Jul 9, 2022

The NASCAR divorce announced in the spring… he filed for divorce before his wife he wanted to keep it out of the press. There’s good reason he wants this kept hush hush. Once it’s all settled financially trust and believe it’ll come out. The wife filed in Florida so she could get the house they have there. Allegedly.


  1. Winelovinmama87

    Ashley and Kurt Busch!

  2. Vegas Baby

    Kurt Busch

  3. Who cares about nascar


  4. Nana

    File before the other person in a state that splits marital assets …… NJ is a good state for divorce

  5. Sister Sister

    Is this Joana Krupa’s little sister??

    • RandomKnowledge

      No that’s Marta, who I think Is now divorced from Marco Andretti…

      • One of Elon Musk’s twins

        Marco doesn’t race in NASCAR either.

  6. Britt

    Ashley and Kurt Bush 100%. They have a house in Florid and NC, but she wants to stay in Florida. She has ALOT on him.. all bad! It may come out via an anonymous source because I’m pretty sure they signed a prenup with an NDA. Oh, and she’s not worried about cutting off her gravy train. She has more money than him! He is NOT a good guy.. just google what he did to his former fiancé Patricia. Although Patricia was pretty cray herself..


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