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Show Notes: Episode 05. So Much Social Media Drama ? RHONY Legacy, RHOBH, Exclusive Tea

B & Amanda discuss the rumored cast of RHONY Legacy and which RHONY cast member Amanda would like to be adopted by as her sister. Jeff Lewis reminds us of someone… Did Ramona purposely leak Teresa’s wedding invitation details? B’s thoughts on the Rinna social media dox situation…What we’re hearing about Jen Shah’s upcoming case, plus a Country Tea update. Today’s episode serves up more than one cup of exclusive tea that you won’t hear anywhere else.

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B (00:00):

This is not a soap opera. This Instagram beef, in my opinion, was to distract from her real life. We hear so many rumors and I’m not saying any of them are true, but she doesn’t address them at all.

B (00:20):

Welcome to cocktails and gossip to podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We out reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and a B.

Amanda (00:33):

And I’m Amanda.

Amanda (00:35):

Let’s get into this week’s tea

B (00:41):

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Amanda (02:12):

B and I’m Amanda, before we get into the week’s tea, I just want to share from a personal note, you might hear my sound sound a little bit different. You might be able to tell that I’m already a glass and a half of rose in because I am on vacation in Mexico. We always have a cocktail while we are doing the podcast, but you might hear a little echo next week. It’ll be better just in Mexico on a trip. So back to the weeks tea. So B last week we heard some tea on the all new, real Housewives in New York, but we’re getting a ton of anonymous emails about the legacy show. What are you thinking?

B (02:57):

So Bravo fans know this, like since it was announced that there are gonna be split a new Ronny and then legacy Ronny, tons of rumors surrounding legacy. When it was announced everybody with a keyboard or a phone had something to say about who they wanted, who they heard. So this week, Amanda, a friend who spoke with an OG Rony housewife. I can’t say who shared with me that contracts aren’t signed, right? So we’ll put that out there. And this week I got an email which was confirmed by some other sources that Sonya and Luann are doing a spinoff. I hear it’s like a, the simple life like Paris and Nicole Richie did. And there’ll be somewhere in middle America, interacting with locals seems to me, this is a filler because legacy is not due to film until late in the year. So I think they may do this to kind of, you know, keep us interested, sort of seems like. So

Amanda (04:00):

Do you think that there is any possibility that this could be like a pre tryout for, or some sort of prerequisite, if you, you know, Luanne and Sonya, if you do this show, you do, you can be on legacy or do you think that the two are separate?

B (04:20):

I don’t see them doing legacy without soya and Luann, to be honest. I just think that while they’re firming up the rest of the cast, this is something to give the audience in the meantime. So we know that the new Roni is starting to film early fall. I heard that legacy is not filming until end of the year, which I take that to mean after the holidays around the holidays. So I think there’s this big gap of time. And the women’s Caba show are probably wrapping up their fan favorites. So it’s kind of like, I think it’ll be a quick kind of like the Bethany and Frederick when they did that real estate show. It’s just a few episodes, but fans will tune in, it’ll be some filler, they have the talent, they know that people will watch it. So I think that’s what that spinoff is. I’m excited. It’ll probably be totally frivolous and silly, but who doesn’t like to watch Sonya Morgan?

Amanda (05:19):

Oh my gosh. She’s the best. And I don’t think I would wanna watch legacy without her to be honest. What about Kelly Benson? Where does she sit with the rest of the women? Do we know anything about that yet?

B (05:30):

So the person who spoke with the OG told me that the cast looks like it’s going to be Sonya Luann, Jill, Ramona <laugh> and Kelly. Ben. So what’s interesting is watch what happens live. And I don’t remember when this was, but it was a while back Luann was on. And I don’t think that legacy was announced yet, but Andy kind of asked, like, who would you like to see? She immediately said, Kelly. She said Jill after, but first she said, Kelly. So it kind of adds up when I heard the Kelly, Ben Simone, I think people were thrown off by it. But Kelly, Ben Simone, she’s a true New York city girl. She is a real estate agent there. So it really does make sense. She’ll bring the crazy. So to me, it totally added up. I think people were thrilled when I posted this on Bravo People were thrilled. They had very strong opinions about Ramona and Kelly for me, Ramona can go. I mean, I don’t really think there’s any place for her on my television anymore. For a variety of reasons. Mostly her ignorance I’m over it. You know, she hasn’t learned, she’s not gonna learn. I’m good with her going. We have a strong enough cast without her Jill. I love Jill Z love Jill mm-hmm <affirmative> what are your feelings on Jill’s Z?

