It’s a pattern…

Jul 20, 2022

I want to know what happened to the
blonde girl *the comedian * was having
a baby with circa 2018 right when he
was blowing up. She was VERY
pregnant and he was posting their
relationship 24/7 as he does whenever
he has a new one. She vanished from his social media (and his life) and suddenly he had moved the
next new gf in per his IG stories. Next
girl was a brunette from the Midwest. I
googled the baby story and nothing
comes up – like it was washed from the
internet but he was 100% having a baby. Allegedly.

allegedly from


  1. Max

    Is this about Jo Koy? If so Heather McDonald said on her podcast they lost the baby.

    • Anon

      Sounds like Jo Koy. I’ve been following him for years and remember the pregnant gf. I wondered the same thing and went through an IG investigation blackhole a few years back. I found she did miscarry:( She mentioned it in her IG.

  2. JuicyScooper4life

    From what I heard, she lost the baby and they broke up shortly after.

  3. Titsmcgee

    Lol def not Chelsea. It says what happened to the blonde girl the comedian was with

    • JK

      He did post about the loss.


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