How could they?! (Summer House)

Jun 28, 2022

So I know we’re all wondering how could they get rid of Andrea…I know why, I don’t agree with the decision.

Basically Production didn’t want Lexi. For whatever reason they don’t like her and they never even gave her the chance of a 5 minute casting interview. They decided right away that if Andrea wasn’t single then they weren’t bringing him back. She is his priority same as he said when he didn’t film Winter House.

Also …All the tips you’re getting about people getting casted are true. They just call a bunch of people to interview but if they don’t call them back for a second interview it means production is not interested in them.


  1. New blood

    Really loved Andrea but I don’t think he made great television. Also, I don’t think we need more couples in the house. We need fresh energy to take us back to the good wild summer house days.

  2. Winelovinmama87

    I love Andrea! And if he’s in a happy healthy relationship I think that’s way better than being on our TV screens. Will I miss him there hell yes. But I’m so happy he’s found love cause he’s such a genuine person.

  3. Mg

    Did something happen when she was on project runway??

  4. Hannah

    Don’t get me wrong I love Andrea but it makes sense. A house filled with couples isn’t nearly as entertaining.

  5. BGP

    If they don’t want couples , get rid of whiny Amanda . I’d take Andrea any day of her.


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