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08. Turns out he’s even more of a creep than we thought; Exclusive Summer House tea

Mindblowing allegations from a new LA Times article about Randall Emmett are even more shocking than anything previously published. We cover the most eye-opening allegations, plus we learned a new word, “Geezer Teaser”.  The best one-liners from Southern Charm. Is the next season of Summer House going to be “Couple House?” B does it again – hear about what piece of tea was confirmed this week. Which housewife joked that she does mushrooms in order to relax after a stressful Housewives trip? Plus as always, some tea you won’t hear on or on Instagram at @bravoandcocktails_

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B (00:00):

Their names while they’re like, have lost their luster in the us. Apparently they sell overseas. So they are profitable. And you know, these guys, they earn a lot of money overseas on these movies. And you know, when you’re an aging actor, you get you. And I think, you know, your family, you get used to a certain lifestyle. And when you stop earning that money and you don’t invest well, or what have you, you have to make these kind of movies to keep it coming in, to keep up the lifestyle and all those kind of things.

B (00:39):

Some cocktailers welcome to cocktails and Casa, the podcasts where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and all of the hottest scoop from Bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our line Py.

Amanda (01:03):

And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea.

Amanda (01:10):

I don’t know about you, but it feels like life is constantly throwing curve balls at me. And I’m always looking for a way to de-stress naturally AK, not always turning to the wine, which is why I wanna tell the cocktails about a brand. I love called social I’ve talked about their topical products, but I wanted to update you about some of their other products. I’ve been trying. Social CBDs, peppermint isolate, CBD drops in the evenings as a way to kind of naturally chill. And I’ve noticed a difference. I’m finding myself to be a bit more calm, but I’m also sleeping better. Check out their new social CBD body care line that features high quality skincare ingredients and their new basalts offer 400 milligrams of CBD per bath. Cocktails use our code gossip to get a free product. When you, that’s social and use code gossip to get a buy one, get one on all of their items, enjoy

B (02:23):

What’s up. Cocktailers welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and as always. It’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. B

Amanda (02:46):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s T so B we, I think we should really start with the blockbuster article that came out this week in the LA times about Randall Emmett.

B (03:02):

My mind is spinning. I mean, I think all of us forget about Bravo fans. I just think anyone who’s tuned into Hollywood is in shock. So Amanda, if you could sub make, do a summary for us, because I feel like we need to go over these main points before we discuss.

Amanda (03:22):

I agree, cuz there, there is so much and we didn’t even actually put cuz a lot of the stuff in there is very Hollywood focused just on financing and that kind of stuff that we didn’t even, we didn’t even include some of that stuff. But overall, I just have to say to this article is written in the LA times. It came out yesterday, June 30th, it’s called the man who played Hollywood. It is absolutely worth the read, but let us give you a couple of quick bullet points actually not quick, cuz it’s a lot. So Randall, it starts out by talking about the situation where Randall was working with Bruce Willis in 20, I believe 2020. He calls his then fiancee, Lala saying he can’t do this anymore. Bruce can’t remember any of his lines. He doesn’t know where he is. And so for those of you who are maybe not familiar, Bruce will came out in March of this year in 2022 saying that he is retiring because he has a medical condition called aphasia.

Amanda (04:32):

That makes it difficult for him to remember lines. Randall has worked with Bruce Willis on over 24 movies. But what is nuts is after he had this phone call with Lala saying, I can’t do this anymore. He went on to do five more movies with Willis over the next 15 months. So that I just thought was very interesting from a ethical standpoint, I guess we’ll put it the shockingly there are. And I mean I’m not being sarcastic. There are lots and lots of allegations of abuse against women assistance, business partners of inappropriate behavior with women, including offering, acting work in exchange for sexual favors. Randall would enter into NDAs with these victims or alleged victims and allegedly offer these female accusers money in order to hide this bad behavior Randall’s company is in more than 10 lawsuits adding up to more than 25 million in unpaid loans and payments Randall via public statement came out and said that all of these allegations that are being discussed, Lynn Malan, Lala his ex citing that they are part of her efforts to sway their custody dispute, which is

B (05:55):

Right. Right.

Amanda (05:56):

So insane. Lala

B (05:58):

Has the power to have a dozen lawsuits. Okay. You go, I’m sorry. It’s so hard for me not to,

Amanda (06:05):

I know no it’s this is, this is so crazy. You guys, I am not even halfway done with all these points Randall. This one was funny. I guess he used to be mark Wahlberg’s assistant during the entourage days and he challenged mark Walberg. So if you follow him at all, mark Walberg is extremely in good shape, challenged him to a wrestling match and Walberg had to body slam him. And then he said, do it again. I mean, what the hell Randall Lala also cooperated with this article and said, you know, about those infamous Nashville pictures that got posted and kind of broke open the whole Randall cheating on her thing. She says when he got back from that trip, she demanded to see his phone. She grabbed it from him and then he tackled her, knocked her to the ground. And she said, that’s when I knew for sure there was a lot, he was hiding.

Amanda (07:02):

Randall is also accused and we’ve seen this all over social of sending lude messages to women, hunting for sexual prospects on Instagram and emailing his lawyer about wiring women, wiring money to women in exchange for silence, Gloria Allred. If you guys are familiar with her, she is a very famous lawyer who goes and generally represents victims who are possibly underrepresented or are generally going after somebody in big, a big piece of power because she is not afraid. She is representing one of Randall’s accusers. She’s they’ve got text proof that says, and I quote, he sent her a text that said one day of work and you need to me hun. Meaning I will give you a day of work in front of the camera, but you have to give me these sexual favors gross that there was an allegedly a lawsuit that ended in a settlement on that one.

