Jul 9, 2022

From: Liar And faker

Subject: Paige Six’s upcoming headlines

Spill It to
I run in the same circles as P**** L****** who is sleeping with T——— from the Bachelor. Girl is MESSY. She threw a fit after he was in recent ads with a gorgeous entrepreneur and submitted a story to Page Six News about her and T——- “relationship”. This isn’t the first time she’s submitted articles about her and her flavor of the week to Page Six (she did this with Kasperi, Armie Hammer and Morgan Wallen).

She stopped taking her birth control so she can trap him for good!! He better prepare to either be a daddy or the next of her abuse headlines.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Kim

    Paige Lorenze and TC.

  2. A

    Paige Lorenze
    And Tyler Cameron
    Kristin Cav

  3. Juicy

    Tyler Cameron/Paige Lorenze/Kristin Cavalleri

  4. Yo

    Paige Loren and Tyler Cameron- yikes! Hope he gets out of this one

  5. erin

    i’m no fan of paige but she has an insane group of people on the internet who are obsessed with morgan wallen, (EW) and have been making ridiculous fan fic about her for a year. i’m also in similar circles and i can 100% confirm this is all bs. she’s a lil off her rocker but all false.

    • Morgan Wallen’s lot lizard

      Agreed. I have seen the fan fiction and it’s all made up b.s. I feel bad for anyone who gets within 6 feet of Morgan Wallen.

      • jules

        I am crying @ your handle. too funny!

  6. Your jealousy is showing

    Sounds like someone is jealous of PL.


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