you’re asking her to wait somebody from one to 10 and she said, somebody’s a generous three. And John says, Andy’s got a generous three. Yes. And then says, you didn’t seem to complain about it before or something along those lines. I mean, and that like the banter then continued, it went like it was,

B (00:15:40):

But also their body language when they were saying yes, like more their tone that they were saying it in and their body language was very sexually charged.

Amanda (00:15:49):

Well, I, I don’t know. I think that maybe I’m in the minority here after watching the video. I definitely changed my mind a little bit, but I do believe gay men can have close straight friends. Sure. I think John Mayer is incredibly intelligent. I think Andy is incredibly intelligent and I think they could just be trolling us because they’ve heard the rumors right too. Right. I don’t know. I, you know, they’re I think John Meer, I used to go to a lot more of his shows when I was in my twenties. And I don’t know if I ever told you that I met him, but I’m not telling that story today.

B (00:16:28):

Oh, maybe this will be a juicy one for another day.

Amanda (00:16:30):

Amanda, maybe I it’s about that Tuesday. Don’t get too excited.

B (00:16:35):

<Laugh> you know, my friend, one of my friends from college is from Connecticut and he, she went to high school with him. He actually was her older brother’s age. But yeah. So I have a little John Mayer connection as well. Well, I mean, it’s like a six degree John Mayer connection, but wait, I got another email. We haven’t discussed this when we were on the phone yesterday. So I got an email that said Andy was on set, filming a scene for gossip girl and that there was a housewife there. So Hmm. The person was like said they heard it was meany in my mind. I’m like, how could it be meany with all of the lawsuits? Like that doesn’t make sense.

Amanda (00:17:13):


B (00:17:13):

So then I was thinking if I had to guess who would, I guess so I’m thinking, well, it has to be, well, it doesn’t have to be somebody that lives nearby cuz anybody can fly in. But like for some reason I Theresa popped up because she’s obviously like such an iconic in the way that Nini is like first name, you know, anybody would know she’s a housewife, right. So if you’re not a Bravo fan and you’re watching gossip girl, you would definitely, she would have facial recognition name recognition. But we do know that he filmed a scene for gossip girl with a housewife. So I think that’s pretty cool. And I’m excited to hear what’s about,

Amanda (00:17:48):

I totally don’t think it’s needy to. Cause I think if this lawsuit’s really happening, they can’t be in the same place I would think.

B (00:17:56):

Right. Doesn’t yeah. Yeah. Doesn’t make sense. So there were a couple different, you know, I got that from a couple of people that he was filming for gossip girls. So I’m gonna say that’s true. And it would make sense that a housewife was with him. My gut said there, or one of the Rony Housewives, but Sonya we’re we’re gonna talk about this in a little while, but Sonya’s already filming. So if this was yesterday, can’t be, oh, that’s right. That’s why I kind went to Theresa. He’s not gonna pick Ramona. She’s too polarizing at this point. Lou’s with Sonia. So like who else is east coast? Like, you know, love Tinsley. Ooh. And we also know she just backed out of the real ultimate girls trip, which we’re gonna get to later in the pod. So that makes sense.

Amanda (00:18:37):

Like it’s, I don’t know. It’ll

B (00:18:38):

Be and she’s so gossip girl, wasn’t she like in gossip girl or narrated gossip girl. She had something to do with gossip girl. I just in the day like,

Amanda (00:18:47):

Yeah, I don’t know. But she’s yeah, that one she would make sense. I mean, she’s like would have totally made sense, but you’re right. She’s filming

B (00:18:55):

Right with Louis and she’s like the real life gossip girl. Like that is how she grew up a private school. Like, well she went to boarding when she was older, but that whole socialite rich New York city. Oh my God. That makes sense. I think you cracked it. I bet it’s Tinsley.

Amanda (00:19:08):

I bet it is mean maybe that’s why she backed out. Who knows?

B (00:19:12):

Maybe she’s like, I’d rather do gossip girl,

Amanda (00:19:14):

But you know, it’s so funny because I think, you know, when you and I are either talking to a recording, it never fails that something happens. And so when we were talking on the phone on Monday, literally during the conversation, the news broke about Jen Shaw.

B (00:19:30):

We were like, let’s get off the phone and read what the hell’s happening.

Amanda (00:19:35):

I mean, I stopped everything after we got off the phone and read the statements that she, she and the judge went back and forth and my jaw

B (00:19:46):

Dropped and you know, last week, you and I, we spoke a lot about her impending trial. And again, wanna shout out the Bravo docket. They are Bravo fans who have a podcast they’re attorneys. They break this stuff down into layman’s terms. So, you know, there we are minding our own business and she pop, it, pops up on all of our, you know, social media feeds. She went to, she went to court and she they’re still filming. Okay. So that’s a, B and C exclusive. I posted DACA’s a very credible source. Let me know that cameras are still rolling. So she shows up to court and she doesn’t tell production. I do know that all of the ladies reactions have been filmed. We will see it all, but she pulled a fast one. Obviously we know they can’t go in right. Cameras can’t go in, but we show it therea and juicy Joe, they watch, you know, they film her going in. They film her coming out. We’re not gonna get that. I’m hearing. It was truly a last minute decision. I’m sure a Bravo camera. I mean, it’s New York city could have got there, but for some reason she didn’t tell them. So the reason she pled guilty is to time serve and how expensive lawyers are. These, these are all things we’re hearing. And again, we’re gonna have to flush this out as time goes

Amanda (00:21:07):

Well, and we’ve seen pictures of Heather and Meredith marks with Jen in New York. And we saw a camera crew in the background of some of those pictures. So I

B (00:21:17):

Mean, just the day before Meredith who was with her in New York city was defending her on Instagram saying innocent until proven guilty. So this was like totally from left field. No one knew what was happening.

