More about the mistress…

Jun 21, 2022

She married a guy for a green card. They moved from Europe to America. She said she was going away to Miami for the weekend. Never came home. She then dated a really hot but not rich guy her age who moved to Miami for her. Ditched him and stole another Miami husband. Girl is lethal. Allegedly.


  1. Carmela

    Cross eyed Kathryn ?

    • nm

      No, Lenny’s mistress.

  2. Blah

    Beginning to think nothing good comes from Miami??‍♀️

    • Miami People Are The Worst

      There’s a reason people…especially FL natives….hate people from Miami ???‍♀️

      • Trina Johnson

        Facts! Can’t trust Miami people. So fake, scandalous, and only about what they can gain for themselves

      • I hate it here

        Sooooo I was born and raised in Miami, FL – I always tell people to NEVER vacation or move here. It’s literally the worst and the people are trash. I was lucky enough to not get caught up in the bullshit superficiality but I’ve watched (and lost) a lot of friends because of it. The only reason I’ve stayed here is because of my family and kids.

        But it’s definitely true… NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM THIS CITY.

    • Lenny sucks

      Thats not true we have great empanadas lol but yeah the whores are thirsty here hahhh

    • HeIsGross

      Haha! Good hope she gives him herpes!

    • Kim

      Absolutely nothing. I’m from broward and didn’t cross the Dade county line.

  3. Moon Over Miami

    Can’t wait til she dumps Lenny for her next upgrade. Karma.

  4. Nana

    Guys are stupid…..yes, complain about women “stealing” hubby etc….but really? The dudes are leaving – they are 1/2 the problem. If they are leaving for some a$$ – you prob don’t want to be with them.

    Divorce them in states favorable to wife


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