Sent to me and the music man…

Addiction is a very serious
condition. It can make you want to have
threesomes, and hookups with escorts and
random girls, even after flying SEVEN
TIMES to get the love of your life back. It
can also make you like comments from
beautiful brunettes and ask your
bandmates (wingmen and partners in
crime) to DM those girls later for you to
meet with them. It wouldn’t be a problem if
you were single, but you’re not (unless your wife really dumped you and you’re lying
to everyone, which wouldn’t surprise
anyone since it’s your modus operandi). So
do yourself a favor buddy, get help. You
have a little girl to take care of now. Go to
rehab and stop chasing your regular ones
too (those you have on speed dial when
you’re bored). Get help.