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Show Notes: Episode 06. Her Legs Weren’t Closed, Either

B and Amanda cover a lot of ground this week…
-Someone didn’t follow her own advice
-Loving someone who is incarcerated – are you in love with the person or the idea of the person?
-Tea on a housewife’s business and did another housewife start her relationship with her husband when he was married to someone else?
-Initial thoughts on Dubai and the ladies.
-The rumors are flying about three new Housewife cities – listen for potential housewives’ names and locations!
-Exclusive tea you will find only on the podcast and have to listen to know!

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B (00:00):

Imagine the balls to sit on a stage at a reunion and shame somebody for being with a married man, when you’re married to somebody who was married when you met them in the strip club,

Speaker 2 (00:19):

Welcome to cocktails and gossip to podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We out reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo a B.

Speaker 3 (00:32):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

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B (02:37):

Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and all of the hottest scoop from Bravo and and as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blinds on and I’m Amanda. Let’s

Amanda (03:01):

Get into this

B (03:02):


Amanda (03:02):

Tea. I just wanted to tell everybody I am still in this hotel room in Mexico. If you hear a little bit of an echo, that is why, but guess what? I have a fresh margarita and I am really excited to get into this week’s tea. So literally hot off the presses literally just came in. We have some exclusive hot off the presses tea. Tell me what it is. We,

B (03:27):

So a friend of mine just sent me some tea. I know we all vast majority of people were very unhappy with OC. The last couple seasons. A lot of people called for Tamara and Vicky to be gone. And once they were gone, it flopped. So most, especially Tamara, she needs to come back. She is the missing puzzle piece. I just received teeth that said that they are holding back on casting her because of her pod cast with Teddy. Like how ridiculous, first of all, where is that energy for Heather to grow? Right? She has a podcast. Second of all, Tamara is very smart, very savvy. She could very much reel it in and know what she can and can’t touch on during filming and after filming, all of the ladies are talking smack about each other. So what difference does it make? This is accurate to, I know it’s accurate. It’s very annoying. And whoever’s listening. <laugh> producer from OC, stop the and bring our girl back

Amanda (04:36):

For real. We love Tamara. She, I mean, keeps it real. She is not afraid to call people out. And by the way, actually, when you brought up that point about Heather, who else? I mean, Paige has a podcast on summer house.

B (04:51):


Amanda (04:52):

Craig, Austin, Austin. Stassi had a podcast. I mean, I think most of

B (04:58):

And Robin.

Amanda (04:59):

Oh, right. So is this a means of them just trying to control Tamara? I don’t know, but I really hope, I

B (05:07):

Don’t know. Maybe they don’t like the content, but then it’s like, okay, so that’s what contracts are for.

Amanda (05:11):


B (05:12):

Set boundaries.

Amanda (05:13):

Right. And I don’t see why she can’t talk about, maybe she can’t talk about for obvious reason what’s happening on her show, but why wouldn’t she be able to talk about what’s happening on other shows? Well, I hope they get it figured out because we need Tamara back on her TVs. She just absolutely makes me laugh. I feel like if we were all going out for drinks together, I would pee my pants because she is so funny.

B (05:42):

Hopefully would not pull a Vicky into your pants. <laugh> but I, I mean, we would definitely have a good time. We would really have a good time.

Amanda (05:51):

I don’t know. Maybe I would we’ll see. It depends on how many drinks <laugh>,

B (05:55):

I’m just happy to hear that it’s actually like happening. So I think that they can, I think they can find a way to make this work. I hope so. Everybody has a podcast.

Amanda (06:05):

It’s seriously, literally everybody, including

B (06:08):

Everybody’s not number one, but everybody has a podcast on my own biggest fan. Nobody’s gonna love you. Like you love you. So,

Amanda (06:20):

Oh my God. I love you. Let’s talk has been kind of heating up as well. I guess let’s talk with, let’s start with some of the sad parts, Tyrone, Andre.

B (06:34):

I mean, I was so upset, like watching her sit there, it was just, it was depressing. We watched her defend this guy and I trust her. She’s a strong woman. She’s a smart person. People make mistakes. And she really believed in him and she felt that they would, you know, make it work. It’s one thing. He couldn’t come to New York city because of parole. <affirmative> we get that. Okay. That makes sense. So she goes to him in Philly. He doesn’t show. And I remember backdooring filming. There was a lot of stuff on social media about that drama. Like he stopped talking to her, he blocked her number. We saw a little bit of that. You see production, talk about attorneys. I am guessing that he wanted to be compensated. That’s the only thing I can come up with because why are attorneys involved? Why is production coming out?

B (07:27):

He either could, or he couldn’t be on camera. So if she drove all the way there it’s because he could. So I think that he expected his own check that the, and this is just me looking at the picture and thinking it, if you can’t film, you shouldn’t date a reality star, simple Sheray was coming back. He knew she was coming back. We need her. We need her more than she needs Tyrone. Okay, Tyrone. So that’s where I’m at. I was so happy to see how supportive Kenya was. And this is like, we were talking last week about how Kenya has a hard shell, but she’s a soft person. I think we saw that. I think we really saw that she really is somebody you can rely on. She was the first woman of that whole group, that Shere thought to call. And she’s friendly with many of them. She called her for a reason. She called her because she’s somebody who sympathizes and who gets it. So he’s a waste of time. Made me so sad to see her cry on the phone with Kenya to have to call her daughter and like, say it like the whole thing. She deserves so much better than that. She will get better than that. I hope she’s moved on. I mean, we haven’t seen the whole season play out yet. I hope we see her move on to better things.

