Miami pop up…

Jul 1, 2022

Lea Black shot a scene with Lisa to discuss her divorce. One scene. Just Lea and Lisa. So the rumors she’s “back” are somewhat true. But it’s an appearance. One and done, this season.


  1. Joanna

    Her husband is the lawyer who got Epstein that joke of a sentence in Florida. It’s disgusting that she’s back on the show, even in a guest appearance. Hope Bravo decides to cut that scene before airing.

    • Alli from Cali

      Totally agree, but that’s exactly why Bravo won’t cut it. Angry viewers boost ratings. ?

      • Nana

        Wtf is wrong w bravo…..or maybe I’ll just say they love money and rating…..they don’t love good humans or being a good example

  2. Not Leas fault

    Her husband is a lawyer, he did his job no matter how heinous it may be. She can’t be held responsible because he is good at his job, even if it means trash gets off.

    • Roy Black's lawyer

      That’s absolutely right. Attorneys represent good and bad and sometimes really bad people. I really like Lea and look forward to seeing her on the show. If you found yourself in some trouble you would want her husband representing you. He’s a damn good attorney.

  3. Doing his job

    Her husband is a lawyer, and did his job. Want to be mad, be mad at the idiot prosecutor who signed off of the bargain plead deal.
    I enjoyed Leah, wouldn’t mind seeing her back.

  4. Bravo

    And! Lea’s hubby was also one of the attorneys for the drug lords featured on the newest installment of the Cocaine Cowboys docuseries on Netflix! Roy wasn’t on it but Alexia and her ex husband (who I believe used to be a dealer and was involved w/ the case). All roads lead to Bravo!


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