Gross ex…

Jun 20, 2022

From: Gross Ex

Subject: Not so charming

Spill It to
Not sure why Kathryn’s ex is on the show considering the reason they broke up. I don’t want to say much, but he’s not a good guy. Hate that he’s on this season

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  1. Want the Tea

    If you don’t want to say too much then why are you sending in the tea in the first place? ?
    But on a serious note…this post seems to be alluding to something worse than him being a cheater…

  2. Taylor

    Ok you don’t have to say much but say more

  3. Give Us ALL The Tea

    I hate when ppl do these “I don’t wanna say too much”. Then don’t submit bc we’re here for the deets!!!

  4. Spit it out

    Sounds like some shit Crystal M would say

  5. Thomas

    He was only with her because he had wanted to be on the show for years


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