Confirming she’s not coming back?!

Jul 20, 2022

From a DM:

Ramona Singer spotting in Ibiza last night at Amnesia to see Steve Aoki. I was with some non-USA people and they started chatting her up in the VIP table line. One of her friends with her (she was with her older Florida crowd) came up to us and was like “You know she’s famous right? She is a real housewife of New York.”

They kept egging her on because I already told them who she was and in typical Ramona over sharing fashion, SHE SAID SHE’S GLAD THAT CHAPTER IS CLOSED!!!!! She said now she can start enjoying her life with her real friends.

Wild interaction, especially since they were some of the oldest people in the club by 20+ years and insisted on getting sparklers with every bottle even though that isn’t a thing anymore ?


  1. Nana

    Love that friends referred to as “older Florida friends”. Only the old rich folks afford VIP.

  2. Ash

    I know I’m in the minority here but I’m going to miss her and the show will never be the same without her!! She’s tv gold.

    • are you Kidding

      If racism is tv gold, sure.

      • Bye

        Riighhhtt close this ugly tone deaf disrespectful chapter

    • SusieQHatesYou

      Ramona on the bags in Ibiza? Wild

    • Catherine

      Love Ramona! I agree

    • Wah

      Ugh I agree. End of an era lol

    • Ha

      You aren’t the only one.. she’s a real housewife og

    • Sip that tea

      Sure she is funny when she shows how completely idiotic she is…. But that turns fast into her being a racist bigot. I loved her and her stupid pronunciations of things but then her opinions come out that match exactly that. She is a moron.

    • Hope

      I agree Ramona was great TV. I didn’t like her but she was great to watch

    • Annie

      Me too

  3. KC

    Wait, sparklier bottles aren’t a thing anymore?

  4. Gigi

    Of course she’s glad it’s over… unless they ask her back

  5. Coco

    Lol love Ramona!!

  6. Bye Witch!

    Glad she finally got the boot! She’s a horrible human being!!

    • nm

      About time. Good riddance!

  7. Go away

    I’m sure Jill, Teddi and Vicki are “glad it’s over” too! ?

  8. Ama

    This makes me so so happy, my TV isnt insured and im convinced I couldn’t watch another season without throwing my shoe at it!!!

  9. L Stephens

    Wohoooo! Now if they’ll get rid of Icky!

  10. Avery Singer

    Tbh I feel like she was pretty checked out on the last couple of seasons and had no real storyline. She is in her mid 60s now and deep down is probably ready to be done with it. However, if she wasn’t let go I don’t think she would of left on her own accord.

  11. Sparkly

    If sparklers aren’t a thing why do they have them


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