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Don’t Come for Us…We’ll Send for You

Someone tried to start Instagram beef with B. Here’s full story of what happened next. Dynamics are shifting in Jersey – surprising new alliances and friendships are being formed. Who has Jen Shah been living with? Football, family and fighting? Tik Tok cheating scandal…

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 9

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B (00:00:00):

I’m not saying it wasn’t a success, but she didn’t have a lot of followers. Right. So she bought an account with over a hundred when she bought it. Nobody knew who she was. She started posting really random stuff. And sh like trying to call people out, kind of like how she did to me. And a lot of people just unfollow her. So when she did this, she said, apparently, cuz the couple of literally a handful of followers still follow her. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> just cuz they wanna, whatever she said that she was botted

B (00:00:32):

What’s up cocktails, welcome to cocktails and Gossip, the podcasts where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and all of the hottest scoops from Bravo and and as always it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our wanteds I’m B

Amanda (00:00:56):

And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea.

Amanda (00:01:04):

I don’t know about you, but it feels like life is constantly throwing curve balls at me. And I’m always looking for a way to de-stress naturally AK not always turning to the wine, which is why I wanna tell the cocktails about a brand. I love called social I’ve talked about their topical products, but I wanted to update you about some of their other products. I’ve been trying. Social CBDs, peppermint isolate, CBD drops in the evenings as a way to kind of naturally chill. And I’ve noticed a difference. I’m finding myself to be a bit more calm, but I’m also sleeping better. Check out their new social CBD body care line that features high quality skincare ingredients and their new bath salts offer 400 milligrams of CBD per bath. Cocktails use our code gossip to get a free product. When you, that’s social and use code gossip to get a buy one, get one on all of their items. Enjoy.

Amanda (00:02:19):

And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea. So this week let’s start with a little of our own tea last weekend, over the holiday weekend. Another Instagram account tried to start some major beef with you on Instagram. Oh my God. What a joke? Can we even

B (00:02:38):

Cold an Instagram account? <Laugh> when you don’t build it and you buy someone else’s

Amanda (00:02:44):

I mean, I wanna hear more about that because I don’t know all the history about that, but all I know is I am looking and I’m like, what? In that heck is this person saying, so here’s what went down. She, she posts and I didn’t even see it cause I didn’t follow this person, but I see the reference on Instagram. And so she posts this blind from our website that says she can confirm that it’s not true. And the blind was a blind that was posted. I don’t know, a couple months ago, I feel like, well, before the Randall article came out in the LA times last week saying there’s a lot more, the blind essentially said there’s a lot more about the guy and that his ex fiance knew about a lot of it. It didn’t say she knew everything. It just said she knew about a lot of it.

B (00:03:37):

Right. And the funny thing is that we had just recorded the pod in which we said exactly that we pointed and that’s last week’s pod. I hope you all listened. If not take a listen. The funny thing was she pulled a blind where it’s like actually the LA times article solidified what I posted <laugh> if anything else. So like, if you wanna call me on something on the wrong one, but

Amanda (00:03:59):

Great. That’s what was so funny. Cause Lala participated in that LA times piece and she admitted, she knew about Bruce Wallace declining. Cause that’s the way the whole article opens up is that Randall is calling Lala in 2020 saying Bruce’s, you know, he’s not able to remember his lines and all of this. And then, you know, the article says that Randall did five more movies with Bruce Willis. So we know Lala has admitted that she knew more than she talked about back in the day about what Randall was doing.

B (00:04:34):


Amanda (00:04:35):

And we’ve heard that. And I think she’s even kind of said it on her podcast. I might be wrong about that, but that she suspected there was some cheating going on for a while. Right? So anyway, long story short, this other account that’s trying to start, this fee says I can 100% confirm this is not true, but then didn’t say which part of it. Wasn’t true. So she’s trying to discredit essentially what the site says. But the thing that really <laugh> got me is she says, please remember that messages submitted to those websites are not confirmed and definitely alleged. And then she calls out this other account. That’s not us. She says, well, so and so does a great job of reminding you of that.

B (00:05:24):

Nobody could remind. I mean, and listen, I’m not saying other accounts. Don’t Allo. We all say alleged. We all say rumored. We all say anonymous. Nobody fricking puts it. I mean, I plastered on my website. I plastered on every single post that you read there’s I had a graphic designer make me fancy alleged to post everywhere. <Laugh> and on top of that, I say it on the pod. I mean, I always say to you guys, the listeners, you must get annoyed, but I have to say it’s rumor it’s alleged. So it was just like, honestly, and it was funny cuz Amanda was like, she has my back like no other, because she called me in a rage and I was like laughing. She’s like, why are you laughing? I’m like, because the thing is she’s irrelevant. And I think it was your first experience doing this with me, where you realize that people and I fallen victim to it in the beginning and I won’t allow myself to, which is why I won’t say the person’s name because funny enough, Amanda, very few people actually messaged me about it.

B (00:06:20):

Right? When I made a message talking about it, not naming her, I got a slew of like, who are you talking about? Who are you talking about? Who is that? Cause nobody knows who she is. Right? Because somebody had a big account. They decided for whatever reason to stop posting, they sold the account. I didn’t even know that was something you could do. But apparently they did. I heard it was 5,000. I don’t know. I never, I never spoke to this new account owner. I do know that she had a small account, a small Instagram account for like five years, way longer than I’ve been around. And it just wasn’t, you know, I’m not saying it wasn’t a success, but she didn’t have a lot of followers. Right. So she bought an account with over a hundred when she bought it. Nobody knew who she was.

B (00:06:55):

She started posting really random stuff and like trying to call people out kind of like how she did to me. And a lot of people just unfollowed her. Yeah. So when she did this, she said apparently cuz the couple of literally a handful of followers still follow her. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> just cuz they wanna, whatever she said that she was botted that’s the excuse she gave. But the reality is I’m a big account. I’ve been disabled. How many times there’s no such thing as being botted if there are bots in your followers, it’s because you bought them. I’m no tech whi but that’s what it is, honey.