Amanda (00:21:29):

Yeah. Yeah. And so I don’t know about you, but I, I was laughing yesterday when I was thinking about this. I’m like, how many of us pulled out our phone calculators and did 168 divided by 12? Yeah, because I was like, wait, how, so that is the, I guess like the details are going back to kind of why we think that she pled guilty. She was looking at 30 years and if she pled guilty before the trial, they said they would cut it down to 168 or possibly less. So that is 14, 14 years is what it could be. We’re seeing a lot of conjecture kind of going back and forth. Right. I don’t, you know, I kinda wonder if she had been thinking about this for a while and maybe hadn’t made the decision, but we talked a few weeks ago, like quite a few weeks ago about what her possible motivations would be for not providing her own evidence. Cuz if you guys will remember, she made, they, her side made the decision to not bring the evidence because you had to do it by a certain date. And then the prosecution can see. And then the prosecution had to show their side of evidence. But I guess I was

B (00:22:50):

Trying to get way with not having to film it. I’m gonna be honest with you because we had heard that they wrapped, but we do know that they have this it’s all filmed. So I think Bravo was smart enough to know that this was so close. I don’t think anyone predicted that she was going to do this, but cameras were still up in the instance that she did cuz it was only a couple of weeks apart. So had they fully wrapped? None of this would’ve been captured. I personally think that was her

Amanda (00:23:15):

Goal. Well, I think, I mean some of the most, you know, jaw-dropping admissions when you know that she had to say to the court, she knew she was targeting a Morner age group. She agreed to forfeit 6 million and then also pay back 9 million in restitution. She admitted, she knew that was wrong. And then there’s that the 30 years that it could have been that she knows that she would only be sentenced to 14. But part of of that, she says to agree that she will not appeal if she gets that lesser sentence. Right? So reading what I have read you with federal cases, you have to serve 85% of your sentence. So wow. What this is saying to me and I am by no means any kind of legal, anything if 14 years is, is around what she may get. And she has to, that is the lesser sentence. And she has to serve 85% of that. I mean, this is, we’re talking about over 10 years.

B (00:24:22):

Yeah. And you know, a lot of my followers shout out to all the attorneys who, who are cocktailers and they all were in agree in agreement. Cuz I posted, like I said, you know, somebody said, I’m thinking 10 plus the amount of money she has to repay leads me to believe that. And then, you know, I was flooded with lawyers agreeing one of my followers and people went crazy over this said they were talking with their friend’s dad, who’s a Supreme court judge. And he said the same and you know what? I didn’t even, I should have probably said like, oh yeah, <laugh> where’s your Supreme court judge <laugh> but basically the consensus, the consensus is 10 plus and they have strong stances as they should on this type of crime. I mean you’re targeting the most vulnerable people.

Speaker 4 (00:25:06):

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B (00:26:34):

And another blind that I posted. Well, it’s not really blind. Excuse me. It’s just a post. Is that someone shared with me that the, the SHA business model, not only are you targeting the elderly, but these quote unquote companies also recruit by recruit. We mean take advantage of people in early recovery from drug addictions, as well as felons looking for employment after serving, they work on the coal floors. These are people with little option of being hired elsewhere. And you know, they’re enticed by the massive amount of monies they could make. This person said, I watched some of these places come under fire, close up shop and reopen under different names. So, you know, she’s not the first, she didn’t invent this wheel. This is something that goes on. And what it does is it not only targets the elderly, but it also employs a vulnerable, vulnerable population of recovering addicts and people who have served their time and are now out looking for an employment. And we know felons don’t have the easiest time of finding a job. So,

Amanda (00:27:36):

I mean, did you read to that? And I might have this a slight detail off, but it said that Jen never had bank access. She was never like on any of the banking stuff. They paid her through a credit card. I mean, Chad is she D I mean, that is one of the biggest red flags that, I mean odd. Yeah. And that somebody wouldn’t have access to their own company’s bank account. Like

B (00:28:05):

It doesn’t make that sense.

Amanda (00:28:07):

I, well, it does, if you want plausible deniability. Right, right. <Laugh> right. It

B (00:28:12):

Doesn’t make sense for us normal, you know, normal, legally employed folk, but

Amanda (00:28:17):

Right, right. I mean, anybody who has a business is gonna want to have access to the bank so they can see that things are coming in and going out as they should odd anyway. So

B (00:28:29):

We both got our eyes on that and you know, we’ll update you guys as we find out more info and what a wild ride this has been.

Amanda (00:28:36):

Yeah. Yeah. I think, you know, part of it too, just one other thing about why she might have pled guilty is I’m imagining she is hoping that less information comes out. Cause I would guess that if the case went through, we would all hear every single detail. And that, that might not, that might not be happening I guess now, so, well,

B (00:29:00):

Bravo’s not waiting 10 years for her to get out. So

Amanda (00:29:03):

<Laugh>, you know, no, no,

B (00:29:06):

We’ll go on without her.

Amanda (00:29:08):

It will. So you posted a picture earlier of this week of Lenny and Lisa in Miami having a birthday party for their son.

B (00:29:20):

Yeah. So, you know, it was interesting first somebody sent me one of the other Housewives, I forget which one, maybe LAR posted a video of them singing happy birthday. And it was so sad because on one side is Lisa with her daughter holding her and the little boy standing in front of his cake and all the way on the other side is Lenny. And obviously it was, it was just uncomfortable to even view. It just seemed so non copacetic. But the next day he posted a picture from their son’s birthday of the family of four. So it was him, Lisa, both kids, you know, right away. My source who’s connected to the situation, wanted me to make it known that make no mistake. This is all for the courts and for his public image. As a matter of fact, one of my followers recently had work done by him.