Amanda (08:05):

He is accused of though, this one was good. This is worth reading the article alone, four, two accused of DMing. Somebody on Instagram who shows pictures with her boyfriend saying he wants to screw on the DL and do heroin and meth with her. And the person has screenshots to back these statements up that Randall tried to get Lala, to sign an NDA early in their relationship. And she wouldn’t do it. That Randall asked his interns and assistance to cover his expenses with his, their own personal credit cards. That is nuts. I mean, as a business, no, that is crazy. His assistant was asked to get something out of Randall’s hotel, safe, the assistant couldn’t get open. So he had to call hotel security when they got it open, they found a huge, huge bag of cocaine. Oh, he yelled at his assistant for buying to house ice cream sandwiches at Costco instead of the convenient store nearby saying they weren’t fresh through them out that ran.

B (09:07):

I mean there, when you’re on meth, you may not. You’re be able to tell if they’re fresh.

Amanda (09:12):

<Laugh> God. I mean, geez, that Randall after ending the business relationship with the business assistant, the same one who, the audacity of buying Tollhouse ice cream sandwiches at Costco, he sent these desperate sounding voice notes to the assistant, which we linked to on the site. So definitely listen to them cuz it, you kind of have to hear him to hear the desperation in his voice. He’s offering him $50,000 to work on a movie. Like I thought we were friends, the assistant declined. And then also again, also worth reading this article for cuz there’s all these interesting details about how much stars like Robert Z Niro. Ccino Sylvester of Sloan our work to paid, to work on these movies that they call, which this was a great piece of learning for me. They call them Geer teasers <laugh> yes. He’s like be list movies that have these, these very famous stars in these movies. And

B (10:15):

Apparently so their names while they’re like have lost their luster in the us. Apparently they sell overseas. So they are profitable. And you know, these guys, they earn a lot of money overseas on these movies. And you know, when you’re an aging actor, you get you. And I think, you know, your family, you get used to a certain lifestyle and when you stop earning that money and you don’t invest well or what have you, you have to make these kind of movies to keep it coming in, to keep up the lifestyle and all those kind of things. So I thought that was a really interesting, you know, a little interesting learning about Hollywood. It makes sense. It’s not something I ever thought of. So right off the bat, we knew Randall was shady. We all knew he was a shady character. And like to the point of Lala, not signing an NDA, she didn’t sign an NDA, but she was always so protective.

B (11:07):

I mean, for years she didn’t even mention him and let’s not forget he was married to Amber Childs when they met, I mean she broke up their marriage. This is not a, this is not anything that anyone who watches Vanderpump rules does not know. Amber was very classy about it. She never spoke out too much about it. I think that he paid child support because remember in those days he wasn’t broke and she kind of just let it roll. And she never really publicly bad mouthed either of them. But that is Lala’s reality. So you know what I heard and what I posted months ago when they first split was that like Randall was a cheater. I mean, she met him. How you get him is how you lose him. She met him, he was married. She knew he cheated, but she didn’t care because it was a lifestyle that she liked when she found out there were money problems.

B (11:57):

That’s when she bounced, she did allude after they broke up, she alluded on her podcast and just other places that she found out really bad stuff. Now I don’t believe she knew about the abuse allegations. I really mm-hmm <affirmative> I just, I just think she assumed he was your run of the mill cheater and she was okay with it. So when she realized he didn’t have money, I don’t know this to be true, but you know, something I heard was that <laugh> she sort of planted those pictures so that she had a really public way to say, this is it. He gave her a storyline for the upcoming season. So I think everything else that came out after this really was shocking to her. I think she thought she was in front of it and she knew his, you know, obviously if somebody’s an addict, you know, she’s been sober. She was sober in their relationship for months before she left him. You can’t be sober and not know that your fiance is using drugs. I mean, you can’t be. And I’m not saying he’s on meth, but you know, you see the words, meth, you see cocaine, you see heroin. I mean, those are very heavy duty drugs. We’re not talking about smoking joint here. So she must have known that part of it

Amanda (13:07):

Well and who knows how much he was really around. Right. Cause it sounds like he would have to go and travel and be set for weeks at a time. So I guess, cause I agree with you, but perhaps this was only stuff that was happening when he was out of the house and when he was traveling, you know, I think the, the whole doing this kind of public outing, I think was smart. Cause I think she was probably at the time more thinking about custody and having her daughter. Right. I think I totally agree with you that I think a lot of this other stuff that’s come out. She probably had no knowledge. No, I, I bet she had none.

B (13:46):

I don’t believe she had knowledge, but cause

Amanda (13:47):

I she’s, she’s a strong person and she wouldn’t stick around for

B (13:50):

No. I mean for that, I mean forcing assistance to conduct dangerous and illegal activities on his behalf. I mean, no, she definitely didn’t know about that guy. A lawsuits. I mean we’re in disputed and like in what world does this guy live? It just goes to show you how narciss and psychotic he is. I mean, you can’t, there’s no other explanation. Although when you’re an addict, obviously, you know, you can take on those personality traits. So whether it’s drug induced or this is who he is and at the end of the article, they say he just wrapped a movie. Oh, I don’t know if it’s the end. But part of the article wrapped a movie with John Travolta. So like mm-hmm <affirmative> you know, and, and then it came out like why was he having Bruce Willis do these movies? And he told Lala, although Bruce Willis’s attorney adamantly denied that, he said he was able to do his job. He wanted to continue working. We don’t know the truth because you know, his attorney attorney could be playing a cover of pain himself. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I mean, but you can’t, there is no you’re done. I mean, he’s done. He is cooked. He is you an LA times article comes out like this. You’re never coming. He is never coming back from this.

Amanda (15:06):

Yeah, he’s definitely not. I, I really thought that this article, I mean, it was completely riveting. I couldn’t, I could, it was a long article too. And I, but I couldn’t stop cuz it was just, every paragraph was more shocking than the next. And so I wanted to call out the two reporters, Amy Kaufman and Meg James for the LA times and 100%. I agree with you that he always gave off a creepy vibe. Geez, the depth of the creepiness and then this mistreatment and abuse. And I just was truly shocked. It just, I don’t know about you every time I read an article like this, I’m like, is everybody in a Hollywood just total creep it just Ugh. But then again, it’s a, it feels like there’s these pyramid schemes of using other people’s money and hoping that the profits outweigh the costs so that nobody catches on it’s this recurring theme that we’re hearing also about happening over and over again. So anyway, highly recommend it definitely read it. It’s called the man who played Hollywood.

