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Jul 25, 2022


Subject: Blue ridge trip

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The real reason the trip was cut short is because someone on the crew got tested positive for Covid, after the trip most of the peaches got Covid so no holiday party this season, also Aunty said a lot about a certain ladies’s daughter on the trip and was completely cut because it was bad, similar to what Brandi said about Adrienne

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  1. Talia

    Obviously about last night’s RHOA episode. But Marlo seemed genuinely upset with the ladies so I doubt it’s entirely due to COVID. And the other part is that she said something about Kenya’s daughter Brooklyn

    • Tania

      She said Kenya is not brooklyns real mom because Kenya used an egg donor to conceive her ?

  2. Jacob

    What! Did Marlo accuse Kenya of having a surrogate !? Or Kandi? Did the producers have Marlo lie!?

  3. ATLhoe

    Marlo talking about kandis daughter

  4. MHP

    Marlo is awkward. She can’t even read Kenya. Instead her idea of being shady is to throw low blows. She doesn’t have the wit! On WWHL it was cringy bc it wasn’t funny and it was a lot of mumbling while trying so hard to bring the jokes.

  5. bravo bravo

    Marlo saying something about Kenya or Kandis daughter

  6. Kim

    I don’t believe this. On WWHL yesterday Andy said I didn’t like that the trip was cut short. Him and kandi discussed it.

  7. Over Her

    I was so excited for Marlo to get her peach, but she is clearly incapable of not going below belt…like m, to a disgusting degree. I hope it’s a ‘one and done’ season for her. She needs intense therapy. Until she discloses where her money comes from, she need not question anyone about anything… #bloop

  8. Drizzu

    Was this the alleged “test tube” baby comment Marlo was supposed to have said about Kandi’s daughter Blaze?

  9. NotJax

    Marlo says Brooklyn was delivered via surrogate and not by Kenya? Bc that’s what Brandy outed about Adrienne Maloof (and was just brought up on RHUGT2).

  10. Peachtea

    Kandi said on her YouTube channel marlo said vile stuff about Kenya’s daughter and was not shown, also there’s other reason the trip ended early and they had to sit in the car for hours

    The blogger kempire spilled December last year everything happened on this trip on his YouTube channel, everything was spot on and he also said the trip ended early due to Covid scare

  11. Veronicar

    Marlo talking about how Kenya used a surrogate and faked her pregnancy.


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