Pick up letters went out!

Jul 31, 2022

From: Production Source
Email: D*********@gmail.com

Subject: Dubai Season Two

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Dubai pickup letters will be out to the ladies this week for season two. Brooks will be a friend next season. We’re adding 3 new cast members, roles not decided. Filming begins in September.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (https://bravoandcocktails.com)

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Bored

    Brooks and Lesa are both non entities. The show really needs to turn it around it is super boring

  2. Dani bravo Brown

    I officially cannot stand Brooks after the most recent episodes she can go!!!

  3. Sally Jesse

    I was surprised to be so bored with the show….such a let down !!!!

  4. Andy Cooper


    I’ve been thinking lately some blinds have been from bravo employees for possible free advertisement. And it’s working.

    • We see you Bravo

      Totally agree! They know what they’re doing but we all fall for it haha

    • Dare me to do WHAAA

      Brooks has the Teresa temper but not the entertainment. She’s better in a limited role.

  5. AC in the NYC

    Good. Brooks is The. Worst.

    • Tre Hugger

      Brooks is more of a Marlo type character, she’ll do great as a friend

  6. Katkloss

    The only must haves are Stanbury and Ayan….maybe Caroline brooks. The others are yawn worthy

    • Rob

      Disagree. I find Brooks & Lesa big snoozes but am interested to learn more ab Sara & Nina. Ayan stirs the pot. Like Stansbury

  7. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Does anyone actually enjoy the Dubai franchise? I was done after one episode.

    • Disappointed

      I really am bored with it, I’m shocked it’s even getting a second season. I’ve continued to watch in hopes it would change, but that’s not happened. It’s very cringe IMO, they would be better off bringing Dallas back, or start a new franchise, and leave this one hanging.

      • Needs to be 1 & done

        I completely agree. I had high hopes, but don’t even put it on in the background anymore! And none of my other bravo stan friends do either. Im ready for them to replace it with Nashville, Winnetka and/or Scottsdale!!

  8. Dubored

    Brooks is a romana style hot mess. She’s the only one who was somewhat ingesting other then Chanel


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