Jul 4, 2022

From: Shh Bravo

Subject: Snowflake ❄️

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This is gonna be RHOSLC best season yet! Expect to see a friendship permanently coming to a end, similar to Brandi, and Malaysia on BBW season 10! And the newbies are coming with a splash, and is on a certain OG neck, where she had intense arguments with them! Lots of dynamics shifts for sure!

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  1. Nancy Drew

    Thank god Meredith Marks is dropping that fake, boring, self produced, Ted Cruz supporting clown, Lisa ! Looks like the newbies are coming for Jen! I’m not shocked, they know that she’s an easy target and want to make a bold impression with the fans. ???‍♂️

    • Jacqué

      Thank you Nancy Drew. I’ve known Lisa was full of utter BS from day 1. Completely inauthentic. I don’t know what world you can comeback from the things she said about MM. A curt hello and fake pleasantries for the show is about as far i would go.

  2. JamiP

    Guessing Lisa and Meredith coming to an end based on all their IG activity lately.

  3. cm

    I actually think it is Heather and Whitney coming to an end

    • Bad Weather

      Well that will make UGT season 3 awkward!

    • Kay

      Wouldn’t this be hard for them to go on the ultimate girl trip if this were true?


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