Amanda (06:52):

I absolutely love Jill Z <laugh>. I mean, if she is adopting, no, I have a mother who I love, but if she’s adopting a sister, I don’t have a sister. So Jill, you can adopt me as your sister because I feel <laugh> like you have, she has the wisdom of somebody who’s lived a thousand years. And really, it seems to have everybody’s best interest at heart, always, which she might step in it sometimes and say stuff and whatever. But I think she really legitimately cares about people and seems like she’s just a truly good friend to her friends. And she might get maybe a little bit mad. Like I remember watching way back when, when she and Bethany were having their issue. And I felt like almost, it was partially because she cared so much, but also partially cuz she was a little mad that she wasn’t in on the no with Bethany. And that, that was partly what kind of set things into motion with why they got into their fight. But I never thought that she was being awful. I think I just always seemed to me from as a viewer, like there, it was just one series of misunderstandings that turned into this big thing. So I really look forward to seeing her on the screen as well. Do we think Bethany will be on this as well?

B (08:12):

So I got this email about Bethany now when I got the email, listen, Bethany has said many times she’s not coming back. Andy, very recently after he heard of a blind that somebody sent an account said, it’s very unlikely that Bethany’s coming back. I think a couple things. I think that number one, Bethany is a marketing genius. And I think that her name in the price is always a good thing. So it could just be, she’s floating it out there for the benefit that here we are talking about Bethany and here, everyone else is talking about the rumor that Bethany’s coming back. But I think, and Bethany’s surprised us before when she came back last time I was shocked. I really didn’t think she would because what has changed since then? Nothing except she’s in a different relationship now, right? She was with her fiance who very sadly, you know, passed away.

Amanda (09:05):

Now she’s in you know, she’s engaged to Paul and seems very happy, but she was, she had the success. Then she had her brand. So she came back having all that. So what’s to say she wouldn’t come back again. I think it comes down to the cast. I think that this spinoff and filler show may have more to do with getting the cast right for Bethany because this network will do for Bethany. They’ll pay for Bethany and they’ll put the women around her. I think Bethany would very much be on board with Jill because I think that exactly what you said, that it was a misunderstanding. I think there is a love there. I think that years after, and both of them having lost these, you know, loves of their lives and both of them just having had all of the life experience that they’ve had in the past decade, maybe more since their friendship kind of severed.

B (10:03):

I think that Bethany would welcome being with Jill on TV. And I think it would be awesome to watch cuz I think that they naturally gravitate towards each other. I think that Jill would know enough to not overstep this time because I think if I’m being honest, I think that Bethany wasn’t without fault. But I think that Jill assumes the mama role and Bethany very clearly has mommy issues. And I think that’s really where it went left is that, you know, Jill overstepped a little bit, I don’t think Jill’s intention was malice. I certainly don’t. But I think that Bethany received it as too much. And the audience would love a Joe and Bethany talk about reviving New York and we’re gonna get our girls to render back. I mean, that’s pretty much a lock again, no contracts have been signed, but they put her on pause as they said, and the fans are ready.

B (10:55):

The fans are ready for her to come back. And then Jeff Lewis, I think yesterday had Andy on his podcast and he gave Jeff Lewis, gave the same exact cast. I posted a couple days before. Right. He said, Ramona Luann, Sonya, Jill and Kelly, Andy didn’t correct him. He added during his name to it. So that part of our group is definitely accurate. Now about the Bethany, he said he didn’t say no. He said, it’s very unlikely. I think it’s very coincidental that they’re pushing back, filming, doing a little spinoff. I think that they may be working with Bethany’s team to try to make it happen. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I do believe that Bravo is giving it the old college try. One thing we do know is Alex, she lives in Australia. So I mean, I think that’s very unlikely because the email said like Bethany will come back with the OGs. I mean, you know, Alex and Simon entertaining as they are, are thirsty as anything. So is it outta, you know, may happen that they move back to Brooklyn to film? I wouldn’t say it’s impossibility, but they do live in Australia.

Amanda (12:13):

I, I would not be upset to see that. I would love to see Alex and Simon. I mean, that’s the thing though. Like I love hearing Dorinda. I, I cannot wait to see her back on our screens again. I think everyone missed her. She’s got some of the, the very best one liners. I just, I adore her. So I mean, it’s almost like an embarrassment of riches, right? There are so many amazing personalities within that group that we’re going to want to watch. We’re going to wanna see where the stories go with, you know, Jill and Bethany, if that happens and what the heck’s going on with Kelly. And if Ramona is on the show, aren’t Kelly and Ramona fighting over real estate deals and Sonya just doing her Sonya thing. I mean, Jill having the best commentary on everything, I just, I cannot even, I cannot even wait if all of this happens,

B (13:11):

Even though I can’t wrap my head around it. And a lot of Rony fans cannot wrap their head around it. I have been told by someone in the know that Ramona will be on it and that Bravo is not getting rid of Ramona. I don’t really understand the reasoning behind it. What the person told me was there’s a demographic of people that appreciate her. I don’t know if it’s to laugh at her. I think, I don’t know. I don’t know, but that she will be back. I think her and Kelly would be funny. I also think if Bethany came back again, we know that this is long shot. Her and Kelly Benon have a lot of unfinished business.