B (16:11):

I, and these kind of stories are always reminder that everything that glitters ain’t gold. And I think that there’s, you know, 5% of what we see and know is real <laugh> yeah. And it’s, it’s honestly, it really creeps me out. I, I wanna move on to like a more fun topic because yeah, please. I find this so icky and gross and there are three children involved and it’s really gross. Yeah.

Amanda (16:36):

Well, so onto a more kind of fun topic summer has officially kicked off because Southern charm has premiered.

B (16:46):

So we’re two episodes in on Southern charm and man, the show just does not disappoint. I, I, you know, I, I have to bring this up. This is funny and you’ll laugh. I just got a DM. Those of you that are cocktails know that Austin and I have an ongoing beef with each other <laugh> it started because he would DM me and like, you know, tell me to take post down. And I was like, no, like who are you? And so I just blocked him. And the beef continues. He sometimes messages, you know, other accounts and says that, you know, why, why do I talk about him? Can they ask me to stop? I mean, he’s tried to have it mediated. It’s actually very comical. So at one point a follower was at like a meet and greet or I don’t even know what it was.

B (17:29):

And they were talking to him and he brought me up and they were like, oh my God, like Bravo cocktails. I’m at this bar. And he’s talking about how mean you are to him. So I started telling my followers, listen, if you see him whisper in his ear, I’m Bravo in cocktails and get out of there. Like just let’s me mess with him. Right? So last week, one of my followers is like my husband works at and whatever restaurant he was at. And I just told him to send over a drink and say it’s from brow and cocktails. And she did so hysterical. So then this morning I wake up and I give a message. It’s a picture of Austin and one of my followers. And she says, Austin told me to send this to you. So like now he’s trolling me to it’s listen. It’s all in. Good fun. Who knows? Maybe. And listen, I, I told one of my friends Bravo by gaze. I said, cause he says to him, cause he knows we’re friends. I was like, if he makes a public apology on his Instagram, I can consider playing nicer. But until he does that, I won’t.

Amanda (18:24):

I mean, and I, I like that he is kind of finally playing along. Cause I mean, <laugh>, there’s only so many times that, you know, this could happen and, and

B (18:35):

Apparent apparently they brought me up on their podcast because he was talking about one of my blinds, which by the way is true. It was about like him and the new girl who I like very much. And we gonna to get into that on the show, she seems like a cool chick. Like they’ve broken up a couple times because he’s Austin and <laugh> monogamy, isn’t his forte. And so like, he’s talking about it, I’m sure he denied it. But it’s like, dude. And the thing with Charleston is they, these people, they send pictures. I mean, listen, I don’t post the pictures. You know what I’m saying? I could and I, you know, but for now we’re keeping it all in. Good fun.

Amanda (19:07):

Did he credit you on the podcast? By

B (19:09):

The way? So I haven’t listened to it. I asked my FOW I’m going to listen to it. But apparently he mentioned me. Yes. I mean, the thing is, is like I keep him relevant, which is like good for him. I mean, yes, I’m teasing him, but you know, I have a podcast. I have a Bravo king account. If I wasn’t talking about him, that would be good. So thank you Austin for keeping me relevant as well. You know? And one hand watch the other,

Amanda (19:31):

Was this the pillows and beer podcast just so we can give them a, a fair yes. Pillow. Okay.

B (19:36):

Pillows and beer. Shout out to pillows and beer. There

Amanda (19:38):

We go.

B (19:38):

And listen. It’s all in. Good fun. I wish the kid. Well, I mean, I’m sure he’s a fine person. We see him on a reality TV show and he does silly things and we talk about it. So that’s what it is. It’s no real, it’s no real beef. It’s all in. Good fun. Okay. But Southern charm, so right away. Okay. We see Austin and Madison get into it, which was great when she’s like, when he’s like, I bet a million dollars and she goes, you got a million to bet. I was like, <laugh> I love her. I mean, she is somebody who I think in person I would really get along with cuz she’s no. She’s to the point, she’s a nice person, but she’s nobody’s school. I think she’s fantastic. We’re not gonna see her in as big a role. Cause she’s engaged. She doesn’t want the fiance on the show. Good. For her smart decision, they actually were fighting on Instagram. Cause Austin was like, oh, she got her 11 minutes of air time. She turns around and goes, yeah, on 11 seconds. She goes, yeah, I got 11 seconds. You had how many seasons? And I make a bigger impact. <Laugh>

B (20:35):

<Laugh> she also one thing I did, like she called his new girlfriend homely, which isn’t cool. I mean, first of all, she’s not homely, but also like, you know, I’m a person who firmly believes if you’re gonna insult somebody, go for their character, go for what about them? Them. Isn’t cool. Like to go for somebody’s looks is that’s not a good look for her, but yeah. I like Olivia. I, I think she’s, I think she seems like she’s gonna give us a lot. After I posted that blind about them breaking up, like shortly thereafter, they obviously got back together. She threw him a Harry Potter themed birthday party, 35 years old Harry Potter themed. I think that says all we need to know about that guy.

Amanda (21:07):

I think, I think Austin’s a Hufflepuff. If you’ve, if you’ve read all the books cocktails, you guys will, you guys will know what I’m saying.

B (21:15):

I did. I didn’t read that. I heard it great. Actually I but

Amanda (21:18):

They are, they are good, but he’s for sure. He is like 100% Hufflepuff.

B (21:23):

Yeah. And then we, then we have the Naomi Craig situation, which I’m sure a lot of like fans of summer house and Southern charm find it uncomfortable to watch. I mean, we have to remember, this was filmed a long time ago. What they’re saying on the show is like Craig was transparent with Paige. They were not exclusive. They were just, you know, in the early stages of dating and he hooks up with Naomi a couple times. I like when Naomi, I think she’s great. I think she’s great on the show. I don’t think that her and Craig are a good match. Even like though he’s changed so much and clearly she’s changed. I just, I get that. They have a love for each other, but they just don’t vibe. Like, and it’s not either one of their faults. They just don’t vibe. And that’s just what it is.