Amanda (00:07:25):

<Laugh> well, so I had followed the previous version of the account and I stopped following this version of the account because it wasn’t the same kind of content. Anyway, I won’t, I won’t say what I really think. Let me put it this way. I was raised so that if I didn’t like something, the nicer thing to say is that something is interesting. <Laugh> think the account is interesting, but I wanna set something straight for everybody because I built the fricking website <laugh> on every, every page built it. We say the whole spiel, you know that it’s rumors and gossip and all of that. There is no way you can look at anything on the website without seeing that because it is literally on every page. And then I also wanna point out. So obviously when stuff does get confirmed B lets you know that I wouldn’t call it bragging like this other person said, I think she’s just saying, look guys, this did get confirmed, FYI. I

B (00:08:28):

Mean, maybe it’s a Hubble brag, but you know what? Not for anything. It’s a lot of work. So like I have to manage through and figure out what to post, what not to post and figure out the puzzle. And my followers are fantastic help in that. And I always thank you guys for that, but yeah, when something’s true, I’m gonna post it. And if you can, if you, as a person who is unable to run a successful account, think that’s bragging. Well then sorry, take it as a break. Listen. There’s a lot of successful accounts. I’m friends with many of them and there’s room for all of us. And we all have our niche and there are things. And every week I shout out different accounts that I read stuff and send you guys to them because I’m not the only person in the business. Right? But this girl is not in it. She’s not in it. She bought an account to try to be in it. And her method is to take down people legitimately doing a good job. And to me that’s not cool. You know what? I support people, but don’t come for me unless I send for you hun. Okay. Nobody send for you. Nobody’s looking for you. Nobody even knows who you are.

Amanda (00:09:27):

Well, and I also, again, I wanna break it down, even louder for the people in the back. Hear me now. So every we built the website because we had such good content. It kept getting <laugh> her kicked off of Instagram cuz the celebrities didn’t like the things that she was posting that were true. And so we built the website so that we can have the content there and that it has its own home and that nobody can take it away. I mean you’ve built how many hundred thousand plus follower accounts from the ground up. Right? So that is why we built it. But also wanna explain something about another falsehood. This person said every link that B posts from the Bravo and cocktails account from Instagram to the website is not a commissionable link. When she posts about liquid IV, when she posts about some products, those are and she, you know, she will add sponsored or ad or that sort of thing.

B (00:10:35):

To be honest, listen. Yeah, I’m a mom. I’m busy. This is not the only bull I’m bouncing on any given day. So just to be clear, it’s not that I never shout out, you know, small accounts, they’re selling something. I may not make a commission. You know, they may send me a shirt and I’ll shout them out with that said if there’s a big national brand like liquid IV, dry farms wine, you better believe I’m making a commission off on that. I mean, mama didn’t raise no fool, so. Right, right. Yeah. Listen, I stand by the products that I shout out. But yeah, it’s everyone should know that it’s a discount code. If you use my code, I’m gonna make a couple bucks. Right? It’s not life changing money. Right? Value. I guess it could be. I haven’t got there yet. <Laugh> here’s hoping. But I say that to say like she was reaching for a straw and the reality is it was all about making herself relevant. It was trying to gain traction and you know what, not off the Stripe of my back. It’s not gonna happen. No. Which is why you shall remain a nameless. Nobody.

Amanda (00:11:31):

So I, and again, like to take the, to go into the nerdy part of this whole, how all of this works guys, no, every click that you send over to the website does we do not make money off of every single click. We get measured on clicks and that can help attract advertisers. But we have ads that we run on the site. And if you click on the ads or if you buy stuff through those ads, then that is where the money comes from. And guys, you know, the internet people say it’s free, but you know, running a website, doing a monthly pod or a weekly podcast, these things are not. And so part of the reason that we are doing ads is yes, obviously to make money, but it’s to pay, to keep all of this stuff going. So anyway, I just wanted to

B (00:12:23):

Clear that everybody knows ads on a website are making money. They wouldn’t be there. It looks much cleaner without them. I get it. But you know, what I have to pay the fee is to run the, to run the website and you know, great, this isn’t volunteer work.

Amanda (00:12:35):

And exactly,

B (00:12:36):

I don’t think any followers have a problem with that. The only reason. And I’ll be honest with you. Amanda was very fired up. I really was laughing because I felt like it was a small, you know, selection of followers that even noticed because nobody follows her a couple of other accounts still do. I guess they kind of hate follow just to laugh. The reason that I did wanna come out and say it is because I felt like for the followers that did see it, not saying something was assuming some sort of guilt. I am not guilty. The woman is talking out of her and that’s what it is. It’s listen, it comes with all this kind of stuff, right? It is what it is. I’m moving on. I couldn’t care less <laugh> she could keep when she first got the accounting, Amanda and I don’t even know if you know this, I didn’t block her initially.

B (00:13:18):

Cause I didn’t even know the girl sold it. Then I heard she did whatever. She was like tagging me and shouting me out like, oh, she’s one of my favorite accounts. She tagged a bunch of us. It wasn’t just being, she tagged other Bravo accounts and like, you know, meme accounts. And I was just like, who is this? Why are you tagging me? You haven’t built a rapport. Like, you know, accounts, message each other. They share each other’s means you build a rapport. None of that happened. I just blocked her out of sight out of mind. Right. I never spoke poorly about her publicly. I never had anything to do with her. After that she was tagging me saying, please have her unblock me. She had other accounts message me again. I simply said, not interested, not my kind of party. Like, you know, wish you well, but like you could eat. It’s not gonna be at my table. Keep it like that. So then she started, she made a webpage to get gossip. Well, the Link’s no longer there. So I guess she didn’t get any. So this is like an ongoing thing. So when she called me out, it was kind of like, you know what, for once and for all, maybe I should just bury this and let it be said and let it be known. And I think after this, you know, she’ll stop because what’s to gain at this point

Amanda (00:14:18):

In the words you and man, she wants to skin you and wear you like last season’s Versace

B (00:14:25):

Seems that way.

Amanda (00:14:26):

That way I would’ve just end this by saying, and this is like the funniest part. Cause back in the day where I still was following her and then working with you, I was like, what the hell beat? Cause I called you or talked to you. It was like, she just, this person just supposed, who’s gonna break the news that Bravo and cocktails is never gonna do a podcast. <Laugh> that’s

B (00:14:46):

What she, I don’t even re I see, cuz I blocked her. I didn’t even, what does

Amanda (00:14:49):

That mean? This was, was before the podcast started and like talk about throwing against a wall anyway, but

B (00:14:55):

It’s also, I never spoke to her. It’s not like we had a friendship. Right. I literally never had a conversation on DM. Like there’s no relationship there. Listen, anyway, as I say, I wish you, well, whatever you wanna do, do it. Good luck. Yeah. There’s room for everybody. But you know what? You’re block.