B (00:30:10):

And she said that in his office, he still has photos all over of him and his wife. Of course it could be that he hasn’t taken them down. But the more likely scenario is that he’s making a show of this for a business aspect. Let’s not forget. And we’ve spoke at length about this. You know, the mommy makeover crowd doesn’t wanna go to a, a guy who’s dogging out his wife and mistreating her and cheating on her publicly and doing this to his family. So it only makes sense that he’s gonna want to try to create a civil friendly public image.

Amanda (00:30:46):

Right. And he, he is the one who has so much more to lose in this mm-hmm <affirmative>. And by the way, speaking of that picture, Lisa looks amazing in that picture and like good for you, girl. Good for you. I mean, Lenny, just, we see you, dude. You’re a cheater. We see you next. I’m Ugh. Grossed out by him. But there’s been, I swear there has been so much it’s coming in this week. That’s just kind of all over the place. <Laugh> so this one came out of absolutely nowhere, nowhere there’s a scandal brewing in South Carolina and it’s not just one email. It’s a lot of emails and apparently some news outlets are covering it as well. And there is a Southern charm connection too.

B (00:31:37):

So I mean, here I am, I’m minding my own business, trying to have a pool day and I’m getting these emails and I’m like, I’ll look at them later. But then I’m like, I have to sit down and process this because followers started sending me other stuff. So I, you know, began circulating. So I, you know, I’m not even gonna name names <laugh> yeah, but I’ll just say it’s very mess messy. And it’s really politics really are mirror reality TV. And <laugh> so some of the top points, a South Carolina Congressman who is married, who is married, has allegedly been having an affair with a socialite who is also married. The socialites husband found out and is spilling everything on his Instagram account to the point where he got his account taken down, allegedly the socialite tried to have the Congressman use his connections to falsely accuse the socialites husband of things that she would get the upper hand in a custody battle. And so you guys are saying, be Amanda, why do we care about a messy? I mean, we care. We know cocktails love to hear drama, but like what has this got to do with reality pop culture? Well, the socialite just so happened to be very good friends with some of the Southern charm.

Amanda (00:32:58):

Yes. And she, so I guess she has a pretty like decent following on Instagram, herself mm-hmm <affirmative> and the husband, I don’t know if you saw any of the videos cuz the stuff got taken down, but I saw a couple things. I mean he’s, he’s getting messy. Yes. And he says like, she’s been trying to get on Bravo and like, I mean, he’s, he’s a SCOD man. Like you kind of understand it, but also like I legitimately off because I think some of the charges I wanna say kidnapped, I saw kidnapping and like he’s saying it’s all false. And that the wife, you know, the socialite was trying to, you know, have these connections, connections made, there were text exchanges that got posted yes. Between the Congressman and the socialites husband back and forth. And so

B (00:33:53):

Tells me, Congressman has cocktails with Thomas Ravel every now and then <laugh>

Amanda (00:33:58):

Yes, I I’m looking at this and you and I have talked about this that we can never believe anybody would ever put anything in writing in DM or in email or in text. Cuz of course it’s gonna come back to bite you in the. And here we go, kids, because look up the articles they’ll, they’ll be served up to you at a silver platter and you just wouldn’t even believe that this, that people would text or DM each other, this kind of stuff. Cause of course it’s gonna get posted for all of us to read

B (00:34:29):

And it’s unfolding like as we speak it’s it’s getting messier. So do Google, the, you know, the socialite and the Congressman from stuff Carolina it’s it’s good stuff.

Amanda (00:34:41):

<Laugh> we actually link to one of the news articles in on the website. So you can look on the posts about the subject too. And then you’ll see cuz this news outlet out of, I believe outta South Carolina is covering this pretty closely. So I think this is gonna be, become a bigger news thing. So yes. And she

B (00:35:00):

May finally get her seat on Southern charm

Amanda (00:35:03):

<Laugh> yeah. Who knows? And like, I guess another area of messiness, once again, you and I were chatting yesterday and then TMZ breaks the story about, I mean again, add this to the file of things we just wish were not true. Ugh. That Chloe is having another baby via surrogate with Tristan heartbreaking. So

B (00:35:33):

Somebody sent me the TMZ shout out to TMZ. They were the people who broke this story and somebody sent it to me and my jaw just dropped. And I, I immediately, I think what we all did was we tried to, we tried to nail down. We tried to nail down the timeline, right? So what we, what we, once we sat and we, we all read it through and then actually, you know, she made, or her people made a statement. So the surrogate was in process in November, the surrogate was pregnant in November. She did not, as we know from their show, she did not know about this until December. So he had another woman pregnant. Now Chloe was not privy to this, but he was and he planned and he went through and there’s, you know, all different steps to do a surrogate. And he did all of this and never once mentioned to Chloe clearly, you know, when she found out the news, I mean, she would’ve been upset anyway, but it does make sense. The magnitude of the devastation, because it it’s another deeper level of deceit. He not only got another woman pregnant, but he just spent months working through a surrogacy and, and finding the surrogate and, and all of the many steps you need to take. Oh my gosh. Right?

