It’s going down…

Jun 29, 2022

Word on the street is that Jennifer is battling it out with not just Dolores but Margaret too. They are going in on her. Teresa is of course relived and is trying to act supportive but the heat is off her so that’s all that matters and she won’t do much other than tell her to stick up for herself. Jennifer is struggling. Allegedly.

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  1. jules

    Poor Jen. She really never catches a break from the bullies

  2. Peg

    So another season where Jennifer carries others? These ladies need to get a storyline or go

  3. MAE

    Of course T won’t stand up for her “friend”. History is repeating itself, wants loyalty all the time but won’t give it when someone else needs it. I hope Jennifer wakes up!

    • T’s Not Loyal

      I was thinking the same thing. With Teresa not standing up for Jennifer who is her friend, Jennifer will now see T’s true colors.

  4. Henny

    Teresa was struggling last season. Everyone gets a turn. Please let it be Margaret’s turn next!

  5. Niterzzz

    Typical Teresa…abandoning her friends when they get hanged up on. I hope Jennifer can finally see her for who she really is.

  6. Caroline manzo

    Jen’s mouth and Twitter comments get her in lots of trouble…she just mouth off and doesn’t care about the damages

  7. Shrimps

    Jenn is so likeable, I just don’t understand how the other ladies watch a season and see her with her family, in confessionals, and see what a fan favorite she is and still there’s always some petty conflict. I want her to be friends with some of the ladies that will actually be a friend to her. Teresa just isn’t capable of doing that.

  8. Dolly

    “Another season of the bullies going after jen” “jen carrying the season yet again” lol people really are delusional! Jennifer came in kissing Teresa’s ass all for nothing! Teresa is a horrible friend and now Jennifer has to live with that. Jennifer can dish it but can’t take it, like her leader Teresa. ??


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