B (13:47):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (13:48):

So, I mean, there’s just things that make me say, it’s not an impossibility that Bethany would come

B (13:54):

Back. Right. I totally agree. You know, I think Ramona is so entertaining to watch whether you like her or not. I mean the pooping on the time that she accident and we’ll talk about this. The other stuff that Ramon has been doing lately later, but the time she accidentally posted her bank account on social media and yeah, she is like beyond naive. It’s not naive. I think that she doesn’t learn lessons very well and doesn’t listen to anybody else, but she makes good TV. So I don’t know. I think, I

B (14:39):

Don’t think she cares. I don’t think she cares to change. I don’t think she cares to evolve. Yeah. I think that it’s all her apologies and her whatever are just for show. She’s like, I’m happy with who I am, but the other name Amanda, that keeps coming up is Tinsley. So I mean, listen, I will take Tinsley. I like Tinsley. I’m probably gonna get a little flack for this. I like Tinsley, but like she’s not really a dynamic person for me. She’s cute person. And she’s a sweet person. And I like her. I don’t think she’s not a must have for me. I’m not gonna tune in for her, but I won’t be happy if she’s on my screen.

B (15:18):

I agree.

B (15:18):

I mean, I, excuse me, I won’t be unhappy. Like in other words, if you tell me Tinsley, I’ll be like, oh nice. But if you tell me, Tinsley is not on it, I’ll be like, oh, like I, you know,

Amanda (15:28):

Embarrassment of riches, there are so many great personalities and we all miss them. You know, we want to see them on our screens. So moving on to, we were just talking about Jeff Lewis. What are we hearing about Jeff Lewis lately?

B (15:41):

So I got, and I’m sure you loved flipping out. Right?

Amanda (15:45):

I did.

B (15:46):

I loved flipping out. I mean, he’s like, so bananas, I got an email that apparently serious is like surveying or whatever they do to decide strong possibility. He’s getting his own serious channel, which I mean, Jeff we’ll come, you know, we’ll have a show on your serious channel or your girls I’ll tell it like it is, I will not edit myself. I’ll be as wild as you allow me now I’m teasing. But yeah, I mean, I would be so excited. I think that that is so cool. I think you could totally be a face of a, of a channel. I think his programming is something that all of us Bravo fans would tune into. I’m not, and I’ve said this a million times. You guys are probably sick of me saying it. I’m not like big with the podcast world, but Jeff Lewis and Heather McDonald are two that I always, you know, have listened to and, and think they’re great. So

Amanda (16:36):

Totally agree.

B (16:38):

I’m loving for her to get her own channel too. And again, Heather, when you do we’re here, you know, find us a time slot. We’re good to go. <Laugh>

Amanda (16:45):

Love you. Love you, Heather McDonald too. Love her. You know, I hope Jeff Lewis wouldn’t get mad at this comparison from me, but he has this ability to ask questions the way that Howard stern does to ask these very, very provocative questions and people don’t get mad at him for asking them.

B (17:06):

I don’t think he’d get mad. I think he’d be flattered. I would be flattered by that.

Amanda (17:10):

Don’t you agree though? Ask these questions in a way. And you’re like, oh Jeff, you’re just being Jeff Lewis. And isn’t it so funny where normally I would be like, no, we’re not answering that question, but he has that. He has that way to kind of Pierce through the layers. And I just, I think 100%, I, I think so many of us are right there for that channel. Couldn’t wait to hear it. So, okay. Beverly Hills Beverly Hills was heating up one more

B (17:39):

One note about Jeff Lewis. I’m sorry. I think the reason is because Jeff’s baseline is outrageous, right? Which is like, it’s kind of cool to have that, that, because you’re able to get away with so much more because if your baseline is outrageous, people almost can’t be offended if I’m going on Howard Stern’s show to your point that they’re, you know, have a similar delivery. I have to be willing to answer these outrageous questions. And then Jeff is the same way. So I think when you’re going on, Jeff Lewis’s show, it’s not the same as going on. Someone’s show who’s more mild mannered.

Amanda (18:16):

That’s a great, actually a great point, cuz you’re right. The baseline is there. You kind of know you’re gonna be asked some off the wall questions and you’re prepared for it and you love it because it’s part of the show and it’s part of the experience.

