Details on Shah’s scheme…

Jul 13, 2022

Anon but I have some info on Jen Shah’s whole business model. I know for a fact these “companies” recruited (and took advantage of) people in early recovery from drug addictions. They would work on the call floors. With little options of being hired elsewhere and the massive amounts of money they would make. I watched some of these places come under fire, close up shop and re-open under different names. The whole thing is insane. Allegedly.

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  1. Shady Shit

    Can confirm as well. My ex worked for one of these in his early 20s. He would come home and tell me he felt like it was a scam and he was committing a crime. They would call elderly or low income households and get their credit card info for a scam on foreclosure listings. Then they would charge the card on a recurring basis and never let the person cancel. Super sketch. The ex quit after a couple months.

    • Jen is scum

      I worked as an admin doing data entry for a company exactly like this I’m my early 20s. They only had people working on the call center floor talking to customers who were recovering drug addicts and just out of jail/prison. So sketchy and many people quit because of ethics…or lack thereof. They knew the types of credit cards “had money” and some of the leaders would try to run the cards prior to authorization from customer to see if they had money on them. If not they’d hang up on the customer. People would call all the time claiming they didn’t authorize them to run their cards for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars. The company has since been shut down, thankfully. Tons of lawsuits against them.

      • Dirty L is the same

        How long ago was this? Trying to get a timeline from when you worked there and then when feds went in.

  2. DollyPardonMe

    Jen Shah is interesting as a TV character. But sh*t at being a decent human. Stealing from the most vulnerable people so you can buy, consume and hoard is unforgivable. She only stopped because she got caught, NOT because she feels bad. Clink clink.

  3. Dool Dool Taga

    Mike Shouhed.

    • What

      Are you high lol

      • Confused As Well


  4. umm what?!

    i was so confused. i thought you were referencing shahs of sunset, and i thought “they are greedy little mfers, but this is way beyond what i expected of them!” after a couple readings of the post the light bulb finally went off. ha!

  5. Pwood

    Is this like those “kitchen knife set” selling jobs that they’d try to recruit late teenagers/twenty somethings to? We had that in my area and always seemed so sketchy.


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