Dynamics in NJ have shifted…

Jul 4, 2022

From: Just a garden State guy
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Subject: A brand new New Jersey

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The dynamics on NJ have shifted massively. Dolores is no longer playing the role of Teresa’s ally. She’s now being totally herself and is the star of this season. Her & Marge have gotten closer than ever. Jackie has delivered and production have boosted her back to FT for the new season. Jackie & Teresa have started a new friendship, and have became pretty close. Interestingly, both have kept it off of Instagram. Melissa and Jackie have an issue that spins out of control. Jackie, Tre & Jen have became close with Danielle. Marge is currently cool with everyone but Danielle. Rachel, has put her stamp on the cast and has gained Friend status. The other will be a guest. Melissa is having a tough season, she’s on her own with no strong ally. With Jackie becoming tight with Tre, Mel and her in a bad place and Marge and Dolores finally coming out the closet as best friends she’s not having an easy time. Jennifer Aydin has no storyline this season, but she’s fought tough battles with Marge over her politics. Roe vs Wade will he discussed on the show. The ladies have kept their storyline totally away from social media but it’s turning out to be a really good season. It’s likely they’ll go forward with 7 housewives for the first time ever. Traci is making appearances but only when Tiki is available, production has no interest in scenes without him. Frank and his girlfriend are recurring friends. Expect major drama coming from Dolores. The only person she hasn’t popped off on is Marge.

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  1. Refuses To Be Demoted

    Jackie becoming close with Theresa….tell me you’re trying to stay relevant without telling me you’re trying to stay relevant….and I like Jackie but this alliance is clearly to save her ass from being demoted.

    • Monica

      I thought the same thing when I heard that!

  2. Jess

    Ohhh YAASSS!!! I am LOVING all the details in this blind!!!

  3. *Jack-O-Lantern

    Hopefully it’s as interesting as it sounds!

  4. Oh no, baby, what is you doin?

    Jackie and Theresa (and Jennifer AND Danielle)?! Say it ain’t so, Jackie. I’d rather see you leave than go over to the dark side! Not a good look.

  5. Jess

    Roe v Wade will be discussed? And it’s Marge and Jen discussing it? Interesting……

    • Anon

      Curious who is on what side in that debate

      • TGma

        You’re curious? I’d bet money Marge is Pro Choice and Jen is not. Cash money.

  6. Just say'n

    Marge definitely pro choice and Jenn is pro life. She is Syrian Orthodox

  7. TGma

    It does make me sad that the season Jackie lives out loud as a woman with an eating disorder, is the season where she is then considered for demotion. Such a strong, powerful statement she and Evan made on this seriously important topic. It never got the attention it deserved. Sadly people would rather watch screaming and drink tossing.

  8. Ultimate HW

    Shame on Jackie. Melissa was loyal to her despite her SIL not wanting her to be. Apparent clout chaser.

  9. Not today

    I’m here for this season. Let’s hope this all plays out. About time Dolores found her cajones to be herself & not Tre’s shield!


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