Amanda (08:42):

I mean, I hope bigger

B (08:43):

And better.

Amanda (08:44):

I totally agree. Cause Shere, I hope you are listening because you are gorgeous. You are funny and you can read like nobody’s business. Any man would be lucky to have you. So please take this in mind and, and take this to heart. I, you know, as I’m watching, I was thinking, you know, to be in a relationship with someone who’s in present, I just wonder if maybe she was a little more in love with the idea of the man of Tyrone versus the actual man, right? It’s a lot easier to do while he’s in prison. And he is, you know, externally focused on, you know, his bridges to the outside. And you know, I know that that sounds kind of harsh. And I, you know, who knows what the truth is, but I really think stray really deserves this great love and it doesn’t feel like is maybe it.

B (09:43):

Yeah. Her great love is coming. It is not him.

Amanda (09:46):

It is not him. J

B (09:47):

Just based off of what we saw. It’s a no for me.

Amanda (09:50):

Yeah. I have to agree with you on that. Okay. So all the ladies are talking about the most famous person who hit on them.

B (09:58):

That was good. I love that. So drew said that LeBron, like she said, the king that’s LeBron James, right? Right. She said they dated, which you know, some people on the internet did and there’s some truth to them being linked. But he’s been with his wife since high school. Not a good look. I mean, drew doesn’t have many good looks on this show. I exhausted bad mouthing her. I just,

Amanda (10:29):


B (10:31):


Amanda (10:31):

Then Marlo,

B (10:33):

Marlo saying Jean Simmons. I can’t, first of all, I bet Marlow, you know, I touched that last week. I wanna be careful what I say, like Marlow is dated some really like big fish in the sea. Okay,

Amanda (10:48):

Great. But

B (10:48):

Like Jean Simmons is so left field. Not at all surprising. Marlow is a boss. And like Jean Simmons is a boss. I mean, come on. He’s multi something.

Amanda (10:58):

Is he a billionaire?

B (11:01):

I’d have to look into it. But I feel like he is very well to do.

Amanda (11:06):


B (11:06):

Married for these girls. A cocktails. This you saying is next fiction. Okay. Drew, you could be with king James, but she can’t be with prince. Have you seen Kenya? Kenya may be the most beautiful woman to ever grace Bravo screen. Okay. She could be anybody.

Amanda (11:28):

And if you are a prince fan, which I grew up on prince, my mom playing prince for me. And now that I’m a grown up, I sometimes question that decision because so much of his music is so sexual. It’s always on his mind if you’re listening to prince and that’s why we love him. So this does not, this doesn’t shock me. I believe her. I would’ve loved to see it in real life.

B (11:55):

I think the telling thing is she picks somebody who’s no longer with us because I have to imagine Kenya has been approached by many, many, many famous people.

Amanda (12:05):

Totally agree. And then candy

B (12:07):

<laugh>. Oh, well, and then like Todd got mad, but candy dated. And I forget which group he was in, but she dated like one of these guys who was a singer, like yeah. She’s like, everyone knows who I’ve been with, you know?

Amanda (12:19):

Right. But the sex toy line. Okay. I,

B (12:22):

So the sex toy line, I I know. And I think it was funny, but she’s always finds a way to work her, her toy line in there. I love that about her. We spoke about that list episode. Like I think, I think it’s great marketing.

Amanda (12:35):

I am gonna go a slightly different direction from you because I actually, I’m a huge fan of candy. I think she is a genius marketer. I think she is so good at knowing an audience and helping find the need, you know, like the x-ray line, like, and like, you know, the music and like all the shows that she does. Right. I felt like this was a bit off brand for her because she was promoting two things at once. Right. She was promoting the play, which is a serious play. And she’s also promoting, you know, herself as Anne, Todd as being part of a production. And then this other thing by sending, like making light that by sending the girls in these vibrating, it just didn’t

B (13:25):

Wait, wait, can we talk about how the remote set other people pan?

B (13:31):

I swear to, oh my God. Oh my, I was dying. I have to tell you something. I’m gonna get them for all my girlfriends for their next trip. And they will like totally put them on. And I’m just gonna have, shouldn’t put these things on what are you doing? Oh my God. I have to say though. So, okay. I see what you’re saying. I’m not in marketing. You would know better than me. I do have to say. And you know, Kenny does find a way to promote her business at every turn. But Kenya seemed a little salty. Like Kenya is not that big of a prude. The way she was putting down. It’s like it reeked of jealousy.

Amanda (14:18):

I was

B (14:19):

Jealous with a little green eye monster coming out. If we’re being honest, like you’re about sex toys. It’s for fun. No one’s making you participate.

Amanda (14:30):

Yeah. I don’t know again, though, like going a slightly different way from you on my opinion, with my opinion on this. Like if you remember the previous show she gets on the bus and then she’s like, oh, I didn’t realize this was a couple’s trip. Right. And I don’t really believe that that

B (14:50):

No, but at party she said that, yeah, you’ve got a man bring him. So

Amanda (14:55):

I think though, I think it’s one thing to hear that. And then to get on this bus and realize you’re a single one of the single few single people when everyone else is a couple and feel that,

B (15:07):

And then to wear vibrating panties, you think,

Amanda (15:09):

And then that, and it’s like, I, for her and I honestly, I would’ve been like super annoyed if I were in her shoes, if it was a girls’ trip. And like you did that, I would’ve thought it was hilarious, but with other couples and then just me, like that just singles you out in a weird, I don’t know. I, but she

B (15:30):

Wasn’t being Marlo single too.

Amanda (15:32):


B (15:33):

Charades. Tyro never showed up.