B (18:28):

And he brings the outrageous out of people, right? We’re all so many different things. We’re we are, we all have so many layers and so many different sides to our personality. So what we like about his show is people go there ready to give their absolutely craziest self, which is why he’s

B (18:48):

Totally, which is

B (18:48):

Why he needs his own channel. Serious. I mean, we’re on board with this. I didn’t start the rumor. Someone sent it to me, but I’m in full agreement.

Amanda (18:56):

Yes. Call us Jeff

B (18:58):

<Laugh> Bravo cocktails, We’re here.

Amanda (19:06):

Okay. So for Beverly Hills, actually, let’s not even talk about the show right now. Let’s talk about what’s been going on in social media, cuz I think it is confusing as hell to everybody. And nobody really seems to know what is happening, but for anyone who might not have, you know, seen what was going as it unfurled Lisa Rena posted a post on her Instagram stories where she posted that this guy has been essentially talking on her, posted his phone number. Then he posted her post and posted her phone number turned into this whole Instagram stories fight. And then apparently there was a podcast and then he came out and said, somebody hired him to do this whole fight with Lisa Renet. And then he did this whole post where he said I was paid $27,000 to do this. He then, then he came out and denied. And I’m so confused by this whole thing. Cause I really can’t tell what anybody can stand to gain from any of it. It sounds like the phone number though, that got docs by Rena where she was like this guy, Patrick Summers, here’s this phone number. It sounds like that was at actually his phone number. It was a PR agent. I mean jump in here be because I mean, as I’m even trying to tell the story, I’m, I’m confusing myself.

B (20:41):

So honestly this situation was very annoying to me. That’s my honest opinion. I didn’t even cover it that much. I find manufactured storylines useless. Like we have selling sunset for that. <Laugh> it’s a made <laugh> it’s a made up storyline to keep someone relevant while not discussing any of their real issues. Listen, I like Reno. I’m a days of our lives fan. First of all. So I like running from when I was a little girl and she was Billy on days of our lives. And I do think that she’s good at stirring the pot, even though it’s villain and she goes places she shouldn’t and she overreacts like the Denise and Brandy hookup. It was such an overreaction, but okay. She gets stuff going, but this is not a soap opera. This Instagram beef in my opinion was to distract from her real life. We hear so many rumors and I’m not saying any of them are true, but she doesn’t address them at all.

Amanda (21:39):

Rumors about her husband, rumors about herself rumors about her children. She doesn’t touch any of it. And none of the other ladies do either. So it’s confusing to me. It seems to me that they all have an under the table deal. Okay. Let’s keep SUT out of it because she’s like the target. But like the year that Vanderpump went down, it was like, everybody else had an under the table, the deal she’s the target. I’m not gonna out you on any of your stuff were going for her. The year Denise went down, I’m not gonna out. You for any of her stuff were going for her. Then they got hail Mary with Erica last year because she had real stuff that they had to talk about. Cause it was in the papers, it was legal. And even then it had to be talked about, but with the exception of SUT Andell it was just, oh poor Erica.

B (22:28):

You know, there was. And why my question for you and for the audience, I really wanna know why does Rena back Erica so hard? I don’t, I’ve never seen her be a loyal friend. I mean, Denise Richard was her friend for years. They did shows together. They, they were Hollywood friends. What is it about Erica? What do they have on each other? What is their pact that keeps them, that keeps Rena from asking any questions. But yet she’s willing to put Denise, like, I mean with two young kids and a new husband and all of that, just leave her out on the lurch. What is the scoop with her and Erica? I don’t get that.

Amanda (23:15):

I mean, I agree with you. It’s interesting. Apparently I was a little slower on the uptake about this whole pattern where, you know, they don’t talk about the real stuff and then it’s, you know, they pick somebody to take down and that’s kind of the pattern of every season. Once I did kind of finally pick up on that, I think it was probably you actually, who told me, I’m like, oh, that makes so much sense. And this year it definitely feels like it’s, you know, perhaps sudden it’s perhaps crystal who is the target, but you’re right in that, it seems like there is a very specific, very something happening going on with Lisa and with Erica. And it’s like, almost like they, no matter what would never, you know, would never not defend the other. And you’re right. It doesn’t really make any sense because I’m sorry, Erica like used to absolutely love you as a housewife, but you don’t seem like you’re the, she doesn’t seem like she’s the nicest and best friend to really any of her friends. And though it’s just you’re right. It does seem very strange that those two especially are so joined at the hip and I have absolutely. I know what it’s speculation.

B (24:37):

I know what it, they went to the warrior camp and they made a blood pad each other. Yes. And they made a, I mean they’re, it’s asinine

Amanda (24:49):

My brothers.