B (22:07):

I don’t think they had the stuff that sticks, which is why they broke up, which is why they weren’t able to get it together. And him and Paige seem very happy together. I like them together. I think they’re a very good fit. So yeah, I’m loving, Bonita’s larger role, loving it, loving it. And I actually, you know, I I’m gonna hold it for when we get there, but I, I may have a little something on, on that great energy. I love seeing her as an influencer. I think it’s so like timely. Like you know that influencers are such a thing now. It’s cool. We get to see it. Love it to me is what KA used to be. The mature voice of reason. She’s gorgeous. I, I think she’s great. Linda, get to get to Catherine and call Caleb, Caleb,

Amanda (22:50):

Caleb. Yeah.

B (22:50):

Caleb, which, you know, I read a lot of stuff about him and you know, it’s a couple of episodes, but he seems like a really great guy.

Amanda (23:00):

I agree

B (23:00):

Like his relationship with his mom and his mom speaking. So kindly of Catherine and I have sympathy for Catherine and I’m gonna be very careful and I, I’m not interested in discussing her, her custody battle because I think that Thomas Rael is a repulsive person on every level. I think that Catherine has her own issues, but I don’t I’m I’m not ever gonna sit and mom shame anybody. I hope she works that all out, but she’s really toxic in their relationship. Her and the new boyfriend. Caleb, am I saying

Amanda (23:32):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (23:32):

Caleb, Caleb. What’s wrong with me? I’m from New York.

Amanda (23:34):

It’s hard cuz they spelled it C H L E B. So it, yeah, it, it’s definitely not pronounced the same way it’s spelled. Yeah.

B (23:42):

I, I, you know, it made me sad to see their relationship. I like like seeing Shep and Taylor, I think she’s great. You know, they’re great together. I hope they have, you know, the stuff that makes it last. He seems very happy. We, we met his cousin, you know, they’re really like old money, which I think is always so interesting for us to see.

Amanda (24:00):

Well, and speaking of old money, my favorite line from queen Patricia, there are she and Naomi are on the phone and she says this quote about Catherine and I was just dying, laughing. She says, Catherine has quote, unquote lived an in elegant life. And I just laugh because there is a very special brand of shade with Southern women. When they say, bless your heart, they’re saying F you and I live for it. It’s just, she is, she is the master of Southern shade. Naomi, I love her too. And I really hope we get to see a love story play out for her. Cause I think she is. She is great. I think she’s very smart and fun. And Naomi was always good at keeping the, keeping the conversation going. So I think it’s good to have her back in the mix. Also loving Bonita. I loved seeing the kind of behind the scenes of influencing where the assistant literally barges into our house, the Starbucks she’s like, you have to do three looks in 45 minutes. And like that’s kind of part of, it’s nice to see that cuz all we get to see is the shiny, beautiful pictures, you know, on Instagram. So page on Southern charm is kind of just feeling right. So

B (25:23):

I love that scene where it was like the end of the episode of the, the first episode I think. And she looks at Madison and she’s like, God, you guys really let drama linger around here. Like in New York we just say, you <laugh> yeah. I thought that was so great. Like I, I think I agree and I think it, it does feel right. And it’s, I think for me, I kind of like seeing her perspective on it because as a new Yorker, I get that I would feel like a fish out of water. Yeah. So I think, I think it’s it’s yeah. It’s gonna be fun to watch.

Amanda (25:53):

Well, and so speaking of Paige, there were some rumors floating her around this week, about summer house and casting.

B (26:01):

What? So

Amanda (26:02):

What, what a world

B (26:03):

Playing day that was so I woke up to a message about casting changes. So two didn’t surprise me, Alex didn’t surprise me. I think we all just assumed that he wouldn’t be back. Not that he’s a bad guy at all. I just he’s, you know, he’s not made for TV mm-hmm <affirmative> Luke, we heard wasn’t gonna be back. And he was a question mark. He was a question mark, because he didn’t have much of a storyline. And I got a lot of different things that I posted on my site in regards to Luke. And just to clarify, some people were, were trying to get a narrative going that something happened at winter house that was really bad. And I have clarification on that and we’re gonna see our winter house basically. What, what I’m understanding is he was interested in someone, a girl and she kind of wasn’t.

B (26:48):

And so in an effort to be relevant, cuz this is a lot of people, a lot of reality, people do this. He kind of was like making it, wanting to make it into something that she wasn’t interested in. And so that’s what it was. It wasn isn’t like anything like anything violent or nothing like it wasn’t like that. It’s just that he didn’t have enough going on with the other members of the cast, which isn’t to say he won’t be he’s filming movies. He’s maybe doing to spinoff on a lake. He wont alive and said that like a, a flip or flap or like a, you know, renovation, which I think would be such a perfect fit for him. He’s good to look at. You know, we don’t even need him in drama, put him topless, building a house. I’m there. <Laugh>

Amanda (27:31):


B (27:32):

I’m there. And have Andrea come and cook while he does it. And then I’m really there. I was so sad about Andrea. He’s such a gentleman. And when I posted it, he actually, you know, messaged me to thank me. And he is such a gentleman and in the DMS followers, if you like him and you sent him a message, he will write you back. Like it’s not just because I’m an account. He writes everybody back. But what happened with him? And I know this to be true is that he would only come back with his girlfriend, Lexi. He did not wanna go on it without her because they’re in a very serious relationship. He’s in love and he didn’t wanna spend a summer without his girlfriend while the producers at Bravo, apparently wouldn’t even give her a meeting. They just wanted him to be the hot Italian single guy. And when he wouldn’t do that, he was out. And that’s what that is. And I really think it’s a terrible decision. He has a huge fan base. We would have thoroughly enjoyed seeing him being in a relationship. It’s not like any of us are gonna get together with him anyway. So why not? Let us see him being like a sweet boyfriend.