Amanda (15:35):

Right. I know, but Marlo,

B (15:37):

But yeah, I guess

Amanda (15:38):


B (15:39):

I think the vibrating panties with some husbands there makes it weird.

Amanda (15:44):

It does. Right.

B (15:45):

But I can, you see mad at the whole thing? Even when they came to her door, she was mad and she didn’t know that the husbands or she acted like didn’t know the husbands were coming at that point. So listen, the vibrating panties thing is weird, but, but here it is, Sonya didn’t participate. She just didn’t speak on it.

Amanda (16:02):


B (16:03):

Like, so, you know, you could go about things differently. The way it came off with Kenya was like, and then you saw her talking and I love how they, every time they go to a confessional, like, Ken’s like, yeah, my hair Caroline. She’s like, when my joggers come out, like they’re like plug in, plug in, plug in, plug in. I’m like, okay. Oh, speaking of which I have something on’s business that they were all making fun of.

Amanda (16:27):

Oh, you know, I did wanna talk about that because it felt like drew is, I have not been the biggest fan of what’s been happening with her in general this season. But I found myself like a little annoyed on her behalf because, well, first of all, I really don’t think it’s okay to kind of get plastic surgery and then overestimate the amount of weight you lost. And like, that’s actually, it’s illegal. But I, I, although thought there was maybe another dynamic, like everyone else gets to promote their business, but her, I don’t know. Well, what do you think

B (17:07):

Again? You and I are not the biggest shoe fan.

Amanda (17:10):


B (17:10):

But you kind of saw that she was the underdog because they wouldn’t do that to each other. Like whatever business is on a show, like you’re not supposed to bad mouth it because you have an audience of people watching and the women presenting the business. We can’t all be candy. Okay. We’re not all that successful. So I, and candy, wasn’t the one leading that charge. If you notice mm-hmm <affirmative> she kind of like kept it to herself because listen, everybody should be able to eat. And I don’t want anyone’s business to get bashed. I thought that was unfair. Mm-hmm <affirmative> to do because you know, the woman is trying to make money. And at the end of the day, pay her bills, feed her family. So it’s unnecessary. There are so many things we can do and say about drew. Right. I don’t know why we had to bring her livelihood in it. It’s like let’s support each other as far as that’s concerned.

Amanda (18:09):


B (18:10):

I, I didn’t like that. I didn’t like that. I thought that I thought it was very uncool. Whether you don’t have to be like, yeah, it’s the best, but you don’t have to say it’s the worst, which is what candy was just like, I’ll drop it with drew. Like tell me what it is. And like, I liked her take on it, which was like, I’m all ears. The other women were like, you got plastic surgery and blah, blah, blah. Like kind of went on about why her business wasn’t legit. Not cool. Right? Not cool.

Amanda (18:34):

However, some of the ways that they shaded it <laugh>

B (18:39):

Were absolutely accurate. Obviously that’s funny, but you don’t need to. I mean, we’re not outing her. They outed her and here we are. And here I am with the blind that says from Chicago girl subject, drop it with, and it’s the last name or the person who actually owns the company. Mm. Might get some digging on the, drop it with drew website. And it’s not even her business is it’s a Chicago fat loss camp run by a guy named, I won’t say his name. Mm-hmm <affirmative> based in Chicago. So basically to make matters, worse, worse, which is why the women were like, basically playing her on TV. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, it’s like a low level MLM. Multi-level marketing. So it’s like, it’s a weight loss thing from Chicago. And it’s not even as big as like say beach body or whatever kind of thing. Right. And she is basically like, you know how women sell like hair products or face cream. And they get a commission off. Everybody who signs up mm-hmm <affirmative> essentially, that’s what she was doing. So it is not her business. She would get a commission if you signed up. And I signed up under drew, seora got it. She’d get a commission off of our signup. Right. So now having that information, that’s why the ladies were making it such a comedy act because it isn’t some thing she, even though, okay. She had weight loss, all that. It isn’t even something she created.

Amanda (20:13):


B (20:14):

It’s a MLM. A multi-level marketing that she’s a consultant. It would be the same as me selling Avon or Mary Kay.

Amanda (20:20):

Right. Right. And then you saying that this is my business, which technically yes, I am familiar with how these things work and you have to get an LLC. And so technically you have your own business. You’re essentially reselling the product and you make a commission that is not the same as starting your own business from scratch, starting a program.

B (20:41):

It’s not the same as Ken’s hair care. No, it’s not the same as if she’s clothing line ever drops. That is their product.

Amanda (20:49):


B (20:49):

This is a product. She is a salesperson for,

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Amanda (22:58):

Well, that, that gives it a whole different perspective that I was not familiar with when I was just watching. So

B (23:04):

Uncool, like she’s clearly not on their level, which we go back to like, curiating her being like, you only got the peach again, because it was COVID and people quit.

Amanda (23:15):


B (23:16):

I say all that to say, you know, they could have done better with that. They didn’t have to go in on her like that.

Amanda (23:22):

Yeah. I totally agree. You know, and Sonya even went in on her, but I look at Sonya, she is an elite athlete. She clearly puts in the work to stay fit. So from her perspective, I’m sure she’s like, okay, hold on. Like, we’ve got somebody who’s cutting corners. We’ve got somebody who is, you know, saying this is her business, but she didn’t even, I guess apparently create the business and then she’s not really owning it. So then you’re like, oh, okay. You can kind of understand why Sonya went in on her.

