Shady business, former houswife…

Jun 30, 2022

The former housewife who everyone wants back? She was actually VERY involved in her ex husband’s shady business dealings. But that’s not all. Her business in Dubai. She’s a “broker” who connects wealthy men with US women . Allegedly!

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  1. Ummm..

    Please don’t tell me Phaedra?!

    • Holly

      It sounds just like Phaedra, but then I don’t know for sure.

  2. CB

    Phaedra?! Wtf!

  3. Phaedra

    Shady Phae Phae

  4. Mrs. Parks

    Clutch my pearls… say it ain’t to… is this you Phaedra?

  5. Messy

    Y’all, she is hilarious and I have also enjoyed her on RHUGT, but she accused Kandi of drugging and raping someone. Remember that. Don’t forget that.

    • Make It Nice

      Yup…an accusation that was false. We all know that. It’s time to get over that…esp when the same person mad about the allegations is giving out sex toys, doing sexual performances and inviting strippers on girl’s trips. We’re good! Bring Phaedra back!!

      • Metoo

        Just a friendly reminder that sexual preference or consented sexual activity doesn’t really equate to sexual violence. And actually sexual violence has a false accusation rate similar to other violent crimes, yet accusations of sexual violence continue to be dismissed. Not only was what Phaedra did wrong as it relates to RHOA and Kandi specifically, but it also perpetuates myths about false accusations of sexual violence. Not somebody I need on my television.

      • __

        As if being sex positive equates or is even in the same ball park as sexual assault. Get your head out of our ass and educate yourself. This is embarrassing for you.

    • Baleis


  6. Kat

    Ms Parks

  7. Annette


  8. Sarah

    Phaedra Parks. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I always said there was no way Apollo was doing what he was doing & she didn’t know. There was a lady (Angela Stanton) who wrote a book about phaedra being a fraud

  9. Fedscamein

    I knew she was in on Apollos dealings. She’s as shady as they come.

  10. Lipsmacker

    So does she know Diana Jenkins lol

  11. Yareacha Franklin

    But what’s wrong with that business concept? Old rich guys aren’t going to use tinder. It’s just a dating service…a matchmaker…LIKE THE SHOW ON BRAVO!

    • JamiP

      My thoughts exactly haha. Does she want to set me up with a wealthy man??


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