Jul 4, 2022

From: Shay Shay

Subject: Thirsty Shay Shay

Spill It to
It’s quite funny as a marketing pro seeing this bravoleb pay for engagement on her podcast acct.

What’s most funny is the comment by the bot below recommending her to host the bachelor. We know how much she loves the bachelor universe ?

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Gocatsgo2

    Any positive comment on scheana podcast is like by her and the podcast. But most are negative. This episode was bad.

  2. Thirsty

    Scheana Shay

  3. Kasey

    It IS 2022 … I know men who are stay at home dads, who have wives who are the professionals in the family, different dynamics, the wife wants kids but doesn’t want to stay home w/ them, went through so many years of schooling (drs lawyers) to be able to have careers, or the man’s job allows for “working from home” and it just works for them, just saying, if she’s the breadwinner in the family so what? SOMEONE has to pay for the party and if SHE makes the most money what’s wrong with that? ??‍♀️

  4. Brock Davies is a broke deadbeat

    She’s pathetic. She paid that jerk’s child support and supports him. What happened to him “owning”gyms (we know he was a trainer, at best). He’s trash and so is she. She probably still supports that cancer faker, Kathryn Wright, even after we told her it was fake. Scheana has not a single brain cell and to see her and that pos act so cocky is ridiculous. I wish they’d go away.


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