B (23:58):

Sonya was also annoyed because of some of like the gossip that drew was saying like about the other women. So I think that Sonya in a general way, doesn’t like how she operates. Even when they were in the gym together, when it was Ralph and drew and Sonya and her husband, whose name is escaping me right now.

Amanda (24:16):


B (24:16):

Who, by the way I said he was an NFL player, he won a super bowl. Like they’re like really big time athletes. Right. She just doesn’t like, I think the business is a piece of it, certainly. But I think that she, in a general way, doesn’t like the way drew operates. Mm-hmm <affirmative> what I really hate is drew got mad. Why are you saying this in front of all the ladies? Hello, this is a reality show, hun. Right? We need the drama. We need the other people to weigh in. It’s literally Sonya’s job to say it to your face. You guys are not real friends. Right? You met because you were making a show together. You wanted her to be an ally. Sonya got to know you. She decided she did not wanna play on your team because you guys had different ways of doing things.

B (25:05):

And she told you in front of the group. Yeah. That’s how reality TV goes. I will say this. And I like Sonya and I like her husband. You can see that girl drama is very new for her. Yeah. Like she’s an Olympian. She’s I don’t can’t imagine she’s ever been like cackling with a group of women. Right. She’s been training for the Olympics. She’s been, you know, doing this kind of stuff and that she had her son. And so now that part of her life is done and now she’s housewife and finding her footing. I’m sure they’re starting businesses and we’re gonna hear about them. So the girl drama’s new and I think she’s finding her footing,

Amanda (25:49):

But that could

B (25:50):

Actually make where the gut withdrew she was, I think was very mild. Drew’s lucky that she’s finding her footing her way of doing it. I think she’s a quick learner. I think she’s a quick learner. And by next episode, cause I saw the previews. First of all, her mom is awesome. I see her mother’s preview. I’m like, yes, <laugh>, she’s so good.

Amanda (26:09):

I just have a feeling like, first of all, I think Sonya finding her footing and maybe not being as into the girl drama could make for some really great TV and like could make for a fresh kind of approach. And whether it, it was said between the two of them or just implied because they’re kind of the newer ones with the OGs. I’m sure drew was like, wait, what a sec? Like I thought like we should stick together cuz we’re new. And I’m sure there’s some sort of dynamic about that too when Sonya was like, yeah, no, I don’t really like the way you operate to steal your words. Right. And then I’m gonna kind of move on and find my own path. I just get the feeling. There is somewhat of this, you know, we were gonna stick together and now we’re not kind of dynamic happening too.

B (26:59):

Right. I’m sure their initial meeting was like, okay, you know, last season was your first season. I’m new. It’s us we’re together.

Amanda (27:07):


B (27:08):

You know, sign it. Didn’t stick with that script to go back to, you know, she’s not into the girl. You have to be cutthroat to be an Olympic champion. I clearly have never been one. Gotta imagine you have to really be somebody who’s in it. Who can go there. Right. So while I think that the girl drama is something that she’s gonna have to navigate and learn. I think she’s gonna learn quick. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and I think her husband, their team. Yeah. You see, and you see Housewives with husbands and I don’t mean the husband to a thirsty for this spotlight. That’s not what I mean. I mean the husband to like really back their wives.

Amanda (27:49):


B (27:50):

Who get it and really support them. They’re always successful. Yeah. Because they see it from a different angle. So when they’re laying in bed at night and they’re having their glass of wine after dinner, they’re like, all right, this one is this. And this one is this. And Sonya is going home to that. Drew is going home to a guy who thinks he’s a, a celebrity. I mean, the guy is married to a housewife and does nothing else from which I can tell, except write a book apparently. And he thinks he’s a celebrity. He’s out at the club, you know, throwing dollars around. Whereas Sonya’s husband is like, alright, this is our next platform. You know, he wants to be candy top.

Amanda (28:28):


B (28:29):

He wants to go to the next level drew does too. But she has a husband who thinks he’s at the next level. And

Amanda (28:35):

Yeah, I can’t even with that guy. So on with another Atlanta topic, it sounds like it is to do with a former peach. There was a blind about this person who is being sued for stealing another woman’s husband. What’s what’s the story.

B (28:59):

So this woman is shouting. She’s blacklisted. She may not be also suing a television network part that shocked me. I don’t ever remember hearing this piece that I was told. And we know how she slammed a co-star a co star, whatever it is by saying close your legs to married men. But allegedly subject stepdaughter, the former Peach’s stepdaughter is loving. Seeing her stepmom get dragged word on the street is her new boyfriend was married while her stepdaughter feels of vindicated out of respect for her father, she always kept quiet, but not anymore. All that closed your legs to married men’s stuff. She wants everyone to know. The stepdaughter wants everyone to know her dad was very much married years ago when the former peach and him got together. So it’s a pattern shocked. Imagine the balls to sit on a stage at a reunion and shame somebody for being with a married man, when you’re married to somebody who was married when you met them in the strip club,

Amanda (30:21):

It is crazy if it never came out until now, but that does actually truly make sense that it was outta respect for this peaches for the man that was involved, that his daughter from the previous marriage didn’t wanna say that, you know, talk about that while he was alive. Right. But oh my God, that close your legs to married men statement, which I’ve always found hilarious. Wow. That really does hit different. Now, if this is true,

B (30:55):

Also Kim <laugh> on a post wrote, close your legs to marry men laughing face and a heart face because her, and we could just say Mimi, I mean, everybody knows her and Mimi like are, they were best of friends and they went back and forth. I think now that they’re both off the show, they’re at a place of like, you know, they’re okay.