Amanda (00:15:11):

I agree. There is plenty, plenty of gossip out there and plenty to talk about. So let’s move on to the real drama. So Beverly Hills we’ve been hearing about how Kathy has been, is bringing the drama on the season, but we haven’t even seen her yet, but there’s all this other kind of stuff going on. What do you think?

B (00:15:33):

So we see in this week’s episode, Sutton is like basically Kyle is accusing her of making up the loss of two pregnancies. Garel sons, both her oldest son. And one of her twins was who’s only 14 was disrespected. Like, and then Kyle like openly is like, well, it’s good to see your let, let her hair down. Let her hair down. Like she just cursed at a 14 year old, like, what is, is this the downfall of Kyle?

Amanda (00:16:00):

I mean, or what does Erica have on everybody? Like why, why? Like I, first of all, to ever accuse anybody of making up the two miscarriages that is

B (00:16:15):

Right this

Amanda (00:16:16):

Despicable. And even when she’s like, well, I didn’t even quite know what you’re talking about. Like even the worst that’s even in a worse excuse, like that’s an even worse. And then, then with Erica, I mean, if somebody spoke like that to my kid, I mean the amount of just restraint that Garel, by the way, at her own freaking birthday party, right. That she showed I was, I was, I very impressed. And I honestly don’t know that I would have had that kind of composure.

B (00:16:51):

And for me it was like to Kyle, like, how dare you? Like no woman is obligated to share anything about her fertility. And as an adult woman, you met as adult woman with kids. I mean, Sutton’s kids are in their late teens or twenties. Why would it not be possible that she didn’t mention it? Like you don’t meet somebody 10 years after a miscarriage or even a year or even a day and just disclose that. So I found that so bizarre and even in her apology. Oh. And she was also like pushing her. I, I guess she was drunk. Kyle was drinking a lot fine, but she was like pushing her and like shaking her to like shake senses to her. And then that apology at the Italian restaurant was so patronizing mm-hmm <affirmative> and she didn’t mention like the physical part of it. And you can see in that moment, I realize the seam started to show, I saw how much power Kyle really does hold with this series because SU was just like, I have no choice, but to accept this I’m being fed.

Amanda (00:17:48):

Yeah. She backed down. You could see literally the moment in her eyes that she had, those thoughts were going through her head because her eyes turn away and then she kind of looks back and then she’s almost like resigns herself to it and is like, okay.

B (00:18:02):

And so then with Erica, like apologizing to Garel, which I didn’t mind the apology. I mean, it’s like, you have to always meet people where they are. And for her, she said, I fully, I fully accept this. I, I know I was drinking, but in no world was this acceptable. Although my intention wasn’t malice. I absolutely see how it was received. And Kyle butts in like, like Erica’s doing the right thing and Kyle butts in to be like, but you know, isn’t it great to see Erica let her hair down. And Garel is like, what in the world are you talking about? And then you see Sheri go, like, we just need you to be neutral in this moment. Like, everyone here just needs you to be neutral. Like, why are you taking aside when the person is admitting they’re wrong.

Amanda (00:18:43):

We’re not in the moment at all. <Laugh> right. But

B (00:18:48):

So, you know, we heard rumblings, there were posts floating around of a new lawsuit, even though, you know, on the show, she’s saying it’s all nonsense and anyone can Sue anyone. But July 6th, new lawsuit was officially filed. She’s being sued for conspiracy to commit racketeering and receipt of stolen property in federal court. So that’s pretty big.

Amanda (00:19:10):

We need the Bravo docket on this one.

B (00:19:13):

Yes. Oh my God. They’re the best. They’re really great. You guys definitely should check them out and I’m sure they do have stuff on it. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t, I don’t go as in depth, I kind of just took main points, but definitely check them out. If you’re a person who likes to know all the nitty gritty details. So we have that, which is like, I mean, that could make a season. We then have which a lot of my followers set me because the audience does not like Diana, you know, and the ratings are great on Beverly Hills, but like at some point there has to be like a moral code that we live by even in the entertainment world. And I mean, you can Google her name and actors. I don’t know. Here’s a name, Robert Downey Jr. Anyone ever heard of him.

B (00:19:50):

He’s got a lot to say about her alleged activities. I mean, just Google it, but here we are. And we’re talking about nonsense and it’s a season of nonsense. Let’s focus on sudden sloppy behavior. You know, Jared has her storyline and listen, the burglary was real, but there’s a lot of stuff going on and you know, Re’s Rena, excuse me, Rena’s mother’s death. Yes. That happened. And you know, God rest her soul lowest, a lot of other stuff going on with her too, that, you know, nobody talks about, it’s just, you know, hanging in the winds, just, let’s not talk about the federal cases. Let’s not talk about the legal, the allegations, right. Being thrown around the rumors about people’s husbands. Let’s not talk about any of, you know, the drug use with, within people’s families that has been printed about. Yeah.

Amanda (00:20:31):

Yeah. Well, and yeah, there’s all the other stuff about Kathy that we’ve been hearing about. Anyway,

B (00:20:38):

I, and you know, this makes me feel like we’re not gonna see it because I mean, listen, the fans hear it. We see the post, we see the, you know, stuff that comes, comes out and gossip, rags like mine and many others and it’s not getting discussed. So I’m not hopeful that the Kathy situation is gonna be anything more than a blurb that gets swept under

Amanda (00:20:58):

Well, if Kathy, if you’re not filming the drama, at least bring the laughs because that was, I think what we, one of the things that we all really loved seeing about Kathy or let’s see one of your other houses or <laugh> right. Let’s have some of the fun glitz and glamor that we love about Beverly Hills. I just, you know, I was watching and I’m watching Sutton because she is a little awkward. But I think part of the funny thing about her is I actually think some of the ways that she reacts to these situations are how a normal person would react to these women being so bat crazy and like, same with crystal.

B (00:21:40):

As I watch, I do see her in Crystal’s reactions. Be more of disbelief than anything else. Yes. Almost like if I put myself in their shoes, I’d be like, okay, here I am scrolling Instagram, seeing all that’s going down and now we’re at a dinner and this is what we’re talking about.

Amanda (00:21:54):

Right. Exactly. Exactly. And then it, it ends up coming off as awkward. But I, once I was like, wait a second, she, I think is just having she’s showing on her face some of the feelings that I would be feel if I were sitting at that table or if I were at that party and I saw somebody else, you know, off to my friend’s kid. I mean, it’s, I thought crystal actually handled it so well by making sure that jacks got out and, you know, checking to make sure that he was okay. And then, you know, like backing him up when he was talking to his mother. And then I had a question for you, cause I don’t remember this, but again, terrible memory. Did Sutton really call Diana a?

