Jul 19, 2022

Rumor has it this Laguna beach babe is dating a newly single football player. It’s new but heating up. Allegedly!

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  1. Miss Piggy

    KCav & Travis Kelce

  2. Kris and stephen 4ever

    Please don’t be kcav and Travis Kelce because I love her and can’t stand him ?

  3. Steeeevennnnnnn

    Kristin C & Travis K

    • Lindsay

      I hope this isn’t true…. Blah! Did we ever get any tea on what happened between Travis and Kayla?!

      • Taffy

        Would love to know this! Loved them as a couple. Now, just love her. Lol

      • KDiv

        Omg I know…..please someone spill!! Love me some Kelce tho!

  4. Laguna Beach

    Kristin, please don’t date Aaron Rodgers. Please.

  5. KCchiefsfan

    Kayla will be trying to get him back…’s almost football season

  6. ?

    Dear god don’t let it be Aaron Rodgers. But seems like he would be Kcav’s type. ?

    • Mister Rodgers neighbor

      I actually hope it is Rodgers (but pretty positive it’s not). 1. They are both Cali people and like to keep family private. 2. It would be funny since he was Jay’s rival ?

  7. Blah

    She doesn’t follow many people on insta and they are following one another soooo

  8. Shrimps

    I went to his Instagram and he looks so corny and douchey, I hope it’s not Kelce. I know she likes press, but keeps her personal life somewhat private, hope this is just for a little press and trolling her ex.

    • KC

      I live in KC, and Kelce is very loved here. He seems like a genuine good dude. An upgrade from the douchebag she was married to for sure!

  9. Youeeediot

    You have chicks who only date Basketball player..the you have Kcav ??‍♀️

    • Ur reaching

      She dated a comedian so this isn’t necessarily true that she only dates football players ?

      • Sheeesh

        But she also ditched Stephen for Matt Leinhart.

  10. Future Mrs Kelce ?

    I have had a crush on Kelce for years and am a chiefs fan. I get excited when he’s single (like I have a freaking snowballs chance in hell) but so help me if this rumor is true. I do not want to see her with him. He downgraded from Kayla for sure.

  11. Kat

    KCav having to deal with Mahomes wife? Oh this could be fun.


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