Final goodbyes?

Jul 31, 2022

Woke up to this email… do we think it’s true?!

From: Bravo Boy

Subject: Final goodbyes

Spill It to
Quietly the self professed queen of her city, has been saying this Is her final season on NJ. She’s going to announce her exit at her seasons reunion in the New Year

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (

allegedly from


  1. SMH

    Teresa? I blame Luis.

  2. RHONJ

    Teresa? I can’t imagine she’d be willing to give up the spotlight.

  3. bravolover

    Gotta be Tre

  4. Just my guess

    Tre has been hating filming for awhile now. I could see her wanting to no longer be on tv especially if Louie has some legal troubles coming. She won’t want to go through that again, but would Louie be able to give up the spotlight?

  5. TheresaSucks

    Obvi Theresa. Time for her to go

    • Rob

      ????? don’t believe she’ll give up $$ & fame..but I hope ??

  6. Tre

    Until the new soon To be husband gets arrested Jen Shah style. Takes her assets and she comes back w her tail between her legs asking a for her job back.

    • Anon

      ?‍♀️ 100

  7. Jan

    I think that if Luis problems become apparent on Tv she is afraid since it happened last time with Joe he went to prison . I believe she feels it would lead to more exposure .

    • Not a Tre-hugger

      Tre, with all Louies lawsuits, she will need the money and isn’t going anywhere.

  8. Jk

    I am sure they think their wedding special will be wildly popular & they’ll get their own spin-off

    • Yep

      Completely agree. If this is true, the only way she’ll leave is if she gets her own show.

  9. WYKYK

    I stopped watching because of Tre. So for me, this would be great news.

  10. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    Fingers crossed! She’s become insufferable

  11. Carol

    I agree, if she’s leaving HW it’s because she got her own show.

  12. Lo

    Why does everyone think it’s Tre? She isn’t giving up the spotlight or money. I was thinking Kandi. Especially after this season. She looks to be over the ladies and drama and doesn’t want her Rocky marriage in tv.

    • Nj

      Because it literally says it’s for NJ

  13. Not Buying It

    Then when her she Luis breakup she’ll be back

  14. Jen

    I can’t say I would be upset if she left. I do find her entertaining but there is always a little too much of too much every damn episode she is in! If she could just own something sometimes she would be much more liked by many more ppl.

    I hope that she is leaving for the better and not for abuse that will be behind doors. We all saw how she was treated w her x and this was on camera. I can’t imagine what went on w no cams there. This new guy gives me big psycho vibes.
    Will she be getting caught in a bubble of abuse rather than her “love bubble”?

  15. Bah bye Teresa

    I hope its true, I can’t stand that woman and her red beet of a soon to be husband is just as bad.


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