Amanda (31:19):


B (31:20):

I think they’re mostly okay. I know in COVID they did lives together, which I really enjoyed actually. Cuz I love the two of them together. Yeah. But I was, I dunno, I was, I was very surprised. I never heard this. There was no indication, but the stepdaughter, it would’ve been her mother. So yeah. I mean we don’t know the details. Yeah. Could it be that the marriage was separated or whatever and right. You know, we don’t know the details, but the stepdaughter clearly is not a big fan of this former peach.

Amanda (31:53):

Right? Well only they

B (31:55):

Were and your stepmother for they were married a long time. Right? So she was a stepmother to this. I’m sure the wo the girl is now a woman. Right. Because he’s older that the guy’s older and for you to publicly, I got this message. And then I saw the girl post it, she posted, she like commented on something. And I was like, oh, this is true. Cause I really didn’t. I thought it was. And then somebody sent me it and I was like, cuz I had the email mm-hmm <affirmative> and I would post it. Right. Cause I have my loyalties, but listen, I’ll spill if it’s true, right. For, this is true. This is true. And I was surprised to hear that.

Amanda (32:35):

Yeah. So moving on to Dubai, which we have only seen one episode so far, what are you thinking about? It

B (32:44):

Only one episode. So like I can’t really set my opinions yet. We need time. All house wise fans. No, it takes time. Right? Setting is amazing. It’s different. It’s like nothing. We’ve seen the opulence beautiful homes. Amazing. The culture. I like that. We’re getting like a totally different culture. Just the, the way it’s filmed to me, it seems more like Netflix than Bravo. I’m not mad at it at all. It just doesn’t really seem like a, you know, traditional Housewives, the clothes. Oh my gosh. The women gorgeous. One is more like every <laugh> as I’m watching. And I’m like, wow. Wow, wow. Like one’s more gorgeous than the next right? The only woman I knew going into it was Caroline from ladies of London. She is divorced. So she moved from London to Dubai, with her husband. And she said, after being there about five years, they got divorced last year. So now she’s got this, you see her with this young, you know, worked out guy. Mm-hmm <affirmative> very thirsty. Seems to me. I don’t see he’s Italian. Right? Sergio

Amanda (34:01):

Spanish could maybe Spanish. Yeah. He might

B (34:05):

BES Italian. I didn’t really look

Amanda (34:08):

To, it

B (34:09):

Could be either.

Amanda (34:09):

I’ve been following. Yeah. I’ll talk about that in a minute. But I’ve been following them on social media for a while. Well, we’ll have to look it up.

B (34:17):

Yeah. I mean, he’s very handsome. He’s 27. She says she’s 45. But my followers told me she’s older than that. I think closer to 50, the woman looks the same as she did. Cause they did a flashback picture from 2003. She looks the same and I’m not age shaming at all. Not a thing I would do. I just think the age difference is larger than she said the housekeeper. She delivers smoothies, the dog pees in their bed. They stay in it, which gross. And she also, they couldn’t be legally married in Dubai cuz she’s divorced and she’s Jewish. He’s Catholic. The funny thing is you see that the two Housewives will get to, you know, touching on them ion and Lisa both say, they think the marriage is for show. They both say that in the first episode.

Amanda (35:06):

Right. There’s so much to unpack right? To notice the show, the production value, the slides, you know, the subs, everything kind of coming in just feels more sparkly and pretty. And it doesn’t feel like the situations, you know, the Housewives definitely feel very Housewives ask, but some of the other production value stuff, I totally agree with. You feels more like, you know, the Hills or, or you know, Netflix, cetera, the dog peeing in the bed. Like why did she sit there? Like she just sat there the whole time, the dog pee. Like

B (35:44):

Why I don’t go for that?

Amanda (35:45):

That’s it was, that was odd to me. But also I’m confused because I knew that, you know, I watched her on ladies in of London. I don’t remember. I thought she was like old school British. I did not under, I did not realize she’s Jewish. That threw me off when she was like, we can’t get married again. Not that it matters, but I don’t feel like that was ever something she shared on ladies of London. She seemed very like, you

B (36:19):


Amanda (36:19):

Right. PHY you know, like, you know, very old, you know, I don’t know. You

B (36:24):

Should look and check what her husband was. Maybe she was trying to like acclimate to maybe he was a, and so she was like, oh

Amanda (36:32):

Again, it doesn’t matter. But it’s like, why didn’t you tell us all these things that’s and she just kind of swept another rug. She’s like, oh yeah, we couldn’t do this. So now we’re doing this. And I remember like following, cuz I’ve been following her social for a couple of years. I always just found her dry sense of humor, really entertaining. And Sergio’s actually been on there. I remember when, like you started to see this guy. And then I remember when, you know, he, they were going on these trips and then he proposed and they did this like Himalaya trip. And I remember all of this from following her social. So I don’t know. I don’t, I’m questioning whether it’s hard to tell because he’s been around, he seems very lovey Debbie and always kind of has, who knows if it’s cuz he is young or if it’s, cuz he’s thirsty or if it’s both, I think, I guess time will just tell, but I mean, Caroline, Stan, she is hot. So she’s hot. She can, she can bat, you know, for way under her age. Just fine. So I hope that’s just not the other ladies being shady because he’s a, you know, very handsome soccer player, younger man, but who knows? I guess we’ll see.

B (37:50):

We’ll see. I mean I also, I think it wasn’t the age difference that got me. It was him like wanting to be in the camera frame the whole

Amanda (37:59):

Time. Well <laugh> and I mean what, what guy wants to go to his fiance’s bachelorette party that was questionable. So weird. That was weird. It’d

B (38:09):

Be different if it was a co-ed it was like all of her friends and

Amanda (38:12):

Him. Right. That, I mean there’s no way my husband would’ve wanted anywhere near my bachelorette party. Anyway. So onto some of these other Housewives, let’s talk about Chanel. Ay, gorgeous. I feel like she’s kind of trying too hard and I really hope she kind of calms down with this. I’m better than everybody else stuff. What do you think?