B (24:50):

They must have done something together that nobody can ever know about. That’s all I know. But what I do know Amanda is that Kathy will be returning soon and Cathys a fan favorite last year. And now there’s lots of rumors. We hear there’s a big scandal. I’m interested to see what actually gets show. Yeah. Some reliable sources told me that there’s some truth to some of the stuff out there, but it hasn’t been printed. And I think we can all surmise why that is, you know, there’s money, there’s power. I don’t think the whole thing is true. I think that it’s like anything else. It becomes a game of telephone and things get more fantastic as they go down the pipeline. But we do know that she got into a big fight with Kyle. Apparently Kyle apparently, excuse me. Kathy said something about Kyle. We see in a preview, Rena confronting Kathy.

Amanda (25:43):

I’m not gonna let you talk about your sister like this. Like since, when does she care about Kyle so much? Like come on and in interviews, Kathy has said like, yeah, you know me and my sister, we had an issue, but we’re sisters and we do anything for each other and we’ll, we’ll move past it and kept it like that. So that would be interesting to see if they showed the scandal. It would be interesting. I think we’re gonna get a very watered down version of it. And I think that’s why Rena is like on the internet trying to have stuff come out. I, I think it’s a bad rule. I think she’s underestimating Cathy, my opinion, you know, that’s my opinion. I think she’s underestimating Cathy. I think it was interesting in this episode we saw Erica now is acting like the victims are lying.

B (26:29):

Well, anybody can allege anything. Okay. Well, news flash, this man was just disbar. We’ve read enough about his career to surmise that there is guilt on his part. I actually received a, a DM from one of his victims. Oh yes. I’m gonna share that with you guys. Now the woman wrote several decades too late. This was about him being disbarred. I was blocks away from an explosion in California where he stole money from the victims. Let me tell you that the town was traumatized by this event. We were unharmed. And yet I couldn’t hear a jet overhead without panicking and having flashbacks for years. And we were by the airport. This man took trauma and doubled down on it in the preview where Erica insinuates that maybe the victims were lying, made me rage. This is 10 years later. And it’s an open wound. He’s been doing this, his whole career disgusting. I’ve had a lot of, I just picked this one. I, you know, can’t read ’em all mm-hmm <affirmative>. And again, so like, if I know this, the ladies know this,

B (27:38):

This whole blaming the victims and questioning the victims saying it’s just, it is not a good

Speaker 4 (27:44):

Look on her.

B (27:45):

And I don’t think she cares. I mean, she comes off cold calculated and only concerns for her own economic stability. That’s how she comes off. And she says, I don’t care what people think of me. I find it very disturbing.

Amanda (28:06):

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B (31:58):

I find her whole aura and I was a big fan of her. Initially first I was like, oh, she was so beautiful. And like, she was always kind of an ice queen, right? Like, remember PK said that to her, you’re not cold, you’re inherently cold or whatever. He said

B (32:12):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (32:13):

And right off fully backs her.

Amanda (32:18):

I dunno, I, I have no speculation about why that is because it just seems so odd to me, especially when the evidence is just mounting and mounting and mounting against Erica’s ex-husband or husband, I guess they’re still technically married. I understand that the whole, whether Erica knew or didn’t know or was involved or didn’t wasn’t that to me is kind of a separate issue in the way that Erica, in my opinion, should be handling herself and again, questioning the victims and whether this really happened just

B (32:58):

Terrible, not a good look.

Amanda (32:59):

Terrible. Totally. So by the way, another that’s happened social media this week that did not on the Ramona

B (33:16):


B (33:20):


B (33:21):

Somebody tweeted, I don’t know. I was just like an account wrote. If you invite Ramona to your wedding, you deserve whatever chaos follows. And I mean, agreed.

B (33:34):

So when we got the tip about this all happening, I have to tell you, I have a true confession and I feel really bad about doing this, but you know, we got a tip just saying, this is where you can log in. This is the password I logged in.

B (33:53):

Everybody logged in Amanda, say to there and Louis you’re welcome because I did not post the password. I said that Ramona had shared it, but at that point it was already taken down. I didn’t share screenshots or post the password. Even I have my limits.

