Jul 31, 2022

From: RHONJ Oldie

Subject: T*****’s Angels

Spill It to
D*** doesn’t only not like T***** hanging out with D******, it’s another woman too. One of the woman in T*****’s friend group has a husband who went to jail (not sure if now they’re divorced). Well the husbands brother is the one who beat up D***’s husband. That’s why that friend wasn’t invited to the engagement party either – but she was at the bridal shower since D***wasn’t

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  1. Yikes Guidance

    If this is true I’ll be pissed too. That’s not a friend. He could died from injuries

  2. Sarah

    Dina is too damn grown to be trying dictate who can be friends with who and Teresa shouldn’t allow her to dictate who gets invited where

    • Maggy

      I know I was surprised.

    • Rat face

      It’s not about who can’t go…’s choosing not to go when the people who arranged your man to get beaten/robbed are at a party…..maybe you don’t want to go.

  3. WYKYK

    I don’t condone the violence at all. Dina knew who she married and was fine with that world for a long time.

    • Dez

      Right she knew that her husband and brother-in-law was all a part of the mafia or mob her father-in-law didn’t die the way he did for no reason that whole family definitely was suspicious while it was on TV


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