She wants back on TV?

Jul 15, 2022

From: Fake News

Subject: Nj bullshit

Spill It to
News is spreading that an rhnj alum isn’t coming to the wedding of her “bff” since it will be filmed for the new season. 100% false alum wants back on bravo bad. They had a falling out and now trying to cover it up in the media to have the truth not be exposed.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Jess

    Dina and Tre. She should be cast on OC if she wants back on so badly.

  2. Bravofan

    Whattttt??? I’m not a dina fan but I’d she wants on to spill the tea being the bishhhhh back!!

    • Not Namaste

      This would be a whole different Dina she wants to put everyone on blast now that the ex hubby and his cronies are charged – I don’t think she’s going about it right and that’s maybe why she and Tre are not agreeing on bringing her back I think Tre is trying to protect her here since her and Caroline coming back would be way too much family tea shared

      • CassCassGoose

        Protect her? No way. It pretty much started out as the Manzo show and now that they’re all gone, for years it’s been the Giudice/Gorga show.
        Tre knows people are getting sick of her crap and Dina coming back on (along with possibly the other Manzos) will ensure she loses her Queen B status and totally push her out.
        We’re all over the same old storyline. Dina would bring a whole other kettle of drama.

      • Juicy Joe

        Teresa isn’t smart enough to come up with the concept of protecting anyone!

  3. JK

    I ? buy this.

  4. Elena

    Nope. Not even a little true. She doesn’t want to be on camera. In NJ. Bc then husband will have to see his kids. And there’s no way to say they weren’t really here (like when they sneak in to see her mom and don’t even see his kids).

    • Marge Sr

      Her daughter is from before Tommy Manzo

  5. Di

    Dina came back and was boring and unwilling to share her life… like “too good” for reality tv mood.
    So no thanks!!!


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