She’s cut…

Jul 8, 2022

Noella just announced she won’t back to OC. She didn’t say why though. One of the ladies who likes champagne gave an ultimatum. Dr. Jen will be announcing she won’t be back as well.


  1. Jan

    Bye Felicia. Noella & Jen are boring. Would love to see Gina go too.

  2. Tina

    I won’t super miss Noella or Dr. Jen, but Idk if I can keep watching OC if it’s just gonna be Heather’s way or the highway. Annoying!

    • Marni

      Used to be a Heather fan. She needs to go. Fe fi faux Heather.

      • Heather Duhoe

        I loved Noella making Heather’s life miserable. No one else stands up to the Dubrows. I’d rather have her than all of the sheep.

        • S K

          I agree I liked that she challenged Heather but I also just found her so unlikable in general that it was hard to watch her…

        • Dee

          Me too! I enjoyed her antics and she never batted an eyelid when they came for her!

    • Ocgal

      Self promoting heather just made a bad show worse. Bravo please get rid of her

  3. S

    Wait so who is on the show now? Heather and Emily? Didn’t Shannon leave? Now Noella and Jen. And isn’t Gina demoted to friend? Who is left? I feel like I missed something lol

  4. Just say'n

    I’ve read Heather shannon Emily with Gina to be fazed out. They say Tamra is in talks to come back and Alexis but other sites have said Alexis declined it and Andy said No to Tamra returning

  5. F Heather

    Why is Heather calling the shots? Tamra and Noella cant come back because of a prissy, rude, and boring woman who considers herself GOD. Heather use to be a fav but now I dislike her greatly. Andy if you are reading this please please publicly fire her and film that…guaranteed the best thng HD will bring to the camera. (Terry should be there as well).

  6. Out with the Old already

    It needs a whole shakeup. We need some younger ladies in the mix.

  7. Not the golden goose

    Why does bravo act like Heather is the golden goose? I’ll admit I was excited she was coming back, but she just made it unwatchable. I want fights and drama, not to watch the cast fawn all over her.


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