Speaker 4 (00:36:50):

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Amanda (00:37:58):

You guys, I have not been through surrogacy, but I do have friends who have a very close friend of mine. I know a lot about this. And let me just tell you guys, as you can imagine, there is so much paperwork. There is so much money being spent so much financial stuff. You’re literally putting money in escrow. Like you would for a house mm-hmm, <affirmative>, you’re citing all this paperwork. You’re seeing all these tests come through. You’re zoom meeting with all of these surrogates. There’s all these discussions. There’s all these, this legal paperwork. It is all consuming. If you’ve ever gone through buying a house, take that times like 30, cuz you’re

B (00:38:41):

Your old emotion that go involved because you know, it’s not a tangible thing. It’s a child. So

Amanda (00:38:47):

Yes, and all of that and just having seen, you know, what, especially my, my close friend went through, cuz I would talk to her every day about it. Seeing that I just cannot imagine that somebody who has just been through that goes out and then some other woman without a condom

B (00:39:09):

And knows she’s pregnant and knows she’s pregnant. And doesn’t tell me because here’s the thing. And so I wanna jump in here because something that somebody else, you know, a big a fan of the Kardashian shared is that on the show, if what they said on the show was true, it’s that they turned all of her eggs from her lash retrieval into embryos to increase the chances they’d stay viable through the unfreezing process. Right? Apparently what she shared on the show was that with her health issues during the last retrieval, she couldn’t do another round. She was told that she was extremely high risk if she carried a pregnancy. So basically even after the cheating, it seems like if she wanted to have another child using her egg, she had no choice, but to use what she had saved, which would be Tristan’s child regardless.

B (00:39:56):

So she may have ultimately made the decision if she wanted another child cheating aside, whatever it is to have it because those are the eggs she has. That’s what she can use. So him not disclosing it just, and you know, the press can be brutal. And I know a lot of people feel like, you know, this family, they make themselves public, but this is like, this is something that no, you know, woman should have to deal with, let alone publicly, especially, it’s not like he got somebody pregnant and he didn’t know. Right. The girl just showed up in December and said it, you know, maybe we’d feel a little differently. Obviously he’s still a cheater. But the fact that he knew it it’s so deceitful.

Amanda (00:40:35):

Yeah. She was trying to get her to sign paperwork and then he was denying it. And then I, and

B (00:40:41):

Like why does he only want something to do with his rich baby mother and kid? Why does he only want something to do with the Kardashians who are like the most well known family, arguably in the country? What does he ever see? The other kid that he had before? True. I know he hasn’t met the, the one he had in December.

Amanda (00:40:57):

I mean, I know the word narcissist gets thrown around a lot. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> but I mean, narcissists don’t think they’ll get caught. They don’t think they should be held to the same rules as other people. And you know, who is more helpful to his, you know, image and to, to his gain, you know, is it Chloe and the Kardashians or is it random woman in Houston?

B (00:41:19):

But so like, and I don’t know. And we don’t know Chloe’s thoughts. I think that when she did this surrogacy, they were, you know, back together and ultimately she may have decided if she wanted another child to, just to use her embryo. And what have you, if those were her options. But like she has to realize that he spends more time with, I mean, even forgetting the child that he had when he was with Chloe in December, there was a child before that. And from, you know what sources say, he doesn’t have a relationship with that child. So what, you know, don’t you feel that you’re being used don’t you, you know?

Amanda (00:41:55):

Oh yeah, yeah. He knows, like he knows where his bread is buttered and I don’t know. I just, again, just, just, I don’t, I don’t get this and I don’t understand, you know, having, especially from Chloe’s perspective, I think she really did wait and put up walls and you know, he was like just trying and trying and trying and trying. And she’s like, okay. I, you know, I think really this time he means it. Right. And he just doesn’t. So I feel for her, but I am so happy for them, for Chloe. And the Kardashian is not for her. Haven’t been here. I don’t

B (00:42:38):

Think we said this yet. So I source tells me it’s a boy. So I posted that. Let’s see hopefully a win for being safe. Let’s see. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:42:47):

Yeah. Well, and I can’t wait to hear the name and I’m just happy for her because I know too that she really wanted true to have a sibling. Right. So, so that, you know, she’s getting that and that, you know, there’s, she’s a great mom. That kid is ha you know, is, is going to be very much loved and very much celebrated. Yes. So there’s some, a lot of positive things coming out of this as well. So kind of moving on, but you know, I am the resident data nerd here and love to kind of see where our website readers are from. Cuz we can see on the website, we can’t see who you guys are, but we can see, we have a big concentration of website readers in Nashville, which is why we always love the country. T so talking yesterday saying we were getting some requests for some new country T I think we have some,

B (00:43:47):

We did, we got one. So I, I, you know, I put out the bat signal, the cocktail signal. I was like, my people want some country T and I got a good one. So here’s a blind for us exclusive to the pod. It says, this is pathetic. They both swing, but not with each other. And I know for a fact, because he and I messed around with each other when he was still playing ball, they have an open relationship that is that I still keep in contact with him. And he himself verified that the COVID thing was a fake and she wasn’t selling that many tickets. She just doesn’t have that many fans. What she did to her brother’s wife is absolutely true. And she posted a thing about it. It not long ago, that was all a big lie. They deserve each other. I wholeheartedly believe they stay together for the kids

Amanda (00:44:39):

Anyway. Interesting. I think there’s been a lot of whispers around about that couple, if it’s the one that I am thinking of. So speaking of them and there’s some, the word dehydrated uses it gets used a lot about the person we were just talking about. There’s another dehydrated reality couple that we have been hearing about.

B (00:45:05):

So this couple, okay. First of all, the wife looks just like his ex-wife. Okay. They’re Doppel gangers I mean, you couldn’t tell them apart. They got married. It was like a two year engagement that we all had to suffer through. Various pictures, weird tattoos, like very weird tattoos about like him being her master. Very weird stuff. So yesterday we see a photo, they announced their pregnancy. We all knew it was coming and we knew they would take this time to get their people spread and all the media coverage that comes because they just love any media coverage. Well, I, Amanda, I’m sure you read it, but she wore a fake bump. Yes. Okay. So for the photo shoot, rumor has it. She wore a fake bomb. She’s not due until late January and she’s, you know, a thin woman and it’s her first child. She is not showing as a matter of fact, someone sent a picture from a week prior and she flat as a board.

