Not living with her husband?

Jun 21, 2022

From: SLC Tea

Subject: Not living with husband!

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My sister lives in SLC and she knows J**. Since last year J** has been living with a wealthy woman ( who happens to be a lesbian) and hasn’t been living with her husband. No idea if it’s romantic. Not insinuating that it is but she lives with her. So while the husband is putting up a unified front regarding her legal issues it seems that might not be the real deal.

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  1. Jules

    Starts with J and rhymes with Ben

  2. Housewifeaholic

    Honesty, good for Coach Shah ?? He’s too good for all that mess.

    • He knew

      Let’s not act like he had no clue what she was doing and didn’t benefit from it. He knew what he was bringing in and what their lifestyle was. He had to know something didn’t add up, but was fine benefitting from it. He’s also been fine with co-signing on her outrageous behavior of others.

      • Holding him accountable

        So he’s just as guilty as Erika…

    • Jersey

      But how unaware was Coach of what his wife was doing?

  3. SLC

    Jen Shaw

  4. Re

    Coach Shah knows she’ll be found guilty.

  5. Jess

    So coach Shaw gets a pass for benefiting from her crimes but we are going to keep blaming Erika for a man’s wrong doing… I get that she doesn’t help herself with her bad attitude and poor social media usage but…

    • Keep it equal

      Yes!! I have been saying all this from day one!! I don’t get the double standard in these situations.

    • Ex-wife

      Jess you are so right. We crucified Erika, but Jen and now Coach are getting a pass. Sad.


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