Amanda (28:33):

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Amanda (30:01):

You know, I, I totally agree. Cause I do, I, I do really enjoy him, but as a view of the show, I feel like we need more single people on the show. I’m not so sure. I wanna watch couple house and it’s kind of couple house, right? Cuz we’ve got, we’ve got Lindsay and Carl we’ve got Amanda and Kyle. We have, well, Paige will be having Craig come. Who

B (30:28):

Am I missing? So Craig will be there, here and there, like last season. He’s not full time.

Amanda (30:32):

Yeah, but still so it’s I don’t know, like I, I, from a production standpoint, I understand well,

B (30:39):

Why they

Amanda (30:39):

Would make the

B (30:40):

Decision. Well, I have stay on that. So, and this is, you know, B and C exclusive. This has not been posted anywhere else. What I know is there are two new guys and two new girls. One is a friend of Paige. The other is a friend of Amanda, the girls, the two guys are being brought on through Kyle. And so I have something, I have a theory and no one has told me this, but I know that Paige is bringing someone on. I also know that Vinita is living in the city this summer and they’re filming July 4th weekend and she’s on her way to New York city.

Amanda (31:15):

I today’s July 1st to give everybody a little context. We are recording on July 1st.

B (31:20):

I think that we may see crossover situation. She’d be a perfect fit. I’m just leaving that there. Nobody has told me this. This is not, I, all I know is there are two new girls and my feeling is she’s one of them, just a hunch.

Amanda (31:34):

I could see that I would like it.

B (31:36):

Oh, by the way, Sierra is full time. Okay. So there was some rumor going around that Sierra was either demoted or not she’s full time. And again, we saw it with Alex. Like it depends on what they get this summer. You know, somebody can take a backseat depending on their storyline. We saw that with Luke last season, he was full time, but he just didn’t have a big storyline. So, but Sierra is on the docket full time.

Amanda (32:00):

Well, I love her. So I think it’ll be fun to watch. Do we know if Danielle will be, do we know yet?

B (32:09):

She’s out in Mon talk with Bobo when she

Amanda (32:11):

We’ll see her, we’ll see her. Yeah.

B (32:13):

And again, I think she’s on the cast and listen, Lindsay is an integral part of the show and I think that she wants her there. So I think that, you know, she’ll be there. She, even when she wasn’t full time, she was on it. Plenty so

Amanda (32:28):

Well, and I love those too. Like I love seeing girls their friendship. Yes. So I hoped we see her. So this week also seeing a lot of pictures on social media of the, the charity game that the new, how New Jersey Housewives were playing, what do you have for us on that?

B (32:46):

So I’m gonna go over the highlights cuz I of course had tons of followers that were there when my people sent it in. But BMC exclusive, none of these new Housewives, there’s three of them. Danielle is getting a lot of air time on social media. There’s Rachel. And then I forget the other one’s name. But anyway, there’s three, two brunettes and the blonde Danielle, none of them have full-time contracts. None of that is confirmed. Is it possible that Danielle gets a full-time contract? It’s possible not confirmed another thing. Jackie is not confirmed as a friend. Okay. So I think that maybe there was a talk about her being demoted. I’m hearing, she’s seeing her way out of that. <Laugh> so we may very well see Jackie in a fulltime capacity. So that’s the tea. Yeah. But now

Amanda (33:36):

I can see. Yeah. Oh, I was just gonna say with Jackie too, like she is go, she’s good at being in the mix and she doesn’t back down. So I think it’ll be, I hope we get to see her a lot of her because I always enjoy her on, on our screens.

B (33:51):

Same. Okay. So highlights from the game. Drama was being filmed. Marge, Melissa, Dolores, Frank and Joe, where there was drama being filmed with them. Melissa’s hands were flying everywhere. She was very involved in the drama. Then at one point, someone said, Jen is holding up the game in a heated conversation on the field. They played four songs. It’s still going on. They’re trying to wrap it up. They’re still fighting. And then finally, I guess Theresa went to like get them to start. And then Joe Gorge and the new Danielle were fighting for 20 minutes. Margaret and the new Danielle were going at it for 20 minutes. Everyone else was on the field for the end of the game. And they were still arguing on the sideline. So, you know, the word is that a lot of drama is brewing and Danielle is in the middle of it.

B (34:40):

This girl wants to be in the middle of it. She and I, I really enjoy her Instagram. I’m interested to see, I just don’t see how she fits. She seems I don’t, she seems younger. I know the other new one, Rachel. I think it is has two little kids, but I don’t know. I don’t really see where she fits, but she’s, she’s all in it. I got some tea that, you know, Jen is taking a lot of heat. She’s going at it with Mar and this wasn’t at the game. This is just general filming Dolores and Margaret it’s like them verse Jen. And Theresa’s just happy to be out of the mix. She’s focused on her wedding. She sent out new invitations. Apparently they beefed up security and they haven’t changed much of the wedding. I’ve heard different things on that. So I don’t know. Yeah. I really don’t know which way it is, but she’s not shockingly. She’s not helping her friend much.

Amanda (35:30):

Well, thanks for giving us the highlights because as you were talking about this, I’m like, God baseball games are so long and I’m sorry. Sorry guys. But I think often they are a little bit boring and so for them to be even longer because of all the drama, thank you for providing us the highlights. So we didn’t have to go ourselves and

B (35:48):

Watch, there you go. I actually, it was funny. One of my followers had extra tickets and while it was a very sweet offer, I was like, yeah, I’m gonna pass <laugh> I’ve been there. I’ve I’ve I took my son to a game a couple years ago, but like, no thanks.

Amanda (36:04):

Yeah. So speaking of tea, another one for Bravo and cocktails. You posted yesterday that Brian Austin Green was spotted at Cedars, Cedar Sinai in LA, the hospital. And that you were guessing the baby was born.

