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Jun 22, 2022

From: Anon Anon
Email: Harry met

Subject: The real reason!

Spill It to BravoandCocktails:

There’s a back story there. And a reason why this BH housewife started in on the other BH housewife last season. It wasn’t because she felt violated. It was because the southern housewife replaced her very good friend( who happens to be the step daughter of a well known actress) THAT is why she doesn’t like her.

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  1. I’ll Have What She’s Having

    Crystal is upset that Teddi isn’t there anymore? She’s the only one…

    • Go away rinna

      It says harry in the email. This is Rinna and Sutton but I can’t place the friend because my memory of who was on the show is bad.

      • jRo

        harry met sally = meg ryan movie. crystal is pissed sutton replaced teddi. is teddi the one spilling the tea on the 14 friends?!?!?

    • Goodbye Crystal

      Who’s the well known actress? I took this to mean Sutton replaced a different newbie that wasn’t brought on/passed on that Crystal was friends with. But then again, crystal was dropped by 14 friends, so who knows if she had any left ?

    • Interesting

      Ahhh I forgot Crystal was friends with Teddi. I wonder though if Teddi is the one who told Rinna about Crystal’s 14 friends that abandoned her.

      I assume they are referring to Meg Ryan as the “stepmother.”

    • Anon

      This isn’t about Teddi. Teddi is not the stepdaughter of a well known actress.

      • KK

        Meg Ryan is or was with John Mellencamp

      • Hilary

        Kyle is mad that sutton replaced teddies. Kyle has been kinda going after sutton a bit.

    • Crystal's Bestie

      I think she meant Sutton was chosen instead of her friend for the show?

    • Me,Duh

      Teddi isn’t the daughter of an actress?

    • Mellanwho?

      So it’s crystal and Sutton…but who is the friend she replaced? It wouldn’t make sense to be Teddi because it would say famous father, not step mother.

    • Sally and the Cougar

      Yes! Meg Ryan is/was dating Teddi’s dad!

      • Bravoreply

        Correct, he did date her and they were engaged in 2018 but broke up in 2019, so Meg Ryan was never Teddi’s stepmother.

  2. Bevie Hills

    Rinna, Sutton and Teddi? I’m here way too early and never get these things right.


    Crystal, Sutton, Teddi

  4. Team Sutton

    Obviously Sutton and Crystal, but who did Sutton replace?

    • John Mellencamp’s Daughter

      She replaced Teddi as a full time HW. John Mellencamp used to date Meg Ryan

  5. -

    Crystal & Sutton

  6. TT

    Are we talking about Crystal/Sutton/Teddi here?

  7. Duh

    Teddi was replaced by Sutton

  8. Womp womp

    So crystal has friends afterall

  9. Alina

    I know it’s Crystal I just don’t know who Sutton replaced?

  10. BH

    Can’t be Crystal/Teddi bc Teddi said after she was let go that she was asked and recommended her friend Crystal join the show.

  11. Alex

    Ya’ll who’s the daugther?? ??

  12. Sally

    It’s Sutton/Crystal/Teddi. Teddi’s dad used to date Meg Ryan (when Harry met Sally reference) Sutton replaced Teddi as a full time HW, was only a friend the previous season. Crystal and Teddi are good friends and Teddi has made snide comments that she’s been trying for years to get her on and they finally brought her on after firing Teddi.


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