B (00:22:35):

She did. She called her Solas and then she called her and then like they made up quote unquote. Okay. I just, I think honestly, people are scared of Diana. Yeah. And I mean, I think they should be. Yeah. Like I am as well.

Amanda (00:22:50):

<Laugh> well, clearly we’re getting nothing from her. Right. And so she’s just showing her jewelry and

B (00:22:55):

Lots of lip lifting lip, licking lip, licking,

Amanda (00:22:58):

Lip licking. But we’re not seeing, you know, like, let’s see some of your houses Diana, let’s see, you know, like if you’re not like we’re almost getting yes, your kid is very cute and yes, it’s adorable that she got a red dress with snowmen on it that my daughter used to have when she was at age two. But come on, like, let’s see something a little more exciting. Right.

B (00:23:18):

I mean, I agree anyway, so, but there people are tuning in and I guess ultimately at the end of the day, <laugh>, that’s what it is.

Amanda (00:23:26):

Well, so Housewives. So I think we’re both caught up on that. Let’s talk about the ultimate girls trip.

B (00:23:35):

I’m really enjoying it. I, you know, I love Dorinda. I’m disappointed the situation with her in jail and she really is unable to acknowledge any wrongdoing. And it’s bizarre. I don’t think it was this exaggerated. Although with Tinsley, I remember seeing this, but in other situations she always was able to kind of own her part and with the Joe thing, it was really, it was really whacked out. Yeah, but it’s great. It’s very entertaining. And I love Fedra. Okay. When Doda says that awful thing to Brandy, like what if one of your sons died, which listen, Brandy shouldn’t have mentioned Taylor’s husband’s no suicide. Absolutely not totally below the belt, but Dorinda like fabricated and who talks about someone’s children. So like Fedra and Jill walk, Brandy out, cause she’s like ready to flip right. Herself. And Fedra goes, what are you gonna do? She could be your mama and <laugh>. And for, she goes, she’s five years older than me. And then they cut to the waiter hysterically or the bartender hysterically laughing. And I was like, PRA is so iconic. She hits every beat. It’s like, she’s a natural, it’s performative, but it works. Like she doesn’t somehow wives don’t, she wouldn’t even need a storyline. She just needs to play off of situations and narrate. She should narrate things.

Amanda (00:24:50):

Totally agree. I’m really enjoying seeing her. What about the other shows? Like we’re hearing that there’s going to be more of us, right? That

B (00:25:00):

Like, you know, some, B and C exclusive here that we posted on the site originally, the second, the ex wives was just a trip, but the, you know, I guess I don’t, I guess the intention was to theme it, but it was still just gonna be one of the tricks. Well, what I’m hearing is that because of the success, Bravo’s actually gonna be having two separate shows. So we’ll see current wives do their trips. And then we’ll also see these, you know, trips with Bravo stars who are no longer, okay. I don’t wanna say no longer with us. They’re still with us, but no longer on our tab vision. <Laugh> on Bravo, which is very cool. Cause the options are endless. Like what about blow deck people? What about SHA? What about million dollar listing? Like all of these shows, Tabitha, I don’t know. Jeff Lewis, like imagine throwing these people into homes together and not to rent his home.

B (00:25:47):

That was a bad idea. Let’s keep it to a resort. Yeah. Even though I’m loving, I’m loving the show, but once is enough. Can you imagine it would. I mean, it’s so good. It’s so fun to watch. And I think that it can only get better. So we know they’re starting to film the next trip, which is, you know, the third real Housewives trip it’s in Thailand. We posted and confirmed this cast weeks ago, Marisol Alexia, Liam MC Sweeney, Whitney and Heather from salt lake city, Giselle and Candace. That was back in the beginning of June. And I’m seeing other outlets now confirming that. So we know that that tea’s true. I’ve heard some whispers of Tinsley absolutely feel that she may have been added in because I think they’re doing going the duo route initially though, that wasn’t the name that wasn’t a firm name. That was a maybe for us. But I’m seeing that, that looks like it’s firming up.

Amanda (00:26:35):

That would be an exclusive piece of podcast. He for you guys. And I actually think if this Tinsley thing is true, it makes sense. They like to throw in a surprise guest. We know that. Yeah. We know that she’s, there’s only on that list. One person from New York until you, you know, brought up the whispers of Tinsley. And because we know it’s the dynamic duo, I think it makes sense for a lot of reasons. So I think this one feels totally true. I, this is gonna be an interesting one, cuz I think Candace is such a loose cannon. It’ll be really interesting to see what she does on this trip.

B (00:27:18):

I can see Candace butting heads with Whitney, first of all. And I can also see her butting heads with Marisol and Alexia. For some reason

Amanda (00:27:28):

I could too. I mean, I think, you know, Candace, if you’re listening, which are probably not, cause I think they’re familiar right now. This is your chance to show that you are not a loose cannon. Right? I just have a feeling that she, this is either what, how she is or how she knows she gets the best air time. And so I think she is gonna be the kind of catalyst on that cast, but who knows?

B (00:27:56):

Yeah. She needs to go in slow and like let things roll out and not like jump in feet first. And I just don’t think she has that in it. I think she’s a jump in fee first person, which I guess makes her a star in reality. So listen, who am I to say?

Amanda (00:28:11):

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Amanda (00:29:38):

Well, and I love, I love Giselle. And you know, the other thing that too, as I’m I’m thinking about this list is we’ve been hearing that all the alignment in El salt lake city have been changing and that possibly Whitney and Heather are no longer as close as they have been. So it should be interesting to see what that’s like.

B (00:30:00):

Listen, I have an on good authority that they had a big fallout. I did hear that they were trying to like, I Don know which one of them, if it was both come together because listen, you need an ally on a when you’re right. He is with Lisa Barlow, which they’re like always like the number one Fren like Fren me. So yeah, I think, you know, salt lake city doesn’t disappoint because they’re outrageous. So I’m excited for that.

Amanda (00:30:32):

I agree. Okay. So this week, so we both get all of the emails that come in to the inbox on the website, which by the way, guys wanted to just say that if you want to send something in anonymously, do it on the website, you can make up an email. We’ve said this before, but it, it really truly is anonymous. Also. I <laugh>, I think B is better at putting some of these puzzles together and the readers are obviously the best, but you guys don’t have to send us emails written, like they’re already written like a blind. You can send us names or you can send us, you know, whatever. It doesn’t have to be written in riddle. We will block stuff out as needed. Cuz sometimes I’m getting these emails. Like I don’t even know who this is about, but anyway, this week the inbox has been like off the hook with real Housewives of New Jersey news. So I think we should tell the cocktails a little bit about what we’re, what we’ve been getting.