B (36:23):

You know, I can always count on my cocktails. I’ll follow her, sends me a picture. She’s like I’m at Cedars. Brian OS green is here. I think the baby was due sometime in July. So I mean it’s July now. And sure enough that night, last night I get all the messages. He confirmed that his baby’s here. So congratulations to them. I’m so happy to see. I, and I don’t know the details of his breakup with Megan. It seemed, he was very, he was in a bad way. And I, you know, he met somebody and they had baby together and beautiful to see. We wish, you know them the best hope mom is feeling well. But yes, yes, that was another, it was another win for us over at B and C and Amanda and I, we were joking yesterday. Like people love to credit Bravo cocktails when something’s wrong.

B (37:10):

Like, but when I was the first one to call the summer house casting, I didn’t get any credit, which listen, babe, the followers know who says what and who says it after. So it’s all good for me. Yeah. I just think it looks very petty because if you’re gonna be the first one to tell me when I’m wrong, like about all those three shows, which by the way, there is filming going on. So maybe I’ll still get the last laugh, but have that same energy when I put something out first, that’s all, I’m sure more haters tune in to listen to us than lovers. So they have it.

Amanda (37:44):

Well, and the cocktails keep score way better than you and I do. So,

B (37:48):

Oh my God. So much better. I don’t remember a freaking thing.

Amanda (37:52):

So the people who really matter, which is the cocktails, they know what’s up.

B (37:58):

That’s right.

Amanda (38:00):

Okay. So ultimate. They say they don’t like it when we call it the ex-wives club. So ultimate girls trip, season two. What are you thinking?

B (38:11):

It’s so good. I mean, this episode was so good. I, I have to say I’m a little disappointed in Dorinda because like she went in on TA in the kitchen about bringing food up to her room and like, she didn’t just, she just really goes in. She goes too far. And then when she was a little drunk, she went in on Jill, Jill wanted to hop on Eva’s morning show and was like, well, no, I have to have that cl and Dorinda just took it over the top, made Joe cry. And as she’s crying, it looked like Doda was like deriving pleasure from her tears. And it was really, it was kind of like disturbing and I didn’t like it. I don’t think it’s a good look. Other than that, you know, I have to say remembering what I liked about Vicky. Like she can be so ridiculous, but then she also has these moments, like with Dorinda, like she’s like, I don’t wanna fight with her. I can’t win the fight. She goes too far. I’m just leaving it alone. So like I never thought I’d be teen Vicky over Dorinda, but I have to say watching this. I am, I love Tamara. She’s just such a, she’s a freaking housewife. They don’t make ’em like her. Okay.

Amanda (39:17):

No, they don’t

B (39:19):

PRA and Eva and listen, I know what PRA did to candy was messed up, but she is in my top five, her one liners the way she wraps stuff up with the bow. Love it, Eva. I love that she’s high and she’s just laughing at them. Brandy’s giving us good TV. You know, Brandy’s she’s good TV. I think Jill could, I was expecting Jill to show up and show out a little bit more. She’s sort of giving me blase and I, you know, I’m a big Jill’s iron fan. I’m not, I don’t think she’s, you know, the star of the show, this go around who for forgetting them. I guess they’re not doing much for me. Right? Well, Taylor Armstrong. She’s right. She’s listen, Taylor Armstrong. She’s never gonna be the, you know, the star of the show, but she’s cool. She she’s got her. She plays her role.

Amanda (40:05):

We’re in the middle of summer now. And thank goodness for freedom, natural deodorant. It’s keeping me from being stinky at the pool. My kids’ sports and net parties, all the fun things that we do in the summer. I’m still a little shocked at how well freedom natural deodorant works for me. The founder created it after she tried other natural deodorants that just didn’t work. My favorite scent is the Berg mint, but they also make it in lavender, citrus, Franken, sensee, peach, and unscented. They have natural antibacterial wipes and shower sprays, too. Freedom products are aluminum free, cruel tea, free chemical free vegan. And like I said, they really work. You can buy them at freedom, And we got a special discount for our cocktails use code gossip for 20% off. So go to freedom, and use code gossip for 20% off your purchase. Find your freedom today.

Amanda (41:11):

Yeah, I think so. I have a million things to say, just even in reaction to what you’re saying, first of all, seeing Frader on TV, again, it makes me so happy. And then when she says, everybody knows, then you are like, oh, you know, whatever she’s about to say yes is so it’s so good. It’s so good. I agree with you. Thata is there’s just kind of a mean streak and I’m like, is she just tired of having all these people in her house all time? Or you know how it is when you’re hosting? And I, I don’t know. Cause I agree with you. She’s being, I’m not loving the way that she is acting as much, but I am for sure. Not team Vicky. I’ve always enjoyed Vicki for the ridiculousness and for, but she has just been Debbie Doner. I’m like, I don’t wanna

B (42:04):

Episode. She was less, she was less. So she was better in the newest episode, but yeah, she’s been Debbie downer, but the guy just dumped her.

Amanda (42:11):

I know, I know. And listen knew she just got over COVID and knew

B (42:15):

Those. And he had another girl, Amanda she’s sang on the show. She doesn’t know. Clearly she knew he was with this other woman. He ended up marrying her a couple months later. They were together. She got dumb for a younger woman. She’s going through it.

