Today, a shocking exposé about Randall Emmett (Lala’s former fiancé and father of their daughter) was published in the Los Angeles Times, called The Man Who Played Hollywood.

Here are some of the especially scandalous revelations from the article:

  • Randall worked with Bruce Willis on over 24 movies. You might have heard that Bruce Willis has retired due to a medical condition called aphasia that makes it difficult for him to remember lines. What’s shocking is the article starts in September 2020 with Randall calling his then fiancé Lala, telling her he “can’t do this anymore. Bruce can’t remember any of his lines. He doesn’t know where he is”. But Randall then went on to make five more movies with Willis after that point over the next 15 months.
  • There are alleged allegations of abuse against women, assistants and business partners, of inappropriate behavior with women (including offering acting work in exchange for sexual favors
  • Randall would enter into NDAs and allegedly offer female accusers money in order to hide his bad behavior
  • Randall’s company is in more than 10 lawsuits, totaling to more than $25 million in unpaid loans and payments
  • Randall, via public statement blamed allegations on Lala, his ex, citing that they’re part of her efforts to “sway their custody dispute”
  • Randall once challenged Mark Wahlberg to a wrestling match and Wahlberg “had to body-slam him”
  • Lala gives details about the infamous Nashville pictures and tells about what happened when he got back from that trip and she demanded to see his phone. She says she grabbed it from him and that he “tackled me [Lala] and knocked me to the ground…that was when I knew, for sure, that there was a lot he was hiding”
  • Randall is also accused of sending “lewd messages to women, hunting for sexual prospects on Instagram and emailing his lawyer about wiring money to women in exchange for their silence”
  • Gloria Allred is representing one of Randall’s accusers, showing text proof that he said, “One day of work and u need to fuckme hun”. This lawsuit allegedly ended in a settlement with a large cash payment over two years.
  • Randall is also accused of DMing someone on Instagram that he wants to “f- on the dl” and “do heroin and meth”. This person has screenshots to back these statements up.
  • Allegedly Randall tried to get Lala to sign an NDA early in their relationship
  • Randall allegedly asked his interns and assistants to cover his expenses with their own personal credit cards
  • Randall’s assistant was asked to get something out of Randall’s hotel safe. He couldn’t get it open, so he had to call hotel security. When they got it open they found a big bag of cocaine.
  • Randall yelled at his assistant for buying Toll House ice cream sandwiches at Costco instead of at the convenience store nearby, saying “they weren’t fresh” and throwing them out
  • Randall (after their business relationship ended) sent desperate-sounding voicenotes to the assistant offering him $50k to work on a movie. The assistant declined.
  • Contract details for how much stars like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Sylvester Stallone were paid for movies are detailed in the article