They’re trying to change the narrative in NJ!

Jul 8, 2022

The RHONJ OG’s team is spinning the narrative. They’re saying that there was NO fall out BUT her BFF won’t be at the wedding. They’re saying it’s because it will be filmed and BFF doesn’t want to be filmed. FYI I’m a producer, there are many ways to just not film people who don’t want to be on camera. This is BS. What a joke I anyone who believes it.

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  1. Nasty

    She is just a liar liar. Again will deserve the wrath of the POS she is marrying

    • Big time BS

      Ummm they knew it was going to be filmed…so Dina would’ve known and agreed to be in the wedding knowing it was going to be filmed. Nice try Tre

      • Jane

        I just read it wasn’t being filmed. Maybe I read that. Wrong!!

  2. Jondasia

    Teresa and Dina just read this whole story

  3. lindsay

    Theresa & Dina. I agree, lots of people don’t agree to be on camera. There is more to this for sure.

    • Mac

      It’s a logistical nughtmare for the maid of honor not to be filmed. Every time someone’s face is blurred that’s hours in the editing room.
      They did not have a fall out and she is going to the wedding. The only way she will not go is if there are cameras and that has more to do with her husband than herself.

  4. Jane

    More to this story is an understatement. Louie is executing his plan. This will NOT end well. Like all Bubble when too much air gets in them…they burst!

    • Jb

      Classic narcissist move to push away family and friends

  5. Youeeediot

    He’s slowly alienating her from her family and friends. He’s already controlling her…

    She isn’t as strong as she thinks she is by letting this guy dictate everything for her..

    • South American Girl

      He is controlling everything. Teresa said,”I love that he is son involved in the planning!” I thinks it’s his way of dictating to her how he wants the wedding to play out!!!

  6. max

    Could it be because she’s upset Theresa invited Dolores? Is Dolores also a bridesmaid? Can’t remember if that was a blind before or not or if I dreamt that lol

    • Lisa

      I feel sorry for you if your dreams are about RHONJ ?

    • WYKYK

      Even if that is the case, why act like a 12 year old. Dina being all “namaste” is an act. She should change her name to Diva.

  7. Lo

    Dina said on her podcast that going to NJ triggers her after the assault. Seeing Dolo might be a trigger too

  8. Lovebubblebs

    The isolation is staring already!! abuser 101

    Forget about saving face girl, RUN FAR AND FAST

  9. MIA

    Just ask Alex from Summer House ? He was there the whole time but the producers had us thinking he was somewhere else for two weekends lol.


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