Amanda (42:25):

Oh yeah. You’re engaged. You’re engaged. You’re not even married. And you don’t have sex for 13 months. Like, okay, look at me,

B (42:32):

Look at me. When did I become a Vicky? Apologizer

Amanda (42:35):

Where are we? Are we in the upside down? I don’t know what’s happening. <Laugh> I don’t know. I just, I don’t know. I also part of it too is like, I don’t just ha I have no interest in watching people spiral and she’s just, I, and I wanna have empathy for her, but she’s acting like an to everybody. And so I understand you have some crap your life. And I mean, we all had awful times, you know, like we’ve lost people. We loved and things like that. And that I wasn’t an to people when that these, you know, awful things have happened to me. And so it’s, like’s

B (43:09):

An. Maybe I’m just used to her ways. Like she’s naturally an. So

Amanda (43:14):

Apparently I don’t know, but I did wanna share. So I got to do this fun session where some people got to watch the premier early and then also watch this Q and a session where Brandy and Tamara did it. So had a few things. And I wish we could have shared this last week, cuz this would’ve been official tea before things aired, but Brandy and Tamara are total buddies now. And you’re kind of starting to see that on the show, but even after, and then we also saw Jill and Rindi get into it. And it sounds like apparently that has been a lasting situation. They apparently still do. Not like each other Brandy said she was high with Eva a lot, which I mean, Eva might be my new favorite housewife. I adore her. She’s great. She’s so good. She’s so great. But then so speaking of drugs, Brandy said, and I think she was joking, but it’s kind of hard to tell they cuz they were talking about like the kind of coming home from a trip like that it’s not really a vacation.

Amanda (44:20):

Right. And you it’s kind of stressful and that she does mushrooms to come down from the stress of a trip like that, which I thought was kind of funny. I’m sure she was joking or I think she was. And, and then with Fedra and Brandy being BFFs. So that’s still kind of also a lasting situation from the show. So yes. Anyway, it was, it was fun and it was just fun. I couldn’t, I was so excited getting to see that first episode. We got to see it a day before everybody else. And I was like, all this is gonna be so good. And it, it sure has been,

B (44:54):

I just got a message in my <laugh> the podcast gods are working for us again. <Laugh> about Randall. This person says, I know someone that worked for his dad. His dad sells life insurance here to Miami, very well known and respected Randall thinks daddy is going to come rescue him. And he is not. My friend works. Ooh, works with them. And he said, Randall’s always been a scumbag. And his parents are not rescuing him from this. And I mean, I don’t care how successful of an insurance broker. You are a Vicky Gumbles you are not failing your kid out of 25 million in debt. I mean, that’s not a small debt, but this is the delusion that Randall lives in that he believes that daddy at how old is he? 50 something that he believes daddy’s still gonna swoop in and save him. Can you imagine?

Amanda (45:43):

Hmm. Well, especially when you’re like the, the guy’s a predator. I mean it’s, it’s not just money. It’s gross. Awful abusive behavior. I just, yeah, right. Well that was a good one, but we weren’t expecting, so speaking of jerks, what about Lisa and Lenny in Miami and their divorce?

B (46:04):

Oh my God. Amanda. I know when it, when it all first went down, you said you’re like, what do you think? It means that they didn’t make a statement together. And I was like, it means it’s gonna get real messy. Yeah. It’s getting so messy. He is now being according to Lisa, he’s being verbally abusive and volatile in front of their young children. I mean, these kids are little. She said she felt unsafe. She fled their mansion. Lenny publicly is blaming her public persona. He’s saying how he would never speak poorly about her. And then he goes on to speak very poorly about her in the same sentence, his attorney, by the way, it came up on my followers. Like, you know the ads on Instagram, mm-hmm, <affirmative> his attorney cited the page six article talking about his volatile behavior and use it as an advertisement for their law firm. Could you imagine, is this this guy, why is this guy using an attorney that would do that? Is everything okay financially? What’s happening there?

Amanda (47:06):

Well, no, it sounds like this is a, is this is just as jerky of a lawyer too. You know? Like, I don’t know. I mean, I really think that Lenny needs to just take a step back and really think about where he is right now. Because the more he acts like this, I think the worse it’s gonna be for his business, I think he needs to give a lot of credit to Lisa for getting him where he is. So yes, obviously he was a plastic surgeon, but all the attention that for her being on the show has brought to his practice.

B (47:42):

Oh my God. So much. I mean, in Miami plastic surgeons are a diamond dozen. Okay.

Amanda (47:49):

And so, yeah. So anybody who knows Lisa tell her lawyers to go and do a look back at the business and look at the business growth, cuz I would bet you I’ll bet you a bottle of Perseco that <laugh> the, when she started being on the show, there is a huge jump in his website views as well as in his business. And I would bet there was another jump last year when real Housewives of Miami came on and that has all to do with her. So I know we know that from what we have read that she signed a prenup, but I would hope that these lawyers fight tooth and nail for a piece of that business that she helped her husband get, because that is 100% up to her. She had a national platform and a lot of people actually fly to Miami for plastic surgery. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a national clientele from this as well. So absolutely. I mean, hopefully she gets half of that.

B (48:52):

She coined him, the boo God on national television. That was all her <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. And she deserves to be compensated for that.

Amanda (49:00):

She does. Absolutely. So speaking very wealthy people. We have been watching real Housewives of Beverly Hills and we have gotten to know Diana Jenkins a little bit. What do you think about her?

B (49:15):

She’s a flaw. She’s awful. I mean, we had Eden se soon we had Teddy melancamp and now Diana bad. She was on Instagram. She commented something racist on social media post. She said to an account, a content, you know, a person that creates content means and that kind of thing. It must be awful to be a black content creator. The person she was speaking to was a person of color. Okay. Then when the internet, when we all came for her, like, oh my God, how could you speak like this? This is racist. She said, she meant snarky. She didn’t mean black because of the color. Oh yeah, sure. Garel like tore her open on watch what happens live the other night. She was like, she’s a dumb person. She’s an uneducated person. And then yesterday, Diana post this thing about how dare, Garel say that because she donates so much money to Haiti and all this nonsense. She’s a one and done. I can’t imagine that they would ever bring her back. Especially after this racial, you know yeah. Situation. And I don’t like her. I she’s always licking her lips, which I posted what that could be about. You read up on that, but she’s go. She’s gotta go.

Amanda (50:27):

Yeah. I’m not a huge fan of hers either. I really wanted to see more of the like glitz and glamor, but just talking about how you don’t go shopping is not very exciting to me. I do have to go back to something. You said, you know what? You and I do not agree about Teddy Mellon camp. I still thought she was great. I really did like her as a housewife. We haven’t talked about this, but did you see the beef that she and Vicky got into on social media? Oh

B (50:59):

My God. That was so good. Oh, that was so good.

