Take her out…

Jul 20, 2022

Ok anonymous please, but I have it on
GOOD authority that this A list star is ready to
wreck his also A list ex, even though she is the
innocent one.

Her team is working in overdrive to figure out how to shift her public persona without her having to
sacrifice her kids’ feelings/identities/stories. It’s really sad.

He’s willing to do whatever it takes to come out the winner. And she’s worried that she won’t be
believed because…America doesn’t believe women ugh. Allegedly!

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Mrs Smith

    Brad & Angelina?

  2. The beach


    • Anon

      Lol cute that you think either of those 2 are A-list ???

  3. Kay

    Brad & Ang?

  4. Maybe

    Brad and Angie?

    • GretchenWieners

      Ben and Jen G?

  5. Anon plz

    Brad and Angelina?

  6. Flo n flo

    Kim k / Kanye or jlo/ arod ?

  7. Jennifer Gardner

    ARod is not happy about the recent nuptials and JLo is all about her public image

    • GretchenWieners

      They don’t have kids together?

    • H

      They don’t have kids together tho

      • Rinna Sucks

        It said “her kids” not their kids ! It’s def jlo and Arod. What a selfish sob he is. Move on ?

      • Jenny

        But it doesn’t say “their” kids is says “her” kids. So it doesn’t necessarily have to do with joint custody kids

    • Mama Bear

      I doubt he cares. If he did? He would of married her or hung on to her.

  8. who

    Thrown on the ugly woman part…

  9. No thanks

    Wouldn’t take her out imply the he is a baseball player? Take her out to the ballgame? Must be JLo and ARod.

  10. Craig knew he was a scumbag

    ‘Take her out..’ is a nod to baseball – this has to be Arod & JLo.

  11. Ramona

    I was picturing Ben , Jen & Jen the whole time . Who tf is it ?!?!?

  12. Tilly

    Not Brad and Angelina. It’s been how long and I don’t see him doing that to his kids.
    Absolutely seeing ARod trying to do this to Jennifer Lopez, especially when it mentioned the kids “identities” as it’s been speculated her daughter is non-binary, transgender or something along those lines (not sure specifically). Not being his kids, he unfortunately probably doesn’t care if he hurts them. ARod stays being an ahole.

  13. All about the Jennifers

    JLo/Jennifer Garner

    • Sidney Bristowe

      Jennifer Garners image is perfect. Never any scandal whatsoever. JLo is a nutcase compared to her with her 3-4 marriages now

      • All about the Jennifers

        I agree! And I completely misread the original post, so please ignore my guess. Could be A-Rod and JLo though…

  14. Curious

    Hmm… the word “good” seems important here but I get a Denise/Charlie vibe from this about him coming out a “winner” Didn’t he say that a lot in the Tiger blood days?

    • Kate Miller

      Good Will Hunting

  15. Duh

    This is very obviously Brad and Angelina. They’re currently in court. Heated over the vineyard. They have kids. He has a good public image she doesn’t. No one else A list makes sense

  16. ReallyduckingtiredofYe

    Kim and Ye. His label is named ‘GOOD’ hence the emphasis. But he’s already been doing this for weeks on end and we all see how HE is clearly struggling with the dissolve of their marriage. I just don’t get it though cause what about Julia Fox and that Kim clone? Like sorry someone actually wants to stay with Kim?

  17. JC

    ARod, JLo, and Emme. ARod is petty enough to involve the kids. Jen knows how evil he can be, so she is trying to protect her kid(s).

    Can’t be Brad and Angelina. He’s had plenty of chances to be petty, but always takes the high road.

    ARod is petty and just an ahole.

  18. Nurse Ashley

    It’s obviously Brasd and Angie-hence the post immediately posted before this one


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