Let’s play ball…

Jun 30, 2022

Some highlights from the charity baseball game RHONJ filmed yesterday in Brooklyn:

Drama was being filmed, some convo with Marge, Melissa, Dolo, Frank, and Joe. Melissa’s hands were flying everywhere and cameras were very involved.

Jen is holding up the game in a heated convo on the field. They’ve played like 4 songs and it’s still going they’re being told to wrap it up. Still fighting and Teresa just joined.

Joey and Danielle Cabral have been fighting for 20 min. Margaret & newbie Danielle Cabral were going at it for minimum of 20 min. everyone else was on the field for the end of the game and they were STILL arguing on the sideline. Have a feeling there’s loooots of drama brewing in NJ & Danielle seems to be in the middle. (she also had a very long convo with Joe Gorga away from everyone else).


  1. Bravo Snob

    Not surprised about Danielle, she wants to be a reality TV star so bad and she’s clearly obsessed with Teresa so she’ll be another soldier

  2. MAE

    I’m gonna predict that Gorga’s are still keeping their distance from Theresa & Louise (rightfully so imo). Everyone’s getting involved in it, telling Melissa & Joe “she’s all the family you have” blah blah T is a bully. Danielle is trying too hard to be on the show, so she’s probably team Theresa & stirring the pot.

  3. Katie

    I can’t wait to find out what was going on. I heard she is not friends with T now. I love this. Thanks for the info.


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