Something about her…

Jul 21, 2022

From: Valley Girl

Subject: Vanderpump Rules filming in Sherman Oaks

Spill It to
My boyfriend and I were walking down Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks yesterday and saw a camera crew filming Katie, Ariana and Jamie (Scheana’s friend/podcast cohost) outside of a retail shop that said “Space for Lease”. I assume they were looking at locations for their sandwich shop, Something About Her. because they were pointing at various things on the exterior, then went inside. They were all stunning in real life, maybe even better then on tv/social media. It was across the street from Jamie’s restaurant, Sugar Taco. I wonder if she’s involved with SAH?? It’s a smart choice for a location so the two restaurants help eachother, like all the West Hollywood Vanderpump places are in walking distance. I asked my boyfriend to walk by a second time (he was so annoyed) to ask a crew member what they were doing and he confirmed they were filming Vanderpump Rules. So I guess we will see them opening up SAH this season.

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  1. karllll


  2. ValleyGirl

    Lol I know exactly which strip mall that is

  3. SusieQHatesYou

    Since when did Jamie own Sugar Taco?

  4. Season 1 Stassi

    I’m sorry but I have to get this off my chest… Something About Her is literally the dumbest name for a sandwich shop…. SAH sounds like a women’s clothing boutique! Now that would be a cute name for an apparel store.
    The name drives me crazy because it gives no indication of whatsoever that it is an establishment that sells food in general.

    • Something about sandwiches

      Completely agree. It doesn’t make any sense to brand a universal basic necessity as exclusive to one gender. Women’s spa? Ok. Women’s clothing store? Women’s gardening supply store? Women’s fish and tackle shop? Yes, yes, and yes. Women’s sandwich shop? Uhhhh what?

      AND, like you said, the name. What’s going on here? It sounds like a salon. It is extremely clear to me that none of these women have business experience and LVP rightfully hates them too much to provide unsolicited yet woefully needed guidance.


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