Amanda (34:11):

No, we definitely were not going to, you know, make this whole situation worse because you know, like it or not from Theresa’s standpoint, the platform, you know, between the website and the, you know, Instagram account. And now the podcast that we have is quite large. And no, we did not amplify that. This

B (34:32):

Happened. That wouldn’t be cool. I mean,

Amanda (34:34):

No, but what is so weird be so when I went to the website and again, I can’t believe I’m admitting I did this, but I just was so curious to see if it would work. When I went in and did it, you could go in and change the RSVP. Not that I would have, but I could have gone in and put Ramona. Yes, I could have put Ramona. No, I went in to see if the Gorgas were in there and they at the time were put as yes, but I know somebody else saw it as no. And so I wanted to point that out because while I was doing my snooping, which I am very much not proud of, I noticed that you could do this. So the other thing that just occurred to me as somebody who has planned a wedding is what a total show because they have no clue who’s coming and who’s not

B (35:23):

<Laugh>. So a lot of wedding planners messaged me and they were like B, this isn’t like celebrity wedding planners. This was a very unsecure site. This is not how things are done. It was a big mess up. Whoever her wedding planner is. She deserves a refund because it was, I have never planned a celebrity wedding. However, based on the many people who reached out to me, who have, they said that the website was not secure. And so this is the funny thing. I actually got an email that I, I haven’t shared. People are claiming that Ramona shared the wedding invitation on purpose and that it was coordinated with production. I have to tell you, I think this was just classic Ramona. I don’t think this was planned. And, you know, we saw Theresa on the red carpet of the MTV music awards and she seemed like annoyed by it. Why would there want everyone knowing the date and time of her wedding? Unless mm-hmm <affirmative> unless if that isn’t the date and it isn’t the location, I don’t see there. And Ramona masterminding, anything, if Bravo master minded something, that’s a possibility. I just think that Ramona just showed the invitation. Like, I think she just showed her as she likes to do. And then did it like a funny post. Like I’m gonna put the invitation behind me. I’m not gonna show it like someone else did. And like the fresh flowers and the whole thing.

Amanda (36:50):

Right. And unless this whole wedding is a goat rodeo, meaning like, unless this whole wedding is being put on to be a total best, I just can’t see Theresa being in on this and putting out the actual wedding date and putting out the fact that they were asking for people to just give money for wedding

B (37:11):

Date, by the way, a lot of people had mixed fit. Like they were like, well, what’s the big deal people do do honeymoon registries. Okay. Well, celebrities don’t celebrities usually say donate to my charity or your presence is our present. And Amanda,

Amanda (37:26):

Well, they say, buy me my Hermes plates. Like they say that too.

B (37:29):

Yeah. So, yeah. But, but she came the next day after we posted the, the honeymoon registry, which was basically the shower gift. And she said she didn’t post it. People who do websites know how to do all these things, our follower does. And she shared with, yes, we do.

B (37:48):


B (37:49):

It was very much created by her and yes, she did create it. And yes, she was asking for honeymoon donations.

Amanda (37:57):

Yeah. So I don’t know. So I, cuz originally I was like, that would make sense, actually this would be very entertaining TV to then show after the fact all that you know that this so I could see it being coordinated. The more I thought about it, the more I was like, no, that just, it just, I don’t think that. And I think the poor wedding planner just had no idea, the perfect storm that she was dealing with with having Ramona on the list. Well,

B (38:26):

The reality of it is she probably used somebody who was willing to do it for the publicity and was not getting paid very much if anything at all. And when you do that, you know, you get what you pay for.

Amanda (38:39):

Right? True. That’s so true. Okay. So moving on, we have mentioned this before, but we get a lot of country tea. Funny enough we have, I think Nashville is the, like the second biggest market on the website of people who read the website daily. And so I know you have some new tea on this country singer situation.

B (39:04):

I do. I wanted to mention, so the country singer who split with his wife while she was pregnant, my country fans know exactly who I’m talking about. Lots of you are asking for updates. We heard they welcomed a baby. I actually had a sighting. They were out to lunch. They weren’t speaking baby was with them. I mean, listen, they could be sleep deprived, but I’m trying to think of when it was, I think it was around holiday time, new year’s time. We announced that they split because he was caught cheating and like just like heavy drinking girls back to the room, like, you know, rockstar. Although what I’ve learned from Bravo is that the rockstar mentality is apparently the country singer mentality. So I said, I would update you guys. I know you’re very invested the baby I received on May 29th that the baby had arrived. So around that time, probably a few days before that I would guess he confirmed over a week later. So sometime this week and we said the baby’s name was Lucy and it is Lucy. It appears that they are trying to work things out. So that’s where we’re at with that baby is

Amanda (40:18):

Here. One more blind confirmed,

B (40:20):

One more blind confirmed. That was actually, I actually had like so many blinds with this and it’s funny. I am a New York city girl. I like country music, Amanda. Like I like, like I don’t, I like like popular country music, I guess. So this artist is very popular. He’s kind of like country pop. He’s very handsome, huge fans. So when I started getting stuff on him, I was like, so disappointed. I’m like, no, cause a lot of his songs are so romantic and you’re

Amanda (40:46):

Like, right,

B (40:47):

Really? Dude. Yeah.