B (00:46:03):

So obviously they want their attention. So she wore a prosthetic pregnancy bomb. You just can’t make this up. I swear to God. So then, okay, so they’re thirsty, but the ex-wife just is thirsty on cue. So people releases this it’s all over. You see the ex-wife in a yoga pose doing Nama stay. I mean, minutes after the pregnancy announcement, you know, from my view, I don’t, I don’t have any followers who are like, oh, why do you tease them? They’re so like everybody pokes fun and is laughing at them. So the couple have a new reality show. You know, one of these house flip flop remodel, I don’t know. You wonder who the heck’s watching this stuff. If nobody likes them, maybe they tune in just to roll their eyes. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:46:46):

You know, when I go into my bank, they always have HG TV on <laugh>. Yes. I think it’s like <laugh> so maybe it’s, there’s a lot of bank viewership

B (00:46:56):

And nail salons too. Like it’s like those kinds, like elevator music. Right.

Amanda (00:47:00):

Right. If you, you know, nobodys gonna say a curse word or like have any like controversial content, I don’t know. I totally agree. And you know, the funny thing about all of this is I have been pregnant and I enjoyed every single minute that I didn’t have to wear a maternity pants. So I was loving it until I started showing. Right. And not that I hated showing, but it’s nice to be able to wear your normal clothes. So I just, I, I think it’s hilarious. And she’s wearing a, in this picture, she’s wearing a dress and he is kissing the stomach and he’s

B (00:47:35):

Kissing the prosthetic bump. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:47:37):

The right now.

B (00:47:39):

And like, how did that work? Did they go to like a Hollywood set and borrow one?

Amanda (00:47:43):

I don’t know. I, I, these are all questions that, I mean, I would love to have the answer from like a true confession of like, I wore a fake bunk, my whole pregnancy. Like we’re I would, I mean, I would imagine you can buy just about anything on Amazon. I’m guessing that’s

B (00:48:01):

Probably, I’ve never looked for one. So I guess you can,

Amanda (00:48:05):

Well, I think there will be a few of us, including me after this podcast that we’ll be looking that up. I’m curious. It’s prime day today. <Laugh> so the other thing that’s been talked about a lot, and this has been something we have chatted about quite a bit, and then there’s more and more press coverage going around about it. It feels like there’s, I mean, Theresa’s lawyer has gone and talked about this. There’s again where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there’s a lot of people talking this week about what’s been happening between Theresa, Louie Dina and her husband mm-hmm <affirmative>. And whether Dina’s coming to the wedding and reasons why she’s not coming to the wedding, like, what do you is this spin what’s happening?

B (00:48:53):

So by all accounts, Theresa’s having a very good season. The ladies are all liking Louis. He seems to have rehabbed his image. So obviously she’s happy. She’s coasting through looking forward to her wedding. And then there’s the full out with Dina. And again, we don’t know the details, but we do know that there was a fallout you know, rumored, rumored, rumored, right? The absolute, last thing she wants is any negative focus or mention, especially on the show. And we do know that Instagram rumors got her in trouble last season. So even though Dina isn’t filming with her, it’s possible somebody could bring up stuff. They read online, right? So she is spinning it. She’s saying there was no full out it’s just that Dina doesn’t wanna be filmed. So all of a sudden, I mean, it’s all, we always knew it was gonna be filmed in some capacity, right?

B (00:49:37):

The woman’s been on reality TV for 20 years, it’s gonna be filmed. Right. Dina knew this Dino agreed to be the maid of honor. Now the spin that they’re saying is that it’s not that she doesn’t, it’s not there on great terms. It’s that she doesn’t wanna be filmed. You know, the thing about that is that we know as viewers that Bravo very often films, people that either don’t wanna be or whatever aren’t shown. I mean, we watched Alex get edited out of a full season of summer house. You know, we’ve watched other Housewives. We watched what’s her face, Tracy get edited out of the reunion. They’re always around it. Certainly. Yeah. So, you know, I think they did have a fallout and then we get an email as we often do <laugh> which basically alludes to the fact that a certain somebody, okay. Should I read the email?

Amanda (00:50:35):

Yeah. Read it.

B (00:50:37):

Okay. From fake news, email Jersey, gmail.com, subject N J. <Laugh> news is spreading the New Jersey alum. Isn’t coming to the wedding of her BFF. Since it will be filmed for the new season, a hundred percent false alum month back on Bravo, bad. They had a falling out and now the BFF is trying to cover it up in the media. So the truth will not be exposed. I mean, I’ll be honest. It’s the first I’ve heard about her wanting to come back. So, I mean, I don’t know, take that for what it is. I do think there was a fallout because if there wasn’t, why wouldn’t the other party speak? Why isn’t only Theresa speaking about it?

Amanda (00:51:17):

I don’t know. I think all signs point back to Louie and something happening on that trip because we know that Dina was there on the trip and her husband, I think was there too anyway, who knows again, totally conjecture.

B (00:51:35):

And that email’s a pod exclusive. I haven’t posted it to the site. You know, I’m gonna see what else comes in on that, but I mean, keep your ears open. They’re still filming baby.

Amanda (00:51:44):

Well, and the wedding is a few weeks away. It’s August. What is that? Eighth, right. 10.

B (00:51:48):

So here’s another thing. And I know like the Bravo con the, the tickets are going on sale and there’s a list of people going, all of the Jersey husbands are listed, but Louis isn’t listed. So I don’t know if it’s an oversight, but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want the attention. I don’t know what that’s about.

Amanda (00:52:11):

Hmm. Or maybe he’s holding out for more money, I think. Or, or maybe they’re going on a trip around the world. <Laugh> and won’t be back from their honeymoon yet.

B (00:52:22):

<Laugh> I believe she’s listed. She’ll be there.

