Clout chaser….

Jul 26, 2022

From: Clout Chaser

Subject: Paige Six should run this article next

Spill It to
P**** L******, dating T****C****** from the Bachelor was caught for a second time writing herself in to reddit. She had also been caught befriending the mod of a country music sub while dating M***** W*****. She has so many fake accounts it’s no wonder she can’t keep them all straight. Screenshots posted last night revealed she was using her mom’s instagram account to post comments about her and T****. She also started and promoted a fan page sub for herself lol. Next time, be sure to crop out your instagram user name and profile picture, P!

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Lindsay

    Paige Lorenze, Tyler Cameron, Morgan Wallen. No surprise, I’ve heard previously she was obsessed with Reddit and bashing Morgan’s baby mama while she briefly dated him.

  2. Kelly

    Ha ha.. Paige is at it again!

  3. Parched Paige

    Paige Lorenze. One of the thirstiest wannabe influencers out there. I don’t know why her desperation to be famous isn’t more known or why any man with a public persona goes anywhere near her.

  4. I know this girl!

    This girl is from my hometown in Connecticut and can confirm this is true! She comes from a pretty wealthy family and has been caught buying followers + likes. Just as fake as any of them! Also her “clothing” line sucks.

  5. Gab

    Paige Lorenze and Tyler Cameron! ?

  6. Penny

    Paige Lorenze & wow that’s embarassing lol

  7. Armie

    Paige Lorenze

  8. erin

    i take this with a grain of salt bc morgan wallen psychopath fans send in so much sh*t it’s impossible to know what to believe.

    • Hmmm

      Paige is that you?

  9. Chloe

    It was her moms account not Paige Instagram but also the amount of fake shit that sub has posted and fake message exchanges apparently from Paige, KT or Morgan I wouldn’t believe anything those subs post.
    The subs are disgusting. They constantly post photoshop messages. Not to mention the Paige one is ran by a bunch of puck bunnies and another sub is ran by a person who fucked her ex. The things said about KT is horrible too. Honestly they’re all so jealous of these girls.


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