New lows…

Jul 12, 2022

From: The Outlaw

Subject: Should have known better

Spill It to
This D list influencer/wanna be country singer female half of a thirsty country tea couple posted a photo of her son “accidentally” taking a selfie of himself…….while her husband was in the background taking a shower. What she failed to show in her cropped IG story, is that her hair was actually in the frame of this photo. Some are suspecting she set this up for more clout because shes so thirsty. Gross if its true.

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  1. JJDGross

    It definitely looked staged

    • Alicia

      You can find the original photo on reddit. Her highlighted hair is clearly in the top left corner. She also reposted it in her story which makes it weird too…

  2. Mandy

    JJD but where Is the non cropped photo?

  3. Lili892

    JJD. Total thirst trap. Her trying to be relevant is painful at this point ? So corny

  4. Morgan

    I happened to be on Instagram right when the third post came up. The little boy had actually posted 3 times within 20 minutes. Right after that they were deleted. Her hair was not in the pics. Lol why are some of you all so hateful.
    It was actually really funny.

    • Hi

      There was a piece of her hair on the left side of the picture. Unless her son had floating hair not attached to his head, it was JJD.

    • Grace

      THIS. Totally agree. As if she would stage that.

  5. B


  6. Notajjdfan

    And blamed the mud…shame on jjd

  7. EwwwGirlPleez

    Didn’t see it but it reeks of Kim Z. Barf. PS Can’t sing, but posts videos of herself dramatically singing to the single playing loud. ? Newsflash honey – if that’s what it takes to be a real singer, just call me Celine Dion.

  8. Lala

    Jessie James Decker and yes it’s true and PATHETIC

  9. Stephanyy

    JJD ? who else….it’s still in jer Insta stories

  10. I really don’t like her

    JJD but I didn’t see her hair in the frame?

    • R

      It’s gone now ? anyone have a screen grab?

      • Alex

        There are screen shots of the original photo on the JJD reddit page.

    • The Hair is There

      Top left corner

  11. Give me a break

    JJD. A new low for her.

  12. Lindsay

    Jessie James Decker. She’s so thirsty, surprised she didn’t just post it herself like she typically does.

  13. Gross

    JJD ?

  14. A

    D List ?

  15. Alex

    Yes! The original photo shows JJD’s hair in the top left corner of the pic. She literally staged a “selfie” of her son with her naked husband in the background then claimed it was the child alone with his dads phone. It’s definitely a new low, even for her.

  16. jules

    The IG story she posted did not have her hair because she cropped it out. If you go to her subreddit on JJD, you will find the uncropped photo.

  17. Stop Hating

    Man y’all are haters. Eric posted the pic first not her . And her son posted like 3 in a row and then she posted a screenshot of her friend telling her it happened.

  18. I'm Not Buying It

    TOTALLY STAGED! No 4 year old would hold the phone perfectly upright/not crooked at all…it creeps me out she would do this.


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