Hopping right in…

Jul 11, 2022

Word on the street is we will see all ladies reactions as they are currently filming. I hear they are just going ahead and making the next season of SLC right now!

We know Whitney and Heather will be doing the ultimate girls trip but as of now Whitney is still in SLC. The filming for the trip is is 8 days with 2 days travel and 2 days rest.

Jen did NOT give production a heads up that she was pleading and they were not at court, seems it was truly a last minute decision.They are not stopping filming with Jen until sentencing. I bet they go right in.

But make no mistake they are currently filming! None have spoke publicly but they’re filming their reactions. Allegedly.

black background with the word allegedly written in cursive

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. JK

    Not stopping filming
    That’s …. No words …. Disgusting doesn’t come close.

    • Duh

      Then don’t watch…

  2. Alina

    Even if production knew she was going to plead guilty, cameras aren’t allowed in federal court.


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