B (38:36):

Yeah, I get the sense that she’s the queen bee of the group. I mean, I kind of like, I mean she’s sort of a villain. I kind of liked her. <laugh> she’s a model. She’s from a, a small village in Kenya. She speaks four languages. She’s over the top. She has all the makings of a great housewife. Yeah, totally. I thought her relationship with her son was so cute, very close and playful. And clearly she’s very adoring of him. We see her modeling on a camel, in a gold gown and then like this two piece outfit over the top, just like honey, she is giving it. She wants us to see her and remember her. I think she’s our villain. I think she’s gonna be our love to hate her. I’m excited to see more of her. She seems willing and ready to give it to us. Where was her husband though? I don’t even think they showed it second of him.

Amanda (39:28):

No, I don’t think so either.

B (39:30):

So that’s what we wanna watch for.

Amanda (39:32):

Yeah. A good point. Lisa, what do we think about Lisa?

B (39:37):

Her boys? Oh my gosh. Adorable. Just adorable. The, you know, $1,200 ice delivery was fantastic. Her husband’s very successful in finance. They met him in Miami at live. I wonder if Lisa had team was there at the time. Her and Brocky the most American to me. Mm-hmm <affirmative> she has a maternity fashion line. Well, I guess hear more about that. Super cute. She’s friends with everybody, but she’s, she’s sad. She’s very clearly team ion Chanel or Chanel ion. Am I saying it wrong

Amanda (40:14):

Chanel Ian, but she goes by ion

B (40:17):

Guys. I have to share my hangover cure. It’s not really a secret because all of my followers and friends know liquid Ivy leading up to a girl’s night out when I go on vacation or for a wedding, basically, anytime I’m gonna be drinking, I make sure I have my liquid IV with me. You can drink it before or the morning after, Hey, I’ve drank it before and after I’ve shared this trick with my friends and all my followers. And let me tell you it’s a hip summer is upon us. It’s hot, you’re sweating. And many times you’re drinking all day at a barbecue or the beach look, liquid IV replenishes electrolytes. So it hydrates you and multiplies your energy to keep you partying and ready to enjoy the next day. Hang over free, go to liquid and use my code Bravo and cocktails underscore 15 and receive 25% and free shipping on all liquid IV products. There’s a link in my highlights on Instagram to make things super easy, right? So then Caroline Brooks, she’s from Massachusetts. So I feel like her and Lisa probably relate the most, but it doesn’t seem like they’re the closest, but they’re the most American. So I feel like they have that.

Amanda (41:46):

I am really intrigued by Caroline knowing that she has been so successful. And so self-made in Dubai, which yes.

B (41:55):

And she said that she wanted nothing from her divorce. Right? Because I guess it sounds like her ex was a son of a and she just wanted her son and she’s self-made and it looks like she made herself very well <laugh>

Amanda (42:07):

Well, and Dubai has at least historically had a reputation for maybe not being the best environment for a woman, entrepreneur or women in business in general. Right. But you know, that’s maybe there is, that’s part of this kind of new Dubai and that, you know, that’s awesome to see that somebody, you know, can go from having nothing, to being very well self made in Dubai. So maybe it’s it. That’s, it’s a new Dubai.

B (42:38):

I’m very excited. And I think it’s, you know, after one episode it’s so hard cuz we take in a lot of information and now we need to like watch all the episodes and see how it works through. We have Nina, she was born in Lebanon, but raised in Texas, she’s been in Dubai for about 10 years. She lived in the highest tower in the world.

Amanda (42:57):


B (42:58):

Burch, Khalifa,

Amanda (42:59):

Burch, Khalifa. That’s like saying that. Right. All the sparkle on that building, like it very, very famous this, you know, beautiful Mirage of a building in Dubai. And I know it’s extremely expensive to live there. So that is

B (43:15):

It’s funny when Nina showed up at Caroline’s house and she handed her a cake,

Amanda (43:19):


B (43:20):

Caroline had this like, to your point like that dry humor, she was like, oh a fruit cake. And she had this like weird way. And I’m like, I don’t know if my friend came over and handed me a cake, then I realized that sh Nina owns the fruit cake bakery, which apparently is a very successful. So Caroline was probably laughing like here she is bringing me her cake on camera. Like,

Amanda (43:39):

And it begins <laugh>

B (43:40):

Girl. Yeah, yeah. Girl. We had to promote our businesses. <laugh> she’s got three kids. She was somewhat reserved the first, first episode. So you know, we’re on a waiting seat. Doesn’t mean she’s gonna stay reserved. Then we have Sarah. She was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. So it gives us a unique look at the Dubai social scene. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> cause I think she’s gonna be our most authentic because she grew up there. Mm-hmm <affirmative> she grew up there. I remember she was saying she remembers when it was just do not dust, but like before became fancy Dubai, it started being built. I think they said in 1966 on

Amanda (44:22):

Show, that was another cool thing. The production did. It showed how like showed that time lapse, which was so cool about how Dubai really came up. The

B (44:31):

Other watch she built and I was like, wow, this is incredible. I mean, we all knew that Dubai is a new city. What does that even mean? Right. So that was super cool. Sarah’s love. Life is interesting. So she’s very quiet about it. Like in her life, cuz obviously these people are all known people. Mm-hmm <affirmative> we have to see how much she talks about this season because she has two ex-husbands. But the details of those relationships so far from what I’ve looked into, she’s very much kept them out of the public eye. She divorced in 2014, but she then married a Pakistani businessman. She says quote, she maintains privacy regarding her relationships. So we don’t even know if they’re still married. And I don’t think they mentioned that they didn’t mention that on the episode. Mm-hmm <affirmative> her, whoever we think she’s still with, or maybe not with is a CEO of a very successful company fan spotted her with an actor in Turkey, like after filming. So it sparked rumors. She was dating, but it was never confirmed and she never confirmed. She was split with Quaia is the CEO big dog? Hmm. From Dubai that she married after her first divorce. So Sarah was sleeper. The first episode, we better get a lot from her because just based on her bio, there’s a lot of stuff going on.