B (00:31:31):

Whew. So last week we told you guys, Louis and Joe go had a falling out at boys’ night and then the next day they, Joe did not attend Theresa and Louis’s house warming this week. I received some tea on a fallout between Dina and therea. Now the timing seems to coincide with there’s birthday trip to tuum tum tuum is

Amanda (00:31:52):

It tuum? Yeah.

B (00:31:53):

Tum, excuse me. I, so I, you know, it’s people say different things. I don’t, I can’t say for sure whether it was like a business deal gone bad between them or if they didn’t jive, if something went down in tum. But what we do know is it seems that there now is isolated from her brother who didn’t attend the housewarming and Dina who was supposed to be her maid of honor is now, you know, they’re on thin ice, I guess we’ll see, you know, her, her attorney commented on some post on Twitter that it wasn’t true. My feeling on that. First of

Amanda (00:32:31):

All, who, who wait, whose attorney commenting on

B (00:32:34):

Teresa Teresa’s position, Leonard guy who, you know, with Joe’s thing, he was always featured. He’s also Angelina from Jersey Shore’s attorney. He said, oh, absolutely not true. Okay. My feeling, if it was absolutely not true, is that therea and Dina would both post pictures of each other. Like that’s my girl love you, whatever. Right. Obviously they’re not doing that. And you know, I spoke to a couple people who told me it is, it is very true. I don’t have the specifics on what it was. I don’t know that they know, but there’s a fallout there, which July the wedding’s in August. Let’s see what happens between now and them. But what I do know is that both of those women are stubborn and they can hold a grudge. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> they can go years without making up. It’s sad because you know their friends for so long they’re they’re like family.

B (00:33:18):

But what I think’s interesting is, you know, Dean’s always played like this sweet, innocent one, but there’s always been rumblings of her controlling ways. I’ve this week, you know, I got a lot of tea and there are blinds on the site and you know, different things like I hear, and this is rumored rumored, alleged. But her last, when she came back that last season, she was talking about getting divorced because her husband cheated, you know, Caroline’s brother-in-law I have no doubt the guy cheated. I’m sure he cheated with that said allegedly, she was already dating her now husband. So I get, you don’t wanna put on TV, like I’m dating somebody who just left his wife pretty much cuz he was married. And again, we don’t know the timeline. We do know that he was still legally married. We don’t know if he was separated.

B (00:34:08):

We can’t say for sure. We do know he has two young kids in New Jersey and he now lives in California. So those are facts. Those are things we know. We know that he wasn’t divorced that his family is based in New Jersey as was hers. And they picked up and now live across the country. So those are facts. Those are things that are known. So, you know, and we know that Caroline and Dolores don’t speak to Dina. I mean, I just have to feel that it can’t be one sided that Caroline and Dolores are both so bad and so loyal to, you know, the ex-husband that they would stop speaking to Dina for no reason. So like there’s always two sides to every story. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but she’s always, ed is this sweet, calm person, but you know, there’s another narrative that is coming to light, which is funny, cuz she’s not even off the show, but you know, you hang out with Teresa and Lily, you’re gonna get some air time.

B (00:35:03):

So yeah. I mean there’s a lot of stuff and there’s, you know, it’s funny when I got the tea about there and Dina’s fallout, I got a bunch of emails that were very much defending there and Louie and sharing a lot of secrets about Dina. Like a lot of stuff that, yeah, I didn’t know and was able to confirm a lot of it. So do check out those blinds. But with that said, people put in fake emails, which is great. Put in a fake email, it was the same fake email on them. So I don’t know who’s sending it, but like I can tell the same person wrote it based on how it was written, the way they abbreviated. Yes. And the fact that it was the same fake email. So that was like another check in the confirm box that there was a full out and sort of interesting that for so long, all these things, these rumors about Dina were under wraps and now here they are here. They are in my inbox and I’m sure in other people’s inbox and here they are being spoken about. So very interesting timing and who would know these things about her. It’s very confidential information. So I don’t know guys. I mean, you guys put the puzzle together. I’m just, I’m just repeating rumors.

Amanda (00:36:17):

Well, and when, when else has this lawyer just jumped onto other things and said, it’s not true. It’s just so bizarre that this would be the thing that he would hop onto. I don’t know. I think, I don’t know. I just, I think where there’s smoke there’s fire and there has been a ton of smoke coming into the site this week.

B (00:36:40):

Yes. Lots of smoke.

Amanda (00:36:42):

Do you remember? So speaking of the girls trip, we have seen Alexia and there posting pictures together, talking about their friendship. Do you remember that rumor about Louis and going after Alexia?

B (00:37:03):

Oh my gosh. Now that you say it. I do. And we don’t know. We know they met and that was the rumor though. <Laugh> that’s funny. Doesn’t

Amanda (00:37:13):

Surprise me.

B (00:37:14):

The two of them met, they actually did like a cute Amazon or Instagram live together. Were they like ask each other questions as like OGs and they didn’t know each other before then, but then they met at the Bravo fronts and I mean, listen, they do have a lot in common. They were single mothers. They both had spouses in prison. They have a lot of similarities. Yeah. People say they look alike, which I don’t know whatever. But so Theresa was just in Miami for her daughter’s dance competition. And she posted a picture with Alexia out to dinner. And another funny tidbit, a follower who was at her daughter was at the competition, said that she saw theres. And she actually said, Theresa in person is like very pretty amputee, very tan. And she said, Louis was like, so thirsty for attention. Whereas like there was like trying to like blend in. So I mean, that’s an interesting little tidbit we got.

Amanda (00:37:58):

Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s right. There was in Miami. So they just posted this week. And so that’s right. She was in, she, they’re not, she’s not on the trip. She’s she was in Miami with Alexia that’s right, right. So I don’t wanna put out false information there guys, as you there’s somebody who’s waiting to pounce on that. So continuing though about New Jersey, there was a, an email that we got. So I wanted to, to read that because we’ve also just been hearing, like I said, we’ve been hearing a lot about New Jersey this week just from like what’s happening with shooting right now because they’re all they’re filming right now. So let’s

B (00:38:41):

Actually actually on their they’re on their way to the Jersey shore as we’re recording.

