Jun 20, 2022

From a DM:

I have a mutual friend whose known her
from college and went to their wedding.
It’s real, not a stunt. They were actually
really mad at Netflix because the show was
initially pitched to be a like a Real World
but for couples and they didn’t find out
until they were there that they had to
give an ultimatum. I’ll ask for more tea
and update you with anything I hear!


  1. Ain't saying she's a gold digger

    I’m not buying they were ‘dupped’ into this show – they knew very well what the show was about & what was necessary to participate. Seems more realistic that she didn’t like any of the other guys or they didn’t like her so to say face she ask him to propose. She’s an admitted gold digger so think she’ll be ‘happy’ as long as her lifestyle is maintained & money keeps flowing her direction.

    • Yo

      Which girl is this?

      • DowntonAbbeyaddict

        Alexis the one who was interested by the cowboy at first but he wasn’t digging her

      • Anon


  2. It’s real

    I know a casting director of this show. They knew what they signed up for.


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