She knew…

Jun 30, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: She knew!

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That article that just came out? His ex fiancé knew about a lot of it. Turned a blind eye ? Maybe. Until she caught on to the financial side of it, then she had his cheating exposed via Instagram to create the victim ​ narrative. Expect a lot more to come out. This is the tip of the iceberg for this guy.

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  1. Bambi eyed bitch

    Randall and Lala

  2. SugarBaby

    Yep! Lala knew everything. She knew he had been cheating, they weren’t sleeping together anymore, and she didn’t mind bc he took care of her financially. When lawsuits started coming in THAT’S when she bailed.

    • Jlove

      Boom! And that’s why I don’t feel bad for her! She knew exactly who she was after at the beginning and how he was. She’s all thought but now wants to say she was caught off guard BS!!!!!

    • Teamlala

      sounds great to me lol

  3. Lalalexi

    Lala for sure. I always thought this about her. She’s definitely not the innocent victim she portrays. Remember how she named her lipglosses mistress and affair…she loved rubbing it in Ambyrs face.

  4. Trading BJs for PJs

    Lala Kent obvi, I’ve been saying this since day 1. She knew who he was and didn’t care until she realized that the money was all a lie too.

  5. Fofty

    No wonder why Fofty demanded his money by Monday. He knew & therefore Lauren from Utah knew what was up bye bye Range

    • Nana

      Meet me at da club…..with my money

  6. Titsmcgee

    Saw that coming from a mile away. Lala

  7. Jk

    Cheating is one thing but no coins. Lol I’m out. Lala

  8. Raquel

    I’m sure this is true. Didn’t she always talk on VPR about him and people needing to sign NDAs if they wanted to hang with them.

    • KIki

      YES in the first season she was with him James talks about an NDA

  9. Bravobitch

    Apparently I’m the only one that doesn’t believe this lol

  10. Alina

    I don’t believe rage knew. She might have been with him thinking he had money but I think she wanted to be in movies & thought he’d help her.

  11. Shrimps

    Well I guess VPR has its storyline now. Are cast members going to gossip about what she knew or is she gonna keep a tight control of the narrative surrounding this?

  12. Nana

    How you get the guy says a lot about the man…..these women must have ptsd from sex w Rand. And meth? Why!?


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