Amanda (00:38:45):

Yes. That’ll be, be a fun one. I’m sure

B (00:38:47):

Melissa’s having a party at her house and let’s see what that, so yeah, so here’s, so here’s the email that I, I posted. I’m gonna read it and then I guess we’ll talk through what we think is isn’t what have you, so from just a garden state guy, email, a non subject, a brand new New Jersey. Oh, I’m just remembered. I have something that I didn’t. Oh, okay. We’ll get to that brand. New New Jersey spill it to Bravo and The dynamics on New Jersey have shifted massively. Delores is no longer. Dolores is no longer playing the role of there’s ally. She’s now being totally herself and is the star of the season. Her and March have gotten closer than ever. Jackie has delivered and production has boosted her back to full time for the new season. Jackie and Theresa have started a new friendship and have become pretty close. Interestingly, both have kept it from Instagram. Although side note, they both did share the memory of them playing tennis together. So that completely off Instagram

Amanda (00:39:46):

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B (00:40:54):

You’ll shocked, Jackie. She has turned her back on Melissa. They have a minor issue that spins out of control. Jackie Teresa and Jen have become close with Singel. Marge is currently cool with everyone, but Danielle, the new girl, Rachel has put her stamp on the cast and gained friend status. The other will be a guest. Melissa is having a tough season. She’s on her own with no strong ally with Jackie becoming tight with Teresa, Melissa and her are in a bad place. And Marge and Dolores finally are showing that they’re best friends. She’s worried that Jack be promoted. She’ll be the one that’s demoed. That’s Melissa. Jen Aden has no storyline, but she brought tough battles with Marge over politics. The ladies have kept their storyline totally away from social media, but it’s turning out to be a really good season. It’s likely they’ll go forward with seven Housewives for the first time.

B (00:41:46):

Tracy’s making appearance appearances, but only when Tiki is available. Production is no interest, no interest in scenes without him. That poor girl just gets roasted. Frank and his girlfriend are recurring. Friends, expect major drama coming from Dolores. The only person she hasn’t popped off on is Marge. I actually, someone told me that that’s not true, but you know, I don’t think every single thing in this is true. I definitely think there’s a shift. I do know at the baseball game, Melissa very much kept to herself. So that’s very telling, I think that piece of it may be true. I wouldn’t say, I think Jackie like looks for a way to become full time, but you know, people do what they gotta do if they wanna be full time.

Amanda (00:42:28):

Yeah. And I think I will tell you this morning I was on, I think it was, DEWA posted a blind about a New Jersey housewife getting back to who was demoted, getting promoted again. So I think that there’s probably a lot going on with, I think that this is true about Jacqueline. This is my guess again guys. Wild theories here doing some

B (00:42:51):

Stuff. Jacqueline’s in Vegas.

Amanda (00:42:54):

Oh, interesting.

B (00:42:56):

<Laugh> no talking about Jacqueline Morita. You said Jacqueline.

Amanda (00:42:59):

Oh wait Jackie, right? Yes. Jackie. I was

B (00:43:03):

ING you. Yeah.

Amanda (00:43:04):

Oh, okay. Got it. Sorry. I’m yes. So no Jack that Jackie’s getting promoted. I think that that’s. I think that that’s true. I think if it’s going into OA too, I think again, where there’s smoke there’s fire. So it’s good to hear that Frank and his girlfriend are, cause we, we don’t wanna Ms. Frank. I mean, he makes me laugh. Like nobody else. This is

B (00:43:23):

Funny. And apparently he’s been with this girl for a long time. I think they broke up and he was seeing that girl in Texas. But before that they were together years and then they split and he was seeing the other girl. She never wanted to film the girlfriend, but she’s actually very good friends with, I wanna say Rachel, I think it’s Rachel. It’s one of the new ones. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. And so when Rachel was filming, I guess that gave her like the confidence or like, you know, you feel like you have a friend there, so she was comfortable being a friend of, but she’s really not interested in a full time spot.

Amanda (00:43:53):


B (00:43:54):

What I heard, you know, take for what it’s we’ll see.

Amanda (00:43:58):

I think it’s good that we’ve got some new blood kind of shaking it up too. So this week also a lot, funny enough, I think you posted like a little question box. Somebody had said, Hey, can you post what’s going on with this football player and his wife, can you, or can you get more tea about it? And that like opens the flood gates about this football player throughout both the site and on Instagram.

B (00:44:26):

Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot there. And to be honest, I’m very unfamiliar, although I’m not now because my followers send me stuff and I’m like, can you explain to me who’s who, what’s what I’m like. I asked my husband and my husband’s like, what are you talking? How, how do you even know these people’s names? Cause I’m really like, listen, I don’t have time for sports. I’m like all Bravo all day. But <laugh>, what’s funny. So

Amanda (00:44:46):

Very well known quarterback for anybody. Cuz I, I watch football very, very well known quarterback who has been at super bowls recently, but is younger.

B (00:45:00):

Yes. So I posted like a lot of different stuff about the family. Like there’s stuff with the brother there’s stuff with the wife and guys, you can it’s all current last couple days you can just scroll through that. But I had posted that the mom, like, I don’t know if she doesn’t like the wife, but whatever. There was some issue there and she wasn’t following her. I don’t follow them. I know that because a bunch of followers told me, funny enough, we posted the hat, the mom unfollowed, the quarterback’s wife. And the next day she was following her and posted a family picture <laugh> with all of them in it. So my followers are like, oh my God, you’re a reach the reach of Bravo and cocktails. I’m like, ah, I guess they’re watching, you know, there’s lots of rumors about the brother. And then there’s a, a post titled scapegoat that allude, you know, the team is happy to let kind of his family take the fall. Cause there was another situation with somebody like high up in the team and it was a good distraction. So actually the player has a separate PR team, allegedly rumored from the actual team itself, which is kind of interesting.

Amanda (00:46:02):

That makes sense. Yeah. I, I think that’s actually pretty typical and probably for good reason, right? Because you wanna make sure as a player that you’re own yeah. Your own brand is being looked out for and the team. So I think that part makes sense, but you guys go read that post called scapegoat because that is a really, really juicy post that there’s if, if anybody who follows football, you read this and you’re like, whoa, this is a, this is a good one. But

B (00:46:31):

I know when we did the golf tea, when we had our whole golf team run, which I’ll probably like get around this summer to reposting that cuz you guys loved that. Keep the golf team coming. It was funny because my like followers were like, thanks will the golf tea. Like I went out to dinner on date night with my husband and like, he’s like, so what’s going on? And I started telling him all the golf tea <laugh> and all of a sudden like, you know, we had like this fun night just being like, there’s no way that’s true. And then they were reading the comments, people confirming it. And we were like, I was laughing with them. I was like, that’s great. So yes, this your way to involve all the sports fans in your lives can get involved with Bravo and cocktails.

