The Winter House scoop…

Jun 28, 2022

The following is mash up of a few DM’s:

Luke didn’t do anything crazy. He was clinging to someone in Winter House in an attempt to remain on the cast/relevant for Summer House as it’s known he hasn’t had a storyline since Hannah. That person felt uncomfortable. Nothing terrible transpired. We may see him leave the house for a night but it was just alcohol and a cool off, he didn’t do something terrible that got him fired. It was because he didn’t bring it and that was the final straw.


  1. Julie

    Good Riddance to Luke! He gaslit the heck out of Hannah and Summer House … Bye-bye bye

    • Moomama

      Could not disagree more! Hannah is revolting and an absolute cow.

    • Meliss

      Luke did not gaslight Hannah. She was already dating her now husband way before her last season.

    • Joyce

      Hannah did the same thing to Luke with her soon-to-be fiance.

      • Court clerk

        They had literally just met and Luke knew about it. He was the one that kept Ciara a secret to get her reaction on camera.


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