Amanda (40:49):

No it’s so sad.

B (40:51):

Worst thing about this is like, it really changes your opinion on so many people. And on the other hand it makes your opinion. So this is totally off topic, but I have to say this. I always felt that Beyonce was overrated. I don’t know why. It’s not that I don’t. I mean, God knows she’s beautiful and I’m a huge, I’m a huge hip hop person. I love Jay-Z. I like her music. I just, I always felt like the queen bee thing. I didn’t really get it cuz I don’t know. There are other artists I liked better. I’m a big Alicia keys fan. I say all that to say, when I do my run-ins every single one, a hundred percent that I’ve mentioned, Beyonce say she’s an angel. So I’m like, here I am my whole life being like, I mean she’s overweight, she’s an angel. She deserves everything. Like it’s just, it’s surprising. And then people that you think would be super cool are total. So know

Amanda (41:47):

I that’s the, I definitely, I see these come in. Sometimes I’m like, I really hope this isn’t true. Okay. So we shared a story about the ex footballer recently and now we keep getting questions about it. So tell me what is happening with that situation.

B (42:06):

So the ex footballer and you guys will remember he was married to a beloved reality star. He went on a family vacation and slept with the wife of his friend. Well, last we spoke about them. I said that the woman he cheated with and the friend, the friend who is the BFF of a top pop star, we said there was a divorce happening. Like the guy had found text messages. It wasn’t a one time thing and a divorce was happening. So his wife celebrated her birthday this week. Amanda, the husband didn’t post, which some people, yeah. Some people Aren on social media, this guy always posts for her and anniversary birthdays mother’s day. So, you know, I think we can expect to see that headline, I guess they’re, <laugh> trying to get their ducks in a row in a way that our Miami couple did not. That’s what I take from it, from what I hear the guys are really good dude. So I think that he’s putting his children first and trying to minimize the damage classy, smart, but not meaning that they they’re divorcing

Amanda (43:20):

From what I’m hearing. Right. Well good for him putting the children first, especially when you have been wronged in that kind of way has got to be tough. So good for him. Yes. Also you just mentioned the Miami couple who’s divorcing. We get so many questions about that. People are so invested in the story what’s happening.

B (43:41):

He’s kicking her and the children, his children out of the house. He went to court. He requested that she vacate in 30 days. <Laugh> he offered now they live in a 50 million plus house. Okay. He offered to provide her with a 3.5 million house and pay for moving expenses. So wow. You cheated on me and you showed your publicly all over the internet. There were receipts. And you think that the judge is going to grant your request to vacate me and our two young children. So you can move your mistress in, by the way, him and the mistress on Instagram, she posts, he puts flames. She answers with a smile and a pirate flag. I don’t know what the pirate flag’s about. Yeah. I mean

Amanda (44:40):


B (44:42):

This is like beyond a like midlife crisis. I think he’s too old for a midlife crisis. Anyway. I think he’s done past the midlife point unless he lives to be 120, but I’m just saying yeah, I do have some tea on the life that will make us or her fans very happy.

Amanda (45:03):

Okay. What is it? Tell us.

B (45:04):

So this isn’t exclusive. It hasn’t been mentioned anywhere, but she’s been hanging out with a gorgeous, successful Miami realtor. Hey listen. They may just be friends. I’m not saying anything, but what a cute friend to have. That’s all I’m gonna say. And we hope that it’s what we think it is.

Amanda (45:30):

I mean, just hanging out with a gorgeous and successful gentleman when you are going through a tough time, like gotta be good for the soul. Even if you’re just friends,

B (45:42):

<Laugh> agreed. Listen, she deserves all the happiness. And if it’s a fling that works too. I don’t think she’s in a head space now for a long term thing, but I’m happy to hear that she’s keeping good company.

Amanda (46:00):

That’s good. Very good to hear.

B (46:02):


Amanda (46:03):

So before we go today, I know there have been a couple of developments happening in Jen Shaw from real Housewives, salt lake city trial. So what’s going on with that be

B (46:17):

So this is the, this is good info. My friend, shout out to the talk of shame. She’s a friend of mine on Instagram. She’s got a great account. Everyone should follow her. So I was scrolling

B (46:29):

Through, love that account. Sorry to interrupt. You

B (46:31):