Amanda (00:52:24):

Yeah. I think she will be too. So we were talking a minute earlier about Sonya and Luann filming. So we’ve gotten some photos and they have been filming their show. Yeah. So why don’t you share the email from that? So,

B (00:52:40):

One of my followers, one of our cocktailers has pictures of Luann and Sonya, as they begin filming their new show, it is being found in Benton, Illinois. They have them staying at a super old motel in town. What this follower said is I hope it’s not a setup for the community to be painted in a negative light. One of the producers, according to this follower is a native of Benton. I mean, when I heard this, Amanda, I immediately Creek flesh in front of my face. Like the motel, the like middle America.

Amanda (00:53:12):

Yeah. I, I, I don’t think that that’s a mistake. I think that that is probably, I can even imagine the pitch meeting, like imagine, you know, Creek, but reality TV with Sonya and Luann. Like I can, I can already see it, but those two are actually kind of perfect for this, because I think Sonya is just gonna kind of go with it and Luann will play along and get into it too. So I think it’ll be fun. I think super, super fun to watch. It’s gonna be

B (00:53:45):

Like a simple lifestyle, reality show, you know, glamorous friends are gonna live together in a middle American town and mingle with the regular folk. What, you know, what I’m hoping. And I agree with a lot of my followers said, is it seems fun, but I hope they don’t like, I’m gonna like bash the town or, or do anything like that. Cause I just think that’ll be tacky, but otherwise I’m excited to watch. I think it’s gonna be an easy, fun watch. I think they’ll yeah, well Louann’s not drinking, but I think there’ll be a lot of Sony drinking and silliness.

Amanda (00:54:16):

Yeah. I mean, there’ll be, I think you’re right. They’ve gotta watch the tone and make sure that like the towns, people, aren’t the butt of the joke. I think it like Sonia is so good at letting herself be the butt of the joke. And Luann knows that she’s kind of the butt of the joke a lot of times too.

B (00:54:33):

So hopefully they’re able to flip it a little bit.

Amanda (00:54:35):

Yeah. And I think that would actually make for a really good show. And I mean, we can all think about the iconic Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton mucking the cow yeah. In their milk made outlets, outfits. Like I think seeing, seeing something like that would be absolutely hilarious.

B (00:54:55):

I agree. I agree.

Amanda (00:54:57):

Okay. So, so much happening. Okay. This other, totally changing the subject again, but housewife related, we just saw yesterday that Erica Jane, the guy. So if you guys follow any really any of the accounts that talk about what’s happening with this court case, Ronald Richards is a lawyer who has now kind of taken this role of breaking news and commenting on stuff that is happening in the legal world. With cases, he was actually attached in some way to the Tom Gerardi Gerardi keys case mm-hmm <affirmative>, but is no longer, but there has been all this, I mean, real Instagram and Twitter beef, where Erica has been going after his wife and saying some extremely vulgar things. And I mean, talk about like Erica is getting in like getting into the sauce, I think at night again, like why do these people put stuff in writing? I don’t get it.

Amanda (00:56:04):

I know. But the news we just saw yesterday is that Ronald Richards and his wife. And it’s very interesting to me. He was very clear to say, I am my wife and post the actual offer mm-hmm <affirmative> to buy Erica’s house Erica and Tom’s house. They have offered 6.9 million. So he says, since our offer will be part of any motion to approve, we are releasing it now. So you are aware at Loya Lauren Boyette Richards, and I are attempting to purchase at the pretty messes house from the trustee. This is so our followers can see how the victim’s money was spent and to get a piece of the decadence. We will also use it for a public forum on first amendment activities, something Erica and her legal team strongly are against. They want secret hearings and trials, not public scrutiny. We will have depo. We will have her deposition there along with other players in the case, ultimately the property will be rehabbed and liquidated. After the estate proceeds are dispersed. We are hopeful. There are no further delays in settling this deteriorating asset that is having its equity eroded on a monthly basis. Let’s finally make a deal full purchase agreement in link in bio B

B (00:57:30):

<Laugh> you know, a lot of followers feel that this attorney is like obsessed with her. I mean, we all know they battle on social media. You know, most recently, as you pointed out, she’s even battling with the wife, inboxing her some real nasty stuff. And now they’re buying her house. I don’t know, from that statement, you read Amanda, it sounds like this is some sort of effort to help the victims. But if you look at his Instagram or his Twitter, every post is about Erica and Tom and the case, you know, to me, it does seem that an attorney and he’s no longer working on the case, but that he’s so public. And, and so outspoken, you know, Erica is who she is, but attorneys have to abide by a different, you know, set of rules than your average citizen. Right. You know, ultimately you don’t want any disciplinary action against you and some of this stuff, I don’t know. And again, I’m not an attorney. I don’t play one on TV. I’m just saying, it just seems out of the character of a typical attorney to be, so I don’t know, petty, petty,

Amanda (00:58:39):

So petty, I think it is the petty is of the petty. Yes.

B (00:58:43):


Amanda (00:58:44):

It’s petty, petty. Patterson’s

B (00:58:46):

<Laugh> and then, I mean, we are like, so all over the place today, so yeah. That’s the Erica Jane. I mean, let’s see if this guy actually buys the place. It sounds like he’s going to,

Amanda (00:58:54):

Well, I think, I don’t know if they have to take the offer, so it’ll be interesting to see if they do and there, I read somewhere else that he’s talking about making this like a museum where people can kind of come in and see it. So I’m imagining he’s got some sort of money making scheme to go with it, so,

B (00:59:13):

Right. Like he can’t be like, does he have the money to open a museum and have it be like a community museum that he pays to operate? Or is, is this another scheme? <Laugh>

Amanda (00:59:22):

Well, and I just think it’s, it’s super mean spirited too. I, I mean, obviously Erica’s saying some really things too, but assuming she didn’t know anything about what was going on, which is the ongoing question, which we do not know the answer to. Right. If she did not know to then have somebody who, you know, comes out and just says, I don’t, you know, I, I hate you. And I’m exposing you letting the public in to TRAs through your old house. I mean, that’s just, Ugh, that’s just like a whole extra level of just mean spirited and pettiness

B (01:00:01):


Amanda (01:00:02):

So speaking of Tinsley earlier, we had a, we had a blind or, or actually a piece of scoop last week or the week before saying that we had heard Tinsley was a extra on the ultimate girls trip three in Thailand. And we just heard breaking yesterday, breaking news.

