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Jul 13, 2022

From: Reality Men

Subject: It’s about the men

Spill It to
East coast franchise is all about the men very cult like warrior leading one pack giving as much drama as the wives. New girl husband is even thirstier then she is. Shocker. Keep your eyes peeled the new guy wants it more then she does. Ex couple has immense tension this season. Family dynamic is back to the olden days

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  1. South American Girl

    Nate Cabral, Danielle’s husband. She was already on TV!!!
    Dolores & Frank Catania Sr. I think Frank realizes that he made a BIG MISTAKE, cheating on Dolores!

  2. erin

    i liked when the jersey men were just naturally funny and had little moments. now that they’ve caught on their antics are popular they’re trying way too hard to get screen time. comes across so disingenuous and staged.

    • Jk

      Completely agree. Organic shenanigans but now it’s forced and cringe!! Just like
      Most housewives shows.

      • Nik

        And the other franchise husbands are also trying to fabricate that dynamic. The SLC husbands were the worst!

  3. MirE

    Obviously Jersey.

  4. Kimber

    New couple (??)
    Frank Sr & Dolo
    Tre & the Gorgas

    • Mistakes were made

      The ex couple with tension has to be Frank and Dolores, which is sad because he has said she is his soulmate, even though they’re not together, and had a great dynamic. But Dolores’s new man and Frank haven’t clicked, so of course there will be some tension to that relationship (platonic as co-parents and friends) they once had.

  5. Kk

    Dolores and Frank? ?

  6. RHONJ

    Danielle’s husband? Not shocking from their social media. Family dynamic back to the old days meaning Teresa Joe and Melissa fighting again. Ex couple being Dolores and Big Frank.

  7. Don’tbealluncool


  8. HWF

    New Jersey! Danielle Cabral’s husband is a thirsty man!

    • Sabrina

      Well there were comments made at the last reunion about Frank and Pauly not getting along. I’m sure the drama played out but they all seem cool now. And I’m so excited to see Danielle and Nate!! Next generation of drama. Like Caroline said about Joe and Melisa when they first joined, younger sexier version of Teresa. We need new fresh drama I’m so tired of everyone vs Teresa. Fight with some new people!!

  9. Catania Fan

    Love Frank Sr and Dolores and yea he screwed up BIG TIME but I want Dolo to be happy and her new bf seems to make her so sorry Frank- you had your chance.

  10. Bravo Fans Won’t Have It

    Danielle and her hubby. Gawd there’s nothing viewers hate more than a thirsty couple, it’s even worse than just a thirsty housewife. We see right through that and will kick and scream to get them off our network!


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