From: Edwin’s Baby mama

Subject: That Bear of a woman

Spill It to
was on a flight back from Cozumel area yesterday and was on the same flight as dumb ass former RHOBH

1. She yelled out while in line for boarding, “omg is this the same line for first class?” The airline attendant responded “yes”.
2. Her and her husband sat first class while the four kids and the nanny sat in coach. (Typical)
3. They exited the plane before the kids and the nanny and didn’t wait for them.
4. When everyone was in line at customs the parents stayed up front while the nanny and the brood waited way back in line.
5. At one point she went to get the youngest of the four, then went all the way back in line to where the nanny and her kids were, then left her youngest back in the stroller with the nanny again, oh and then she went back to her place way in the front of the line with her husband.

These are the facts.

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