B (01:00:30):

It was this, no, not even yesterday, Amanda, like literally I added this in, before we started recording my friend, shout out to Bravo by gays posted that Porsches taking Tinsleys place in Thailand. So, I mean, I think it’ll be interesting because Porsche has Giselle who, you know, they were, they were colleagues on the Bravo chat room or whatever that was called. So their friends now Giselle already has Candace. It could be a very strong Alliance. I don’t know how well Porsche knows Candace and how they’ll mesh, but you know, Giselle is the mutual. So if the three of them mesh, that is a very strong Alliance. So now our final cast on they’re filming in Thailand, they haven’t started yet supposed to be the 14th cameras may be rolling as we speak. Final cast is Marial Alexia, Candace Giselle, Leah, Whitney, Heather, and Porsche.

Amanda (01:01:27):

And so Leah will not have any New York castmates to kind of Leon lean on. She’s gonna be an island, which I don’t know is probably not gonna be the best for her. I feel like if she had a Tinsley, you know, Tinsley could kind of talk her off the ledge, sort of like how Tamara’s been with the kind of just helping manage Vicki a little bit. So I

B (01:01:54):

Wonder how she’ll fit, cuz now remember what we know is that Whitney and Heather at odds. So I can almost see Leah going with one of them and then the other going with, so in other words, let’s say Leah befriends, Whitney, or Whitney, or Heather then. So let’s say Leah befriends, Whitney, maybe Heather would go with Candice Giselle and Porsche or Marisol and Alexia. So I think we’re gonna see Leah team with one of the salt lake city girls and then the, oh, whichever other salt lake city girl will go to one of the other alliances. That’s my vision.

Amanda (01:02:26):

I think it’ll be, I mean, I am really excited that they’re going somewhere super exotic and somewhere that’s gonna be just really fun. Eye candy. Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So I think it’ll be, it’ll be good. And Porsche is, I think, I think it’s a strategic move for Porsche because Porsche, according to what I’ve read her spinoff show, didn’t do so, so well. And so this could be Porsche just trying to keep her toe in it say, Hey guys, I’m still good TV. When I’m with the other Housewives.

B (01:03:05):

I hear she regrets leaving Atlanta. I have a source that shared that with me. I think the door’s always open for her. God knows we’d all love a drew replacement. So Porsche girl, well we’re ready. Come back. <Laugh>

Amanda (01:03:17):

Yeah. Yeah. And I honestly, I would rather see Porsche. I think Tinsley is like, I love seeing her fashion. She just doesn’t bring it like Porsche does. Oh. And I mean, there are some sharp tongues in, I mean, look at that list. I mean Marial sharp tongue Candace Giselle, Porsche. I mean, and then Alexia <laugh> yeah. Alexia. I mean

B (01:03:50):

The only common was Tinsley <laugh>

Amanda (01:03:52):

That’s true. That’s actually true. So there’s gonna

B (01:03:55):

Be like, you know, like fader kind of played that role of like the mediator and we saw Eva do it a little bit. There’s gonna be none of that. It’s just gonna be a lot of spiciness.

Amanda (01:04:04):

I think Heather, I bet Heather will be, try to be the mediator. I think Whitney is gonna be the one who is in over her head, but we’ll see. Yeah,

B (01:04:12):

But she loves camera time. So she’ll do what she’s gotta do.

Amanda (01:04:15):

That’s true. She’ll like, yeah, but now

B (01:04:18):

You know,

Amanda (01:04:19):

Can be bikinis.

B (01:04:19):

So many things came out since we spoke yesterday and planned the pod and we added so much, but this is our real juice real teas about to be spilled right now. Amanda,

Amanda (01:04:28):

Go for

B (01:04:29):

It. So this is an email that I received. This is a pod exclusive and this is us crossing our fingers. That it’s true. <Laugh>. So from Andrew, from St. Louis email radio, Andy Sirius XM com obviously that this is made up guys, right? We don’t think that Andy really emailed

Amanda (01:04:50):

Us. Andy is not emailing us. No,

B (01:04:52):

Maybe one day brand keep me a, as I work closely with the franchise, expect Bravo related outlets to try and shoot this down. As soon as you release likely usual CALTS will tweet. This is false. They are trying to keep everything quiet right now. The brand new Ronny cast has been chosen. So I, I believe they’re talking about the new one. This is not about legacy. The cast includes four African American women, an Asian American lady and a Caucasian housewife. The women are between the ages of 30 and 45. Most have connections to the OG cast almost as an insurance policy. If the reboot flops, which quietly, a lot of execs believe it will. It’s a huge risk to bring back a beloved long running show with a brand new cast. Top of the priorities for casting as dictated by the network was to cast the franchises.

B (01:05:53):

First transgender housewife. The model given to the show was to find a Laverne Cox type housewife, which they found the issues producers are having right now is piecing together how the women are connected. They’re all connected in some way, but not anywhere near as connected as the OG cast was, which is another reason execs don’t have high hopes for the network is encouraging the women to hang out over the summer off camera, to strengthen connections for the time the cameras go up, Bravo fans can smell right through the BS. Another insurance policy is having legacy now film at the same time as the reboot, if the reboot flops, the network always has the option to use the legacy wives as the cast for the main show, it also allows for crossovers to happen. If the reboot needs fresh energy, both casts are to be unveiled at Bravo con both will be filming around that time. So this is a lot <laugh>, you know, the part that stands out to me is I don’t think they would green light and film a show that they were so unsure if it would be successful. I think that people are gonna watch that’s my feeling. So I don’t feel that the exec sort is concerned as this email would have us believe. What are your thoughts?

