He knew it was coming….

Jun 30, 2022

From a reliable source:

It’s telling that he hired Sitrick And Company. When you’re in trouble and you know it you hire them. They’re one of the biggest strategic crisis PR firms out there. Major a-listers use them in crisis situations


  1. Turtle’s sweating

    Well yea he knew, it’s mentioned several times in the article that they asked his lawyer for comment about all the specifics listed.

  2. JA

    She knew it was coming too. She lambasted anyone who said ANYYHING bad about “Her Man!” I wonder why she’s not getting sued along with Randal like Erica Jayne is. Can’t stand her…she acts so pristine n high n mighty. Ewww

    • H

      She’s not getting sued like Erica Jayne because they weren’t legally married. So unless she had some sort of involvement in the business dealings the state views her as sole and separate.

    • WYKYK

      She was in it for what she thought was big $$. She left when she saw there wasn’t. End scene.


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