Casting update…Summer House!

Jun 28, 2022

Ciara is a full time cast member . Andrea is not. Luke is not. Alex is not. I will send more info as I get it!


  1. Jennifer

    To bad I really hoped she’s d be gone
    She is the worst.

  2. Lisa

    Ugh. Can’t stand Ciara. She’s such a downer

  3. Suzy

    How the hell are they keeping boring ass Ciara but getting rid of hot Luke?! ?

  4. Ciara > Hubhouse

    I don’t care what anyone says, Ciara brought it last year. Some people love Linds, but to me, Ciara is less toxic than Hubs ??‍♀️. Ciara was a refreshing addition to the house.

    • KC

      There’s nothing refreshing about her though…sorry but she’s boring and doesn’t do anything but complain, other cast mates have said multiple times she doesn’t help out at all, and bitches about it when they ask her to contribute, she literally used Luke to stay on the show and probably thought that if she landed Austen she would be more relevant but in fact, it just made her messy and insecure and made her look like an idiot! I lost ALL respect for her when she admitted she STILL slept with Austen after all that

      • Confused

        Serious question—how is Lindsay not equally as messy and desperate for hooking up with Austen after he hooked up with someone else in front of her then, said he saw her as a sister? She’s also a decade older than Ciara. Seems like a double standard riddle with bias.

    • Jay

      Okay yes!!! Hubs has been toxic for years. Love her but totally agree with the take that she’s not super friendly to other women in the house besides Danielle

      • Cannot wait to see the full cast line up

        But Lindsey knows the assignment. And brings it every season. Love her or hate her. She brings it, BIG!!! I want Mya to open up more. And Craig saved Paige’s status on the show. And 2 other shows as well. I forget Ciara is there to be honest. She’s smart and gorgeous, but her attitude brings down a few notches for me. Andrea has a gf. So i get that. Alex best thing all season came at the reunion. Honda Civic. ?? And Luke is hot, but doesn’t bring much of anything to the table. And is it wrong that I want more about their life outside the Hamptons and parties?? Just want more…

        • JamiP

          Ciara isn’t that smart…she doesn’t understand what a lobotomy is or the meaning of hypocrisy. She constantly throws around that she said “if there are feelings there, I will step away” about the whole Linds/Austen thing but she said it to Austen! Not Lindsey. That’s not girl code. I was really hoping she was going to go.

    • Sarah

      Exactly! I liked Ciara & I am excited to see her live her best single life in the Hamptons.

  5. CC79

    Are the 3 guys going to be on at all?

  6. Katie

    No Luke? No Andrea? And, we were just getting to know Alex. I’m crushed. Luke & Andrea are so hot!

  7. Heather

    How can they keep Hannah Jr???? She’s absolutely horrible.

  8. Not Happy

    Yay….so excited to see Ciara laying in bed all day complianing about a midlife crisis at 25 yrs old ??

  9. Deborah

    They keep Ciara full time but not Andrea? WTH? Ciara needs to go. She thinks she craps roses and she’s far from that

  10. No Ciara

    Duex moi just posted Ciara is out

  11. J

    Pledging for Tayshia to be on summer house

  12. John

    Love Ciara. Every does things through their life that they wished they handled different. You live and you learn.

    Luke might be good looking but brought zero content.
    Andrea probably doesn’t want to put his relationship through the show.

  13. Thank U, Next

    Thank God! Luke was hanging on so long with zero storyline and Alex only came out with a personality at the reunion. I love Ciara, and I’m glad that she’ll be on next season. Some OGs have to learn a lesson that they can’t just keep playing crazy pr games to get the younger ladies thrown off the show. (On that note, I wonder if Lindsay will finally stop posting insta photos with Luke. That shit is so fake and annoying. Girl, we know you’re just trying to keep him on the show bc he’ll do whatever you say)

  14. Not Ciara

    Ugh. Not Ciara PLEASE. Mean girl wanna be with no personality.
    Bring Luke back full time!!!!

  15. Gail

    No Ciara please!!! So boring and entitled!! Get rid of Paige next!

  16. Ugh why

    Ok but can we talk about DANIELLE? Literally brings nothing to the table, she’s just Hubs mouth piece. She sucks. She spends all her time fighting Lindsay’s fights. How has she been on for this long?!?! BUHBYE. Also don’t like Lindsay but she brings the crazy and I love to hate her.


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