Amanda (51:03):

So quick, quick summary and jump in here too. Cuz you have a better memory than I do. But Teddy and Vicky got into, I don’t even remember quite why, but Teddy calls Vicky out for calling. No,

B (51:15):

Because Vicky called and tried to get a podcast. Yeah. And kicked Teddy off and Teddy called out and then Teddy made like a shady comment. And then Vicky was like, how dare you talk about me? And Teddy’s like, what are you talking about? You tried to get me fired. Like I have to be team Teddy here. I mean, come on.

Amanda (51:29):

Yeah. She’s

B (51:30):

She’s so back chipping out as Vicky. Oh my God.

Amanda (51:33):

Teddy was Teddy was on it and she was all over Vicky and even said, you know, Vicky, can you prove where you were on January 6th?

B (51:42):

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh, that was the other thing on the thing she got into this whole COVID this anti vaccine director, lymph bananas. She backed down quickly. That’s when she learned, she’s not gonna fight with wait, but getting back. So yes, that happens. I disagree. I think that Teddy socks, I we’re never gonna meet in the middle on this one.

Amanda (52:02):

We are never gonna meet in the middle on this one. I, I

B (52:05):

Know our girl, Rena is out here showing her whole on Instagram. So this just transpired. She was fighting with somebody, somebody, whatever. She didn’t like something somebody said. And she said, if you’re so triggered by our show, it shows what you are. Go watch Dubai. So, so Chanel comes out and she goes, Rena Africa cold. And they want their lips back. Keep Dubai out of your mess in your mouth. Lisa goes, Lisa Milan goes from Dubai. She does not want this heat. We’re not Beverly Hills. We’ll drag you right from that doctor’s table to the desert. Making fun of all the plastic surgery. Chanel writes the desert heat hits different. Then Caroline Brooks writes, why did you post our show in your post? What did you mean by go watch Dubai? Hmm. So I mean, they’re clapping back. Hey, listen, it’s publicity for everybody. But like, yeah. Why are you hating on Dubai? You know, that’s a part of Rena that Rena that annoys me. Like she can be such a hater.

Amanda (53:08):

Yeah. I, yeah, I do love, I do love Verna and I do love her dancing videos on Instagram. She’s

B (53:15):

Like, I want her on the show, but I don’t like when she pulls stuff. Okay. Totally off. I’m just like looking through Noella from OC that thirst trap. She is now on a sugar daddy website. By the way

Amanda (53:26):

I saw that or I heard about it. I mean, not shocking.

B (53:31):

I can’t, I just, you know, some things I just can’t understand. Oh, I got a little follow up here on the Randall thing.

Amanda (53:38):


B (53:39):

Girl told me, her friend still works with his parents and she’s gonna get me more scoop

Amanda (53:45):

<Laugh> oh, good, nice. Stay tune back to the whole Diana Jenkins saying that text that she sent to the whole group. I mean that is shots fired kind of behavior. Yes. And then showing up after she’s saying she’s gotta be on bedrest because she has been bleeding for however many weeks, the next day coming to Marcel’s birthday party. So I have a wild theory here that she was planning to stay home and then heard that the other possible housewife that they were vetting Shere. Zampino who we met this, who is the ex of will Smith that she heard that Sheri was coming to the party and Diana realized she better put some makeup on and get in the car and show up just the theory.

B (54:36):

That makes sense. It tracks it tracks. I know. I can’t wait to see what Shere gives us. I’m saying her name correctly. Right? Sheri.

Amanda (54:44):

Sheri is how she said it on the show. So

B (54:46):

I’m so mad that she filmed after the whole like will Smith Oscar explosion. Not that she would’ve given us any on that. They’re very good. Co-Parents yeah. She’s actually very good friends with Jada, which is, you know, it’s very cool. They have a very good family relationship. So I don’t think she would’ve given us anything to reveal. Yeah. Like she would’ve kept it tight to the best. Maybe she wouldn’t have even agreed to film maybe will would’ve came out with an extra meal and was like, just let’s keep you home.

Amanda (55:14):

Well, I think everybody keeps saying this is, this is a really, really good season of Housewives for Beverly Hills. So I wonder if she is part of it. And I’m excited to see kind of the rest of the, are we almost in the site and Kathy Hilton comes back that’s right. Yes. So I saw think it’ll be good.

B (55:34):

Garel posted a picture of her and Shere. And she wrote who called for backup. <Laugh> that maybe

Amanda (55:39):


B (55:39):

Because their, you know, I love it. I forget if it was, I forget it must have been last season, maybe the season before they showed them out to lunch, like their, their girlfriend’s Garel Lecher in real life. Yeah. And I think that, you know, Garel really needs that. Cause this is, you know, these girls are coming for her.

Amanda (55:56):

She’s got,

B (55:58):

You know, it’s different when you have like a friend you made on the show versus like your real friend.

Amanda (56:02):

Right. I totally agree. Well, such a fun episode today. Thanks everybody for listening. Wanted to give you guys a heads up that we have some exciting announcements coming up about the show. So keep an eye, listen to the show, keep an eye out on social, and then just wanted to share if you’re on apple podcasts, specifically click on those three dots. So I have been saying, subscribe, that is wrong. You wanna hit on three dots. You wanna go to go to show and then hit the purple button that says follow on it. So apple podcasts about a year ago made a change where they have following and subscribing, so hit follow. And then that way you will get cocktails and gossip delivered right to your account each week. And you won’t miss one bit of the exclusive tea that we share only here on the podcast. So in between podcast episodes, thank you guys so much for following Bravo and cocktails underscore on Instagram and the Don’t forget to check out the deals from our sponsors. Just remember we only share the products that we really love with our cocktails. So thanks B. Thanks Amanda. Thank

Amanda (57:30):

You guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.