Anon please…

Jul 7, 2022

From a DM:

Anon please “The OG’s fiancé’s sister is getting divorced from the greatest guy in the world and it’s because she is worse than is. She is a money and fame hungry person. Don’t let her credentials and fake philanthropic behaviors fool you. I know that family and the two of them are terrible people”


  1. Juicy

    Louie and the tall sister

  2. Ultimate HW

    Luis’s sister?

    • Lo

      I must be dumb, but how does this blind go to Tre? I was thinking of two other cities before anything else.

  3. Anna

    Louies sister?

  4. South American Girl

    Verónica and Luis Ruelas!!!

  5. Not today

    Oh yeah it’s 100% Veronica. Google her 10 years ago or so, The first photos of her at a charity event with Adriana’s ex-husband RHOM.. she knew down well who Theresa was that day Louis met her “randomly on the street at the shore“. Thirsty


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