Amanda (00:47:04):

Well, and that is what I love about it is because we get tea about, it’s not just Bravo, it’s football, it’s golf. It’s Hollywood. It’s not just about reality TV. So we’ve got a little something for everybody and I love it too. And when we kind of have something up there, the floodgate just start to open and it turns out there’s so many of you guys who know quite a bit that you can share with the rest of us.

B (00:47:30):

So when I first, when I first I remember like one of the first times I got to you was before I was disabled <laugh> and I would get posts and then I would post it in my stories, be it about a Bravo star, beat it about a golf player and then somebody would write something else and I would just keep posting and posting and stuff would come in. So now we do that on the website. Yeah. I have to tell you, like, it was more fun when I could just do it in my stories. Cause it was more interactive. I missed that part of it.

Amanda (00:47:55):


B (00:47:55):

Yeah. But this part is better because it actually stays there forever. Whereas my stories went away in 24 hours and with my memory, I completely forgot what was said.

Amanda (00:48:04):

<Laugh> so true. So back to salt lake city, some stuff happening on there. I don’t know if you follow any of them on social, but they’ve been in New York because a few of them, so Meredith Jen, Heather have been in New York because the gen shot trial starts soon.

B (00:48:25):

Yeah. So July 5th, the court held the pretrial conference to discuss. And just any final issues leading into trial, this trial will not be televised. I’m sure Amanda you and a lot of our listeners, remember when she was initially charged the phone number was leaked. Yeah. For her. I dunno if it was her arraign, I guess it was her arraignment, her list of charges and we all called in and listened yet. That’s not gonna happen this time. That was a wild time. I remember I was on vacation and I was like ignoring my family and friends to do it, to listen to it. But again, I know we mentioned the Bravo docket earlier, so I picked up some of their points again, follow them to go in depth. It’s their two attorneys. They give us a great, they do a good job of like breaking this stuff down into layman’s terms.

B (00:49:07):

So some things they shared, some key points, jury selection will begin on July 18th. The prosecutor stated their case could take two to three weeks. Jen’s counsel stated her defense could take one to two weeks. So we’re looking at five weeks, potentially the court emphasized that the proceedings would be conducted respectfully and would not be a trial of surprises. We should not expect to see many salt lake city clips used back in may. When the ruling on the party’s pretrial motions, the court called prosecutors to steer clear of using real Housewives of salt lake city stating make this a trial of the claims fraud and not of the real Housewives prosecutors took note of it, but stated they would seek to admit at least one clip where Jen allegedly received a notice of a search warrant. We don’t, I don’t remember that being aired and neither just, you know, the bra docket that they claimed was in the show.

B (00:50:01):

I think that’s very cool of them. Like just focus on what she allegedly did wrong and not a character she’s playing on TV because yes, this is reality TV, but let’s face it. She and many people do create characters. So I don’t think it’s fair to bring that into it. Yes. If you agree to do it, you’re open to it. But I mean, we’re talking legal now. Right? We’re talking jail time. So I like that the judge was like, like let’s keep it to the facts and not about, you know, whatever persona she plays on TV.

Amanda (00:50:31):

Right. And if you’ll remember a couple weeks ago, when we were talking about this trial there, the defense, so Jen’s side did not pre send in their evidence. Right. So I, if I remember right, that, that means that the prosecution doesn’t have to either. So the fact that they kind of came out and said, that must be a bit of a relief to Jen.

B (00:50:58):

Yeah, absolutely. I, I, I would think so. <Laugh> can expect it’s Stewart Smith for those of us that are Bravo fans, we know that’s do change. Her quote unquote assistant will testify at the hearing. It was confirmed that he is expected to testify at the trial on behalf of the prosecution in response defense counsel noted that they would impeach him by providing evidence, reflecting that he had allegedly allegedly used racist slurs against Jen by calling her the dark queen of Bravo. Oh, OK. I mean,

Amanda (00:51:32):


B (00:51:33):


Amanda (00:51:34):


B (00:51:35):

A lot. Jen was never, so this was another big piece. Jen SHA was never offered a plea deal. The prosecution confirmed that they never offered her a plea deal, but did provide her with a Pintel letter. A penile letter provides the defendant, which is Jen with an estimate of what sentence the prosecution will seek. Should the defendant accept a plea agreement? Hmm. OK. So it wasn’t like official, but there was something she could have worked with there. All right.

Amanda (00:52:03):

So that’s yeah. Well Bravo, da, keep doing the good work that you guys do because this makes it all, you know, a lot easier for us to understand, you know, I did read that I was gonna source you guys, but I’m not, I don’t actually have my source, but I read that with federal cases, the not defense

B (00:52:27):


Amanda (00:52:28):

Sorry, prosecution. I had just had a brain fart that the prosecution win something like 98% of the cases. Yeah. And I like, I kind of dug into that a little bit cause I was like, wait, that sounds, that sounds messed up. That sounds like, you know, trying to go to trial and like another country. And it’s it’s because I guess the feds only bring suits on the cases that they feel like they have a really, really strong case. For example, when somebody who is somebody’s right hand person rolls over on them and provides a lot of this information. So

B (00:53:03):

I already know this because I watch billions

Amanda (00:53:06):

<Laugh> well, I think this actually kind of leads us to this good tea about Jen and her husband coach shot that you posted. So do you wanna read that?

B (00:53:21):

So now for what we are good at, which is not getting too deep into exactly. We’re good at bringing you some tea. So yeah. So what we received was from S L CT email SLC, scoop Bravo subject, not living with husband, my sister lives in salt lake city. And she knows Jen since last year, Jen has been living with a wealthy woman in parentheses who happens to be a lesbian and hasn’t been living with her husband. So she hasn’t been living with coach according to this, you know, no idea if it’s a romantic living situation, not ins, not insinuating that it is, but I do know that she lives with her. So while the husband is putting up a United front regarding her legal issues, it seems that might not be the real deal. So again, guys, you know, this is something that’s sent in anonymously.