Love it. She a, you guys are into the Johnny D Amber, she’s your girl. She’s great. So I’m scrolling through last night and I see she posted, she signed up for something called a pacer account. So she now has access to court documents. So what, you know, she shared the documents and it seems that the us attorney’s office sent a letter to the judge telling Jen Shah to hand over her evidence. And it will be used in the trial June 18th, where it gets interesting is according to this letter, they’ve been trying to get this evidence for over a year. So they’ve been, the courts have been requesting the evidence from Jen sh for over a year. At this point, they’re saying, if you don’t wanna hand it over, that’s cool, but you can’t see what we have. You can’t look at you can’t look at our stuff if you’re not gonna hand over yours. So I know there was some interview and I didn’t, I didn’t catch the name. It was a YouTube interview. She did. And a lot of people tweeted it and was like, is this satire like she’s proclaiming her innocence, fine, innocent until proven guilty. I got you hand over the documents. This is federal court. This is Southern district of New York federal court, the most serious court, I think in our country. What’s the story.

B (47:58):

Hmm. And if you don’t hand it over, you can’t view what they have on you.

Amanda (48:03):


B (48:03):

That’s a big problem. I mean, even if you have a summons, you wanna know what they know. So if you could hand your passport over to be scanned and then you see your summons, this is a very silly example, but you do that. So right when you’re an innocent person and you are told, we’ll show you everything. We have just give us these documents. Why would you refuse to give them,

Amanda (48:32):

I mean, this, to your point, can’t really be a stall tactic. It’s, it’s not like if she just doesn’t give it up, they’ll just have to push the court case back. They move forward. It sounds like regardless, it just, she goes in blind to what the other side has. So, I mean, I guess the other thing, could it just be that her legal team is either she’s not cooperating or they aren’t as prepared as they should be. I don’t know,

B (49:02):

Over a year should be interesting for over a year. So if you’re an innocent person and you have the means that we see on reals of salt lake city, you would retain a different attorney. We are now 10 days away from trial starting and you have been unwilling or unable, let’s say unable to provide the documents. That to me does not match everything she has said, which is that mm-hmm <affirmative>, if I’m innocent, come into my house, take every paper that’s ever been printed with my name on it. Right. If I’m innocent. Right,

Amanda (49:38):


B (49:39):

So I think that when we all heard the details, I think we all basically knew what time it was. And I like Jen immediately at first, the first season, she was a little obnoxious, but you know, there’s that whole like trying to make a splash second season, certainly, you know, you watched her really be a really cool person. And her husband is so likable and her sons. And so we’re all rooting for her. It makes it very hard to wrap our heads around and innocent person, not cooperating with the Southern district of New York that does add up

Amanda (50:19):

It. Doesn’t I’m excited,

B (50:22):

But I could tell yet it doesn’t add up.

Amanda (50:25):

I’m very, I guess, excited. Maybe isn’t the word, but I’m very interested to follow, talk of shame and hear what she has to say. And cuz guess I didn’t realize that the court case was coming up this soon. So we have that to look forward to like right away. So, I mean, we’ll be talking about, not that we look forward, not that we look forward, listen, seeing somebody have to go and find the

B (50:49):

Distance. My hope of is that it shows that she’s innocent.

B (50:52):


B (50:52):

But you know, we know that her, the guy Stu who is her assistant mm-hmm <affirmative>, they’re no longer speaking. I think he flipped on her. There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of stuff and I haven’t, I’m not an attorney, so I don’t, you know, I don’t, I don’t go super deep into it, but these are very basic basic facts. Right, right. So you don’t have to go deeply. You, you don’t have to have past the bar to know that this is not a good prognosis.

Amanda (51:24):

Right, right. Definitely. Yeah. Well, it’ll be interesting and yes, I’m sure we’ll be talking about it so more on that soon.

B (51:34):


Amanda (51:35):

Well, thanks everybody. This has been so much fun. We’ve been kind of all over social media all over the Housewives this week. And I think it’s been a, a really fun kind of conversation. Just chatting about everything that’s been happening in this whole world this week. So thanks again for listening before you guys go, just please do, if you know, you’re liking this show, please subscribe that way you won’t miss in any of our episodes. And if you subscribed, definitely go and share the podcast with your friends so that they can get in on the good tea as well. Don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails under. And then of course on the website so much good tea daily that would probably get us kicked off. Instagram [email protected]. Thanks B.

B (52:28):

Thank you, Amanda. And thank you guys for listening. I know we’re probably echoing, but we appreciate you so much.

Amanda (52:35):

Thanks for putting up with my Mexico. Echoing room.

B (52:39):

Yes. I locked in a basement.

Amanda (52:54):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribed go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good teeth, because the ones who don’t care about teeth, then like forget them. And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram, the door <laugh>, which is why we have the website. It has gotten me kicked off Instagram multiple times. Yes. And so now we’re smarter and we just put it at Bravo and cocktail stuff, then you know, better. You do better. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.