Jun 21, 2022

From: Maybe Something

Subject: Country stepmom

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It appears that a daughter of a well known Country star no longer follows her step mom on social media and vice a versa. Within the last year the stepmom has taken favor to the second daughter. Oldest hasn’t been seen in family photos and or videos in months. Rumor has it stepmom doesn’t want dad to pay for college tuition even though they jet set across the world and continue to buy and build multi million dollar homes she doesn’t want him giving her anything. I think the oldest has also realized how toxic she really is.

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  1. Lindsay

    Britt Aldean? I’ve noticed only 1 on Jason’s daughters has been around lately.

  2. She doesn’t make it easy

    Jason Aldeans oldest daughter?

  3. Gina

    Jason Aldean/Brittany Aldean

  4. Amanda

    The Aldeans

  5. MissBecky

    Britt and Jason Aldean

  6. Who is it?

    I’m stumped

  7. Cuntry

    Brittany Aldean

  8. MarriedManWithNoNeck

    Brittany Aldean???

  9. Jan

    The aldeans??

  10. Hope Not

    Trisha Yearwood?

  11. Heyyyyy Heyyy

    Brittany Aldean and Jason?

  12. Don’t let it be about Brit

    Brit aldean? I hope this isn’t true ???

  13. Larry

    The Aldean’s

    • Jenn

      The oldest posted a happy birthday thanking her for being an amazing step mom just a couple of days ago??

      • Ali

        No that was from the youngest kendall

    • Brittany Aldean loves Donald Trump ?

      Imagine telling your husband how he can spend the money HE earns on HIS children he had before you homewrecked his family ??‍♀️

  14. Lisa

    Brittany Aldean..

  15. Kristin

    Jason Aldean

  16. Jamie

    Britney Adlean

  17. Mel

    Definitely the Aldeans! Brittany posted a picture recently saying it should be their Christmas card with the oldest daughter missing. If they have the means he absolutely should pay for college!

    • Emma

      Omgosh yes I saw this too!!! I thought it was a little weird.

  18. Ty

    Momma best take daddy to court! Like if your child wants to go to college … how can you not pay for it especially when you are well off ?

    • Tess

      If the child is over 18 the momma can’t do or force anything with or without court.

  19. Pepper

    I saw Aldeans oldest on my fyp on tiktok. She uses her moms maiden name maybe. Keeley Williams …. No posts of her Dad or step mom.

    • Xontry

      No, Williams is actually Jason’s legal surname. I remember hearing his middle name was Aldine or something? And he dropped the Williams

    • The Aldeans are trash

      Actually Williams is their real last name. Aldean is a stage name. BA is the absolute worst and I 100% believe this to be true.

  20. Hescheatingonyoutooboo

    Aldeans! I don’t know who is worse in this situation. Him or her, that’s his daughter, you pay for her college, and tell his gross wife to deal!! He’s a huge country star, this is just gross!!

  21. Leah

    Jason’s real last name is Williams.

  22. Cc

    Def Brittany.
    Keeley stopped following a while ago.
    She still follows Jason. This after Britt did all that stuff last year for keeley to have a better senior year due to covid.

  23. Mel

    They have contact with the youngest kendall but keeley the oldest quit coming around and has nothing to do with brit or jason. Jason has the money so not sure I believe the college thing. He just sold his masters catalog of all his songs for like 85 Mil and he had money before that. His ex wife got around 15-20mil when they divorced. Brittany has always posted her kids on social media and fans have always asked why she never post Jasons kids and even in their house its all pics of Brits kids

  24. Sem

    Definitely Step Mommy Dearest, Brittany Aldean.

    Also noticed that Jason’s Dad and Stepmother haven’t been seen for a bit with them. He always wished his mother and stepmother a Happy Mother’s Day-this year no mention of Vivian.

    Definitely seems to be cracks in the family relationship. Jason needs to stand up for his family and first born. It’s gross to see them throwing baby showers and parties for all of these people but he can’t pay the entire tuition for his daughter? If that’s true, that’s very sad.

  25. Nope

    Cleary based on comment numbies our gossip queen will need to continue posting this trash, but good god am I tired of and bored with this Nashville tea.

  26. Juicy

    Home wrecker Brittany Aldean. Wonder how she will feel when wife #3 says the same about her kids in 15 yrs ?

  27. Another Mistress

    When are his cheating pictures gonna drop? He cheats all the time.


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