High jinks on the farm!

Jul 4, 2022

From: Black Bill Gates
Email: TheGrandeDame@VisitSurryCounty.Org

Subject: House of Huger

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
The Queen of Potomac is getting another spin off series. Miss Huger, who had a successful spin off series in August will be once again setting foot on her farm, this time she’ll be joined by a recurring cast of bravolebrities who’ll help Karen as she navigates around Surry County, and her family farm. The likes of Captain Sandy Yawn, Leva Bonaparte, Kyle Cooke, Lala Kent, Heather Gay, Ramona Singer, Emily Simpson, Sutton Stracke & Garcelle Beauvais are all lined up to appear on the show. Huger, who was supposed to be appearing on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip changed her plans when the network tapped her on the shoulder and let her know that her summer will be full of high jinks on her farm! I also predict Season 7 of RHOP will be her last as the network has plans for a larger role for Karen away from Housewives. Popularity pays well folks!

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  1. Disgusted

    Why the hell does Bravo keep rewarding people like Ramona Singer?

    • sipnsee


    • Ramona Singer

      Because she’s great tv get over it!!! There’s actual reasons to be upset at life then Ramona! Get a life and enjoy the shows or don’t watch!!! I hate people like you. Make me want to find you and record your perfect life to post how much of a hypocrite you must be!

      • Sonja Morgan

        Simmer down. Maybe try some decaf….”Romona”.

  2. M

    Not whore Lala (Lauryn from Utah)
    No one likes that skanky ho/ immoral creature

    • Sarah

      Damn who hurt you

    • Polly Pocket

      Rand? That you lol

    • Grilled Cheezus

      Damn. I hope you’re not a woman. You can dislike Lala but she’s still a victim in this situation.

    • JC

      Randall, is that you??

  3. Krys

    Ugh whyyyy. Why Karen,Ramona and Lala. I’ll pass. But congrats

  4. Boring

    Sounds like a good time. ??

  5. D

    If this is true & Ramona will be on the show, Bravo is only doing this to keep black viewers from complaining about her. Bravo assume black people will be happy for Karen to have a show & support her & assume there will be no opposition to Ramona being on the show. I honestly hate Bravo. They make it hard to support minority talent on their network. Bravo constantly exploits the support & commitment black viewers have for the minority Brovo talent by making moves like this. I don’t know how the numbers look but my circle of friends have stopped watching all but a few shows. Now we mostly support bravo content creators because of the community that has been formed. But this is becoming stressful. Shoutout to Bravo&cocktails, TalkofShame, QueensofBravo, BravoBravoDuckingBravo, & MostlyRaven to name a few. ✌️

    • TGma

      If you are not watching the shows, why support bravo content creators? You have no skin in the game, makes no sense.

    • You look like a clown

      Nene, is that you? Lol you sound like a clown, hun.

  6. Lisa

    Not a fan of Karen. Why is she getting all these shows? Who’s watching them??

    • Heidi

      Was wonderful the same! She came off as a fraud to me!!! “The e black Bill Gates” ???


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