Amanda (46:03):

I think, I don’t know Sarah. I was getting total Lisa Vanderpump vibes from her kind of this. I think it’ll be interesting to see if she ends up being more the leader of the group. See, cause you know, she’s had this, you know, I’ve got roots here. I’m from the UAE and she’s so glamorous. I, I also kind of get the feeling that she and Nina go way back and there’ll be a lot more to kind of be revealed about both of them.

B (46:32):

I agree. I think that the only one we know is Caroline and come to find out, we didn’t even know her religion, so right. I think we’re gonna find that a lot. I really hope we do. I hope this is not one of those overproduced things where we don’t really see. Yeah. Because guess what? I will be on the Insta and I will be on the social media and I will find it out and I will tell you people what I find out because these ladies all seem very cool in their own. Right. And I wanna know what the hell is the deal.

Amanda (47:06):

Right. Well, and Bravo fans are so smart. They will see it from a mile away. If this is just a, let’s just do this glitter and glam and not talk about our real lives. So

B (47:19):

Right. Just fight amongst each other and never find out if like Sarah’s married or divorced. Right? No. We wanna know if Sarah’s married. Yes. Was she on a date in Turkey with Michelle? Morone yeah. What’s going on?

Amanda (47:34):

Yes. We wanna see Chanel

B (47:36):

On. She don’t care if she fights with ion. Right. We wanna know what the Realty in her life is.

Amanda (47:40):

Right. I totally agree. So I know we have some tea on Dubai Housewives that we have been holding exclusively for today. So what do we have?

B (47:55):

I do have some good stuff. I’m gonna tease it out. I’ll do I’ll share one of the blinds. I’ll

Amanda (48:00):

Share one of the lines. OK.

B (48:02):

No names. But as we watch, we can figure it out. She is a complete, fake and lives off of freebees and rich friends. Her husband has a heavy past in Newport as well. A lot of my friends live in Dubai and know her. It’s a joke how fake these two are the person claims they have no real money shunned from high society because they are tacky and cheap. People are tired of them filming every little thing. People from the upper class there, like their privacy, the husband has a pass to Newport and word is out that he used to be an escort for both men and women. <laugh>. Whoa.

Amanda (48:47):

Wow. Interesting. And when we say Newport, is that like Rhode Island?

B (48:53):

I was thinking orange county, but I honestly don’t know. No, I didn’t ask. It was a DM. Interesting. I assume California.

Amanda (49:01):

Yeah. You’re probably right.

B (49:04):

Interesting. It could be Rhode Island.

Amanda (49:05):

Oh funny. Well maybe

B (49:06):

He’s hanging out with Shayna Moler and her crack head boyfriend.

Amanda (49:12):

Oh my God. Okay. So we have to talk,

B (49:15):

Amanda, how do I say it?

Amanda (49:18):

Winnetka, Illinois. It is okay. A very, like, very, very nice suburb of Chicago.

B (49:25):

It’s where they filmed home alone.

Amanda (49:26):


B (49:27):

I kept getting these emails about Winnetka and I, I thought it was like a troll spamming me. I kept, we would laugh about it. Yep.

Amanda (49:33):


B (49:34):

Was like B no, you have to pay attention to this Winnetka stuff because it’s making sense. And I’m like, yeah, I know it’s not. So I, this week I got a few emails and listen, the reality is I didn’t think Shakira and her fiance splitting was gonna come true. I didn’t think to Christly fraud was gonna come out a week later and be true. So, you know, people can say it’s not true, but things come in and let’s see. I can’t say it’s true because the thing is production companies often film and pitch shows. Right? So without a doubt, something was filmed there. Yeah. Will it be a housewife show? Maybe not, maybe something that’s picked up by Bravo that isn’t a housewife show. I’ll give you an example. And I don’t think I’ve ever told you this. So secrets and wives. It was a one season show. It was filmed in long island. My girlfriend actually worked at the spa and it was being pitched originally as real Housewives of long island cuz Manhattan and long island are like two totally different places. In any event, they were filming for a couple of years. And I was like, when is this show over coming out? And it was like, it was gonna be its own thing. Then it was gonna be real Houseworth of long island. And, and ultimately it was who was it? Housewives secrets

Amanda (51:00):

And wives. Yeah.

B (51:01):

Secrets and wives. There it is. Thank you. So I, I say all this to say, things are in the works. Nobody at Bravo’s confirming something in the works. So we got three. Yeah. The Chicago suburb. Yeah. Nashville. Yep. And Scottsdale.

Amanda (51:25):

And we know, right. They, they literally these production companies, they will film and then they send the footage and I’m trying to remember which one it was if it was about salt lake city that I heard this, but you know, they were filming something filming. So it

B (51:40):


Amanda (51:40):

Congratulations, this is, yes, this is a bro. This is a, this is a house I’ve show. Now

B (51:45):

That’s exactly right. It was salt lake city. Right. So cocktails know that we have received messages for months. Maybe even years about national

Amanda (51:55):

Shows shows. Yeah.

