OC cast!!!

Jul 12, 2022

From: Orange Tea
Email: orangecountywife@orange.net

Subject: OC cast

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
OC cast is being announced in coming days, filming set to begin end of the month! Tamra is back and another ex wife is also returning in a limited capacity. One newbie connected to Emily and Heather is also filming with the cast

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  1. M

    I knew they would bring Tamera back!! Eeekkkk!

  2. Tamra Apologist

    Omg I really hope this is true! Always been a Tammy Sue fan and seeing her on RHUGT Ex Wives just makes me miss her even more!
    Seeing her name as a confirmed appearance at Bravo-Con made me think that maybe she’ll come back in some capacity because why would they ask her to show up if Bravo wanted to cut ties with her because of her podcast?

    • Ex-Wives Housewives BravoCon

      Tamra Apologist, I think it’s just because of Ultimate Girls Trip-why she’s going to BravoCon. The whole cast is going actually. But, I love Tamra and hoping she’s coming back too!

      • Amanda

        Yes the whole cast is going but it’s funny no one from RHOC was on that list lol

  3. Jen luvs bravo

    I really hope Gina is out. I’m sure I will be disappointed.

    • Karen

      Agree. Right now posting pictures of BF kids when court order says not to is low. If other people kids are your storyline then bravo should say goodbye

  4. PQueen

    I’m happy to have Tamara back as long as Vicki isn’t tagging along

    • Kat

      This has to the be moment they break the fourth wall. They have to talk about why she isn’t around Vicki now.

  5. Bravobravofingbravo

    Alexis is the other one coming back. Boo.

    • Amanda

      Yeah… I don’t need to see Jesus Jugs on my screen again. ??‍♀️ Seeing her reappear on Below Deck was more than enough lol.

  6. Woop

    Yessssas to Tamra. Love her!!!!

  7. erin

    no tamra… no emily… is that too much to ask???

  8. It’s my opinion jr.

    Personally don’t want Tamra. Find her so annoying and super hypocritical not in the entertaining way and not to mention Ryan is a terror. Truly hope this isn’t true. I rather have 40 something wealthy women who are living in their truth and being authentic. Tamrat aint it.

  9. Titsmcgee

    Tamara IS OC. She carried that show. I’m glad she’s back ?

  10. Titsmcgee

    I would love Taylor back


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