Amanda (01:07:10):

Well, I think a couple things. One is we got some tea earlier this year, like, well earlier, like spring saying they were having a hard time casting the show,

B (01:07:23):

Right? So, well we know they were doing it for a long time. They were casting for a long time.

Amanda (01:07:28):

Right. And I think that it’s definitely a risk to go with a totally new group. I think to steal a, I guess it’s blackjack term, I don’t know they’re spreading their bets, right? So they’re going with something they know that people will watch with the legacy crew. And then they’re also trying to totally refresh they’re one of their headliner Housewives shows with some totally new blood and by filming them at the same time, not only can they have crossovers between the two, but they can also, if they decide like, oh, we don’t like, you know, this one as much, they can, they can always, you know, go with pushing the legacy show. So, so you’re seeing

B (01:08:21):

Tracks for you.

Amanda (01:08:23):

I’m seeing it totally tracks, I think. And I think it makes sense to me that the executives are nervous because never have we seen a housewife show, completely turnover, their cast, where there are literally no holdovers from the previous season. So that’s true. It is risky. And especially if they’re going with, you know, a different kind of direction, I don’t know if we set, if we even heard, if it’s one thing we, we keep hearing rumblings and requests from people is that there is a gay husband and part of the housewife crew, right? Like we don’t know if those it’s all women, we don’t know anything really about all of these people. And so if they’re totally changing up the formula and the people, I can see why the executives would be nervous. And so this way, at least it feels like a safer bet because they have something that they know those of us fans will still watch. And there’s been no promises about, you know, what’s going on, Bravo, what’s going on peacock and you know, and any of that, so, you know, for one would be excited to see a whole new, a whole new cast and a whole new situation. But I also don’t wanna say goodbye to our legacy, which is why I really like that they’re doing this. So I think, you know, this is definitely one of those that I kind of hope it’s true.

B (01:09:46):

I kind of hope I, I hope it’s true. I think, you know, we know initially that they were planning on filming first, the new Ronny and then the legacy around the holidays. So they’re filming concurrently. If that’s true, I’m more inclined to believe the blind. And I guess Bravo con is gonna tell all. So I can’t wait to, to hear it announced.

Amanda (01:10:09):

I think, yeah. I think there’ll be a lot announced there. A lot of, you know, who’s coming back and new shows and you know, that might be when we get to hear if there’s any new cities coming, I’m imagining they would save that for Bravo con. But we’ll see.

B (01:10:24):

And I’m just scrolling through Instagram and some sweet news that our listeners will like. So we know that Jeff Lewis and his cute chef boyfriends split, right. That was announced in people, but there’s a picture of him on his flight right now. And one of my sources is telling me, obviously we see the public picture, but they’re back together and they’re working through their issues. So that’s exciting.

Amanda (01:10:51):

Oh good. I really like him together. I see Jeff Lewis happy. I know

B (01:10:55):

Jeff. I just, I just think he’s so fun.

Amanda (01:10:59):

I agree.

B (01:11:00):

But yeah. So this was a lot, we were all over the place cocktails. I know, but you know, sometimes you have a busy week.

Amanda (01:11:07):

It, it was a tea puppetry week.

B (01:11:09):

<Laugh> <laugh> okay. Amanda, I know we were ready to sign off and I’m sorry, because I know we both have busy days ahead of us, but I just got an email that I have to read because by next week it might already be out. So Housewives of New York city update Tinsleys exit from ultimate girls trip is not because of personal reasons. She’ll be doing legacy alongside, alongside Sonya, Dorinda, Kelly, Luann, and Jill, no Bethany and no Ramona. Okay. So Bethany, we, we figured they weren’t gonna be able to get her, although we know they wanted to, but if it’s no Ramona, that’s big news. Oh my God. That’s the big Ram news. That’s that’s gonna be. And we’re gonna hear about this, the ship Bravo com like we were just saying earlier in the episode. Yeah, she is. I mean, I bet Ramona wishes. She had some of those Tiki torches, so she could go on like trash stuff in her backyard.

B (01:12:03):

<Laugh> you know, what’s funny. I was watching Dubai and Sergio Cole, sex, Tiki Tiki, and the whole time I’m thinking of Leo with the Tiki torches. I’m like, there’s nothing sexy about Tiki, like naked, like throwing them like a spear. Wow. That’s big tea. All right. So this is an email that I got guys. Let’s see if it ends up being true. You heard it here. First cocktails, full, full circle. We were talking about why she would bright, like bust out at the last minute. And that makes so much sense. But Amanda, I still like your theory that she’s the housewife filming with gossip girl, because I forget the connection. And as soon as this airs goes live, I know my followers are all gonna send me the connection to gossip girl. She either narrated it. I know she did a guest spot. There was a, a, maybe she did do a guest spot and she didn’t narrate it to the guest spot. So I do believe that she, that that was your, that was your scoop. You put that puzzle together. I’m going with, it makes more sense than my Teresa idea. <Laugh> <laugh> Theresa with a bunch of socialized. Doesn’t make any freaking sense. All right. We’re really saying goodbye now. Yes. And we’re always here for you guys. Even when we think we’re done, we’re like, Nope. The cocktails need to know it. Literally. I was like, press record again. I just got an email <laugh>. Woo. All right. Good job till next time for real this time. <Laugh>

Speaker 5 (01:13:26):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribed go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good teeth, because the ones who don’t care about teeth, then like forget them. And don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.