B (00:54:11):

So it’s a rumor. I mean, to me, coach seems incredibly down to earth. All the followers who’ve ever sent me anything say he’s well loved by his team and their families and colleagues. I know he’s very well respected in college football. It’s I have to say it does seem wild that he would have no idea that this wasn’t on the up and up. I, I guess it’s possible if she’s able to convince him that she runs the successful business and he’s not in that business, he is an attorney by trade prior to being a coach. He no longer practices. So like Erica didn’t know, right. But’s not an attorney. It seems people don’t have that same energy for him as they did with Erica. I think that goes back to the fact that on television, he really seems like a great lovable guy and, you know, listen at the end of the day, we, a lot of times believe what we see. And so I guess he’s not charged with anything. So yeah, it’s not that he conducted illegal business.

Amanda (00:55:06):

Right. And he, so we know from what Jen said on the show that he travels all the time, that even when it’s not seasoned, that he’s out recruiting and doing that kind of stuff. But at the same time too, it’s it’s, I mean, what, what respected business woman, assuming, you know, would want her husband to come in and see what she’s doing all day? Nobody, you know, no, no businesswoman or man, right. Would be like, okay, spouse, why don’t you come see what I do all, let me open, you know, up all my email. Let me show you exactly. It’s just not it’s it’s I think it’s actually quite plausible in, in, especially in this case that, that he wouldn’t, he could, he might not have known because again, being a business owner myself, like I’m, I don’t share the details of, you know, I just, I give the highlights.

Amanda (00:55:58):

I don’t share the details of exactly how much margin I make off of, you know, whatever projects like that’s, it’s just, that’s just, I, you know, I don’t know. But I think that what is interesting is that Jen, the, the reasoning, if that piece of tea is true, the reasoning for Jen, you know, living in this other home, it could be a totally different situation where coach Sean and Jen are realizing that because the feds only bring suit when they have a really strong case, you know, maybe they realize that, you know, that it’s not looking good for Jen. And so out of preservation for their family are trying to distance themselves as much as possible. So coach doesn’t get taken down with Jen, cuz then the kids have zero parents. Right? Right. So the, the motivation might have nothing to do with, you know, coach not, or, you know, knowing more than he does or, or any of that. It really could just be more of a, a move made out of preservation.

B (00:57:04):

Makes sense. Makes sense.

Amanda (00:57:06):

I don’t know. So we’re coming out of the holidays from 4th of July. So, and we know that summer house was filming last weekend. What you got?

B (00:57:17):

Well, what I have is Sierra and Danielle were not there last weekend. They will be there this weekend. I did actually that’s confirmed that, you know, by a source, I did actually see Lindsay and Carl post, they were headed to someone’s wedding and they were flying there. So I don’t know if they’ll be there some of the weekend, but definitely not all. So it was confirmed that there’s one new guy coming in. Kyle’s bringing him in two new girls. This is a, B and C exclusive one from page one, from Amanda, the identity. We don’t know. I made a guess that it was Vinita. It was a theory because she’s living in New York and we know they love a Southern charm, Southern Southern summer house crossover. It’s not Vanita. It’s not Vinita. I was, I was told it’s not Bonita unless I’m being lied to. But I was told and I, you know, I’m fairly comfortable in that. I think, you know, maybe I gave the producers an idea because I think that would be a great idea, but it’s

Amanda (00:58:14):

And here we go. We also admit when we are wrong,

B (00:58:19):

Take that, but that can smoke it. You

Amanda (00:58:24):

<Laugh>. I saw Amanda posting from the Hamptons with a couple of guys where they’re dancing and then posing in some pictures. So I was wondering if maybe one of those guys was one of the new summer house housemates. So I guess so

B (00:58:42):

I think they must be unknowns cause nobody like has picked up on it. Yeah. And you know, plus Bravo fans are pretty good detective. So if nobody has picked up on it and my hunch on wasn’t wasn’t true. I think that it’s probably unknowns.

Amanda (00:58:56):

Yeah. Well,

B (00:58:57):

Or at least unknown to us, you know, remember Andrea had a following of over a million people. He was a model. He was in a million music videos. Like he wasn’t an unknown, but he was unknown to Bravo.

Amanda (00:59:08):

Let’s shake it up. We need, we need a fun summer for summer house. And then today TikTok drama. So here we go, we’ve got football, we’ve got real house wise, we’ve got federal course cases and then we’ve got TikTok. So some stuff has been blowing up literally today and yesterday.

B (00:59:28):

Yeah. So I see, you know, page six posts that TikTok Addison Ray, who you know, is, was very good friends with and still is I guess, court and Kardashian. And she’s a huge TikTok star. And now like just a big star she’s in the movies. And so apparently her dad’s ale ball <laugh> he had an affair with a 25 year old and I wanna be very clear. It is always the spouse’s fault. Right? If you cheat on your spouse, the demise of your marriage, Lynn squarely on you not be sidepiece with that said this 25 year old side piece, their relationship ended last week because basically he found a new 25 year old side piece. And <laugh> after I posted that I got a bunch of stuff. One of the things exclusive to Bravo and cocktails that I got was that mom and dad. So Addison’s dad and her mom have actually been separated for a year. He moved out a year ago. Apparently it is known like in the Hollywood TikTok community, but they haven’t filed. So it’s not public to us, but this is a long history. I mean, I had a bunch of young, pretty girls message me that he tries to pick them up and he uses his daughter, you know, references his daughter, very Michael Lohan. S gotta tell you. So yeah. I mean, her dad’s a sleeves ball. She seems like a sweet kid. You know, I feel bad for her. That’s what it’s,

Amanda (01:00:50):

I can’t even imagine to be in the public eye, you know, like she is. And then seeing your dad hitting on women your age, right. Just you

B (01:01:02):

Like, not bad enough that this happens, but now it’s like on the front of page six.

Amanda (01:01:09):

Yeah. It will gross. Well, there you go. Don’t cheat on your spouse and this kind of stuff won’t happen people.

B (01:01:15):

Right? Well, the dad seems like shameless, obviously he’s just running around doing it. And like, we don’t know that they split because of that. But like, I mean, I’m gonna surmise. That’s why, right?

Amanda (01:01:26):

I mean again, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Right?

B (01:01:30):

That’s it?

Amanda (01:01:32):

Well, this has been a really fun episode guys. Like we said, we’ve got a little bit of everything this week, starting with our own tea and our own little, I won’t even call it a beef because it, it didn’t even go that far. But this has been like, it’s so much fun. Just chatting with you this week and just wanna remind everybody. Please do follow us. So on apple podcast, if you hit those three little dots please click follow cuz then we will appear in your inbox every week. You don’t even have to come out and, and download us every week. So, so much fun chatting with you. The

B (01:02:13):

So much fun chatting with you, Amanda, until next.

Speaker 5 (01:02:24):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.