Work it out…

Jul 19, 2022

New cast member on a very popular Bravo show currently filming. She’s a super annoying fitness professional groupie. Loves to fuck the ****** instructors. She’ll be in classes every once and awhile and is so annoying and incredibly thirsty. She was hooking up with one of the low level instructors but now she’s been trying to get with the founder of ******. I got the tea from the front desk. Allegedly!

allegedly from


  1. paige & craig 4eva

    a summer house newbie? hoping it’s amanda or paige’s newbie friend

  2. Ezeee

    Jenna Williams – Vanderpump rules

  3. NJscoop

    Newbie Rachel fuda on rhonj? She used to to body building bikini shows and word on the street is she only married her husband for the money so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was about her

    • Madison

      Muppet mouths new girlfriend

  4. Jennie

    The new blonde on summerhouse. Her instagram stories have been her going to work out classes

  5. jRo

    southern charm Olivia?

  6. Bree bree

    Whitney from rhoslc

    • Elton

      She’s not new and she’s married


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