B (51:57):

Months ago back in like early spring, I posted the names floating around for the Nashville house. Wives were Bri Dean, Janet Kramer, Janet Cassie wicks, Alex Allen, Sabrina. These women were all on social leading fans to believe they were in production for a shell. Mm-hmm <affirmative> the speculation began after thirsty Jan Kramer T she was filming something. Comment. Section went wild. She has also in the past claim, she was filming real Housewives of Nashville for Bravo. Meanwhile, the other women whose names, I just mentioned posted like Instagram stories, let the adventure begin, blah, blah, blah, all this kind of stuff. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I have to say, I would love a Nashville Housewives, but it has to show their real lives. Right? We’re not gonna get that from these overproduced women. You know? I mean the real money in Nashville, I’m not confident they would film if I’m being honest. I mean, I’m just being honest. Scottsdale Scottsdale might be the real deal. I have some information that makes me comfortable saying that. I can tell you there has been filming in all three places. Mm-hmm <affirmative> if it’s production companies hoping to get picked up possible, certainly somebody is pushing this Chicago server because I, and I have a lot of informa, like I know that filming happened.

Amanda (53:29):


B (53:30):

Do I know that Bravo picked it up? I mean, Andy doesn’t call me <laugh> and Andy re like today he denied it. You know, I remember when he denied Bethany was coming back a couple years ago too. So you know what? Listen, people until contracts are signed, there are gonna be denials. It doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Amanda (53:49):

No. And yeah, they’re shooting something that might never come to light. Right. Or it could be under a different, you know, a production production companies are not attached to networks. So a production company could be shooting something and it could end up being on E it could end up being on USA. Cuz I think they’re gonna have some like space there on that channel now.

B (54:12):

I mean, they’re gonna have some space with crisply being a fraud, which also again, like, listen, you have to go on your instincts.

Amanda (54:21):


B (54:22):

With all of this stuff.

Amanda (54:23):


B (54:24):

And you know,

Amanda (54:26):

But there’s also, let’s

B (54:27):

See what happens. It seems a lot for guys there’s two networks now. Right? So there’s gonna be a lot more stuff coming at. It seems overwhelming. Obviously there’s not three new Housewives shows coming to Bravo.

Amanda (54:39):


B (54:40):

Doesn’t mean that there’s not gonna be a show on Bravo. If I had to make a guess of the three, I would say Scottsdale and then a couple of pilots on peacock. Right. They put Miami on peacock and now it’s streaming on Bravo. So, you know, let’s pay attention. Like things have changed as far as programming, cuz there’s two networks now. Right. And three, even because to your point with E

Amanda (55:09):

Well, and it’s, I it’s a shortcut of a way to keep it fresh. Right. Because you know, look at the trouble they’ve been having in OC look at the fact that they had to stop at New York for a while cuz they couldn’t get it to work. You know, going to a whole new city, having a whole new cast like they are with Dubai. It gets people’s attention. It’s interesting. It’s in a city, it’s in a lifestyle that people are interested in. And despite the fact that we have to talk about the <laugh> way to pronounce Winnetka, you know, Chicago and Winnetka, Winnetka is a very close in suburb. It is very, very wealthy suburb of people

B (55:50):

Would’ve left a Potomac people would’ve left at salt lake city. Yes. And there they are being two of the most successful shows on Bravo. Right. So you can’t tell me that something isn’t gonna happen.

Amanda (56:01):

Yes, totally. So, you know, we’ll just see what happens, but I there’s no doubt that there has been something being shot there. Let’s just see what ends up happening and you know what it ends up being branded on and what, what channel it ends up being on. And we’ll talk about it probably. No matter what <laugh>

B (56:20):

Yeah. I mean, we’re gonna talk about it no matter what, that’s one thing we’re gonna do. We’re gonna talk about it no matter what

Amanda (56:27):

For sure. Okay. So you

B (56:29):

Guys, okay. We’re wrapping it up because I’m about to say stuff. I’m not allowed to say Amanda,

Amanda (56:36):

<laugh> uhoh too much to drink. I’m

B (56:39):

On my second glass of wine and I’m gonna get, I’m gonna start spilling the beans. So on that note,

Amanda (56:45):

You guys thank you so much for listening as always. We cannot tell you guys how much we appreciate hearing from all of you. Just do us a favor. Please do subscribe. If you haven’t tell your friends, you can share the podcast. Literally just by hitting those three dots, especially those friends who are loving the tea that you share when you’re out for drinks with them. Don’t forget to find Bravo and cocktails on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore. And don’t miss the website because daily we put stuff there that would for sure get us kicked off of Instagram at Bravo and cocktails. Thanks so much was so fun.

B (57:29):

Thank you Amanda. And thank you everybody for listening and we hope you tune in next week.

Speaker 5 (57:43):

Thank you guys. So for listening, just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribe, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good teeth because the ones who don’t care about teeth and like forget them. And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram,

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The door,

Speaker 5 (58:23):

Which is why we haven’t. It

B (58:24):

Has gotten me kicked, had got Instagram

Speaker 5 (58:26):

Multiple times. Yes. And so now we’re smarter and we just put it at Bravo and cocktail style, then you

B (58:32):

Know, better, you

Speaker 5 (58:33):

Do better. <laugh> so thanks for listening everybody